Thanks for your interest in having me speak for your group — my hope is that guests will leave your event encouraged, motivated, and inspired to simplify their home and life!

If you need a little help coming up with ideas, I’ve included a list of popular topics below. However I tailor my content to fit the needs of your group — so please feel free to suggest any topic(s) you’re interested in learning more about, even if they aren’t on my list.

Please contact me with any questions you have or to inquire about my availability and fees.


  • SIMPLE organization skills–how to tackle any organizing project
  • The 4-P’s of all organizational projects
  • 10 steps to staying organized


  • Quick and simple clutter control — tame your clutter hot-spots and restore order to your home
  • Calming the chaotic kitchen — ideas to organize the center of your home
  • Closet makeovers — tips for closets of all shapes and sizes
  • The work-from-home-parent — tips to manage your home, office, family, and life


  • Food Preserving — Freezing, Drying, and More
  • Meal Planning — Save time and money by cooking in bulk
  • Calming the chaotic kitchen — ideas to organize the center of your home


  • Evaluate your goals for a more fulfilling life
  • Get your family involved — tips to make organizing fun and family oriented
  • Photos, photos, and more photos — how to organize and safely store all your precious memories
  • Developing a daily routine — the importance and benifits of having a routine for you and your family

Time Management:

  • How to better manage your time to lower stress levels
  • Five time-devouring monsters and how to slay them
  • Save Time, Save Money, Get Organized, Start Now!
  • Simple time-saving ideas to get the most out of your day
  • The secrets to clearing your calendar and making time for what really matters

Money Management:

  • Budgeting 101 — Get your Finances Back on Track
  • Save Time, Save Money, Get Organized, Start Now!
  • Saving money with coupons, rebates and more
  • Craigslist 101: how to buy and sell on this online marketplace


  • Less stress for the Holidays
  • Clutter-Free Holiday Countdown — tips to reduce your clutter and prepare for the Holidays
  • Setting {and keeping} Goals for the New Year


  • Organizing your work space for higher productivity
  • Evaluate your professional goals for a more productive future
  • Organize your computer — conquering e-mail and computer filing
  • Paper problems — how to manage all that paper

Please note that I will gladly speak on any combination of these topics as well as other suggested topics from you.