My Daily Routine + Free Printables!

posted by Andrea | 02/9/2011

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE my weekly planner!

I carry it with me everywhere I go and reference it at least 27 times each day — seriously, I do.

And even though my daily planner is super helpful for remembering and tracking my weekly, monthly, and other long-term appointments and activities; I was still struggling to find the perfect “planner” for my busy, BUSY daily activities.

I like small planners, but small planners mean I don’t have enough room to write everything I do on a daily basis…so I resorted to lots of lists and sticky notes shoved inside my planner.

It worked, but I knew I could come up with something better!

I started looking around the web to see what I could buy or find for free, but I really didn’t come up with anything that I absolutely loved. There are a lot of other great daily planner worksheet and printables out there, but they never seemed to fit my life.

So I created my own!

I sat down and figured out exactly what I needed and wanted in a daily worksheet, and THIS is what I came up with…

— I also created a blank worksheet that you can download for free, so keep reading! —

Here’s a little explanation for each category in my worksheet.

Top 5 List:

Sometimes I have really productive days, other times I hardly get anything accomplished — can you relate?

However, even on my “bad days” I still make a good effort to complete my Top 5 List — or the MOST important things for the day. If my Top 5 List is checked off, I’ve done what needed to be done and the rest can wait until tomorrow!

Meal Plan:

I put the meal plan right next to the Top 5 List because I want to start thinking about any food I need to cook, bake, or defrost right when I wake up. This saves me a lot of stress around 5:00 pm!

Exercise and Water:

I don’t know about you, but I am REALLY bad at making time to exercise every day, and I never drink enough water. So I put these 2 items on my daily worksheet because I’m much more likely to do something if I need to “cross it off my list”. Seriously, this really works!

Other Boxes:

The left column below is pretty self explanatory — I think!  I wanted a place to write all my other daily to-do’s, appointments, things I need to buy, and notes — so I created a good-size box for each category. And the appointments box even has a place for the time!

Daily Routine:

The right column below is my personal daily routine. I obviously don’t do everything on this list every day; but on days when I’m working from home all day, I try to check every box! {I’m really competitive so it’s a great motivational tool for me!}

Double Planner:

I also created a Double Planner so I can print 2 sheets on the same page {I also print them double sided} and put it inside my purse or inside my monthly planner.

This simple document has helped me be more productive, more efficient, and better manage my time each day.  Plus, it’s always rewarding to look back and see everything I’ve accomplished in one day!

I almost love it MORE than my weekly planner… almost!


Print your own FREE Daily Worksheet:

My Daily Planner — SINGLE This is the worksheet I use every day. The daily routine column is already filled in.

My Daily Planner — DOUBLE This is a double version of the worksheet I use every day {see picture above}

Blank Daily Planner — SINGLE This is the same as my worksheet but the “daily routine” column is BLANK.

Blank Daily Planner — DOUBLE This is a double version of my worksheet with BLANK “daily routine” columns..

UPDATE {as of 8/14/2012}

You can now download a customizable version of my daily planner here


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  1. Cherree Keeton


    Thank you!

    I’m retired. While I was good at organizing at work and even supervising others…I can’t seem to get it together in retirement.

    So today, I decided to start at the beginning. Organize MYSELF, then attack my environment.

    After looking at your daily routine sheet, it looks like the best tool I’ve found on the internet.

    Thank you for your free gift. I believe it will help this senior lady get her act together!



    Andrea Reply:

    oh good — glad to help!
    best wishes as you get more organized. The results will be worth your efforts!


  2. Marlene


    Hi, Andrea,
    You may know about this already but I was looking through Pinterest and found a daily planner layout that is very similar to yours. Exact layout but the headings are different. So here’s where it is at in Pinterest –

    I did follow the link to this blog –

    What caught my eye though is that she is charging $1.99 to download hers whereas yours are free. I was going to pay the fee but then she did link your post and has acknowledge where she had gotten the layout.

    I know that it takes awhile to layout a page…a lot of work. So I thought you may need to know this especially since you have a copyright on it.



    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks so much Marlene –yup it looks like she basically copied my layout and is now charging for it. Bummer!

    Well, I hope you enjoy my free version!
    I probably won’t contact her because my printable is SO old and her pos is quite old too. I have a feeling this type of thing happens more often on the internet.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to send me the links though!


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  10. Tami Gardner


    You are awesome Thank you so much this will make my life so much easier !!!!!!


  11. Gav J


    Thank you Andrea You are a god send. Very much appreciated. This will keep me organised and optimistic


  12. Melda


    Hi, thank you for the resources. I just downloaded the double blank daily planner. This is my step for today.


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  15. gwen


    Please do a double customizable page for a5 size this is perfect but I having to write the dailyies over and over and my writing sucks


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  19. Monique


    I have finally found printable that works for my needs!
    I love the 2 on a page however, the second on the page does not have enough boarder to punch holes in without actually having the holes in the writing area. I use a A5 ARC system and I’m trying to figure a work around for this, because have been going crazy looking at printables!