Our Summer… In Snapshots

posted by Andrea | 08/28/2012

Over the past 2 years I’ve been on a mission to take more photos (probably because Dave and I only have about 20 photos from the first 4 years of marriage!)

For the most part, I’ve been doing really well, especially now that I have such a cute “subject” to photograph 🙂

So since there are just a few fleeting days of summer left before Dave heads back to school next week, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photo memories from this summer.

I took this picture on June 1 and I just love it. I love her smile, her big blue eyes, the pink polka-dot onesie, and the gorgeous green grass (which is definitely not so green anymore!)

She had been trying to crawl ever since Memorial Day weekend, but finally started to get the hang of it at the beginning of June (just in time for our house to turn upside-down with our kitchen renovations).

This is also one of my all-time favorite Nora pictures… her face sums up her personality quite well (really cute, but really naughty!)

Then she got teeth…

…and decided that although she won’t eat any solid foods, she loved to suck on raw carrots and apples!

Oh, and in case you didn’t see these photos… we moved our kitchen to our office for the summer while we renovated our kitchen. I feel like a “hoarder” of kitchen things… SO much stuff!

Fast-forward through my super fun birthday giveaway, and Nora’s 7 month birthday

…and we were off on our whirl-wind wedding road trip for Dave’s brother’s wedding.

The wedding was lovely (very hot and humid, but still fun). And Dave and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary the day after the wedding.

Fourth of July was a fun day spent with family and friends; and of course, we had to get a few cute pictures for Nora’s FIRST 4th 🙂

Then it was time to get down to business again… so we knocked another hole in our kitchen wall. Now it’s really open to the living room which makes the whole house feel bigger. Seriously friends, I’m just so excited to share some after pictures… and I certainly wish we didn’t have to wait 3 more weeks for the right cabinets to arrive {yeah, it’s a long story!}

Nora was a VERY miniature bride for my sister’s wedding {she actually stayed in the nursery the whole time, but sure looked cute for pictures!}

I took a 2-week blogging break at the end of July and we pretty much spent every day by the pool. Nora LOVES the water and Dave loves to sit and read!

Nora’s 8-month birthday was here before we knew it…

…and we FINALLY ordered our kitchen cabinets. 

August has basically flown by {that always seems to happen though} and here we are with just a couple days until school starts.

Nora celebrated her 9-month birthday last week — and she surprised us all by taking her first few steps!

She’s now constantly walking from the couch to the chair, from the bookshelf to the TV cabinet, or from any solid structure to any set of open arms who will catch her! She get’s SO excited after even just a couple steps. It’s pretty cute!

It’s been a good summer — filled with lots of memories (and lots of photos — good job me!)

We tried to get Nora to hold up her moustache too… but no such luck.
At least her hat stayed on! 

Dave is looking forward to another school year, I’m looking forward to having my kitchen back, and I’m pretty sure Nora is looking forward to her 1st birthday coming up later this fall!

What are your favorite summer memories?


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  1. Barbarette Riley


    Hello Andrea, I just wanted to say that I just started to read your blog and i really have enjoyed it so far. Your family is adorable ! I am from the deep south and i so enjoy reading things from all across the country !! Keep up the great work !


  2. Zolane


    I love this post, Andrea. Such a great idea and one that allows you to look back and reminisce later! I’m also so excited for you to be in your new kitchen and see the final reveal 🙂


  3. Kaui @ Thrifty Military Mommy


    You did do a great job on all those wonderful photos. I’ve been following your lead and snapping pics of EVERYTHING. It has seriously paid off and I’m so proud of myself (grins)! Nora is soooooooooooo adorable. You have a beautiful little girl there 🙂


  4. Lindy


    My favorite picture of Nora is the teeth one! She is adorable!


  5. Nicole


    It is so sweet how you feature your family–especially your little girl–as part of your blog and business. As the mother to 3 girls and 1 boy, ages 12 to 17 1/2, I wish I had taken more photos of them as they grew up! They grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing such a lovely part of your family’s life.


  6. Mrs. Bridges @ Crossing Bridges


    Nora is getting so pretty as she’s growing up!! I love the picture of the two of you by the pool (I’m assuming). Looks like you had an awesome summer!


  7. Jenny C.


    So fun! Thanks for sharing :-). My daughter went on a youth group mission trip to Jamaica – great memories & a blessing for her & great opportunity for us at home to trust God! It was a highlight of our summer.