Nora @ 9 Months

posted by Andrea | 08/22/2012

It’s official, Nora has been alive “on the outside” for as long as she was alive inside of me — however, the 9 months outside sure seems like a lot longer 🙂

Over the past several months, I’ve often said that I could put up with her crazy lack of sleep and fussiness for 9 months without feeling “jipped” but if it kept up after 9 months, then I got the raw end of the deal. I said this because I had an extremely easy pregnancy, labor, and delivery, so I figure I got the first 9 months of her life really easy… and so far, the next 9 months haven’t been so easy.

Now that she’s officially 9 months old, it’s time for her to start giving Dave and I a break, don’t you think!

Oh, and if you wonder what she is SO intensely focused on in the pictures below… it’s grass!

Nora has learned a lot over the past month — and, as you’ll see by the list of milestones below, she’s is quite “advanced” for her young age 🙂

1. She’s taking piano lessons.

Ok, well not really — but she does love banging away on both of her grandmas’ pianos.

We got rid of our piano when we moved, but after the construction dust on the main floor settles (probably some time this winter or spring) we plan to get another one.

And just for fun, here’s an almost identical picture of me at the same age… on the same piano.

2. She’s reading

We’ve been reading books to her since she was born, and she likes holding the books {and of course, sucking on the books} but she just recently started turning all the pages and open the little flaps. She’ll sit in her room, pull all the books off the shelf, and then page through them like she’s actually reading.

So cute!  

3. She’s mowing the lawn

You should see how excited she gets every time we put her on the tractor. Dave even drove her up and down the driveway once. She loved it!

4.  She’s helping with household chores

Not only did I find Nora crawling around, “dusting” the floors with a microfiber pad, I also found her in the shower on more than one occasion!

5. She’s starting her own blog

Actually, she just loves “typing” on an extra keyboard we had laying around. She loves anything with keys or buttons {computer keyboard, old cell phones, remote controls, calculators, etc.) Sometimes she’ll even walk on them — like maybe she enjoys the feeling of the buttons on her feet.

6. She’s helping with the kitchen remodel

Nora is actually handling the kitchen renovation very well — she doesn’t even get scared by the saws or all the pounding. Just the other day, she found my paint samples and helped me pick out the color for the kitchen walls — Cottage White, and it looks fabulous!

 7. She’s getting into all sorts of mischief!

As you can tell by these photos, Nora is ON THE MOVE! She doesn’t sit still and we have to watch her 24/7 to make sure she’s not doing something “naughty” like climbing up the stairs, getting into the kitchen things that are currently stored in our office, chewing on cables and cords, tearing through my supply of wrapping paper, pulling all the shoes out of our closet, or climbing over the piles of wood flooring in our living room.

I suppose our house isn’t exactly baby-friendly right now… but if there is something she’s not supposed to do, I can almost guarantee she’ll do it {typical kid, right!}

But she’s just so dang cute…

I have a feeling those big blue eyes might get her out of a few punishments over the course of her life!  

Happy 9 months Nora!


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  1. jennifer


    love the name nora my daughter is almost 2 her name is Noralee hope… combination of my grandmother nora and my sisters middle name my 5 year old is gabriella faith love it


  2. Jelli


    So cute! I think your last comment pretty much sums it up! What a sweet little fiesty girl. Mine turned 11 months today, and I can’t believe how the time flies! Enjoy sweet Nora & keep that camera rolling.


  3. Shari


    She is such a cutie! I can definitely relate to wondering “when is it going to get easier???!!” My son was also a horrible sleeper & napper, & it felt like he cried & fussed more often than not even when he was supposed to be past the colic stage. What we ended up finding comfort in was Dr Sears’ information about “high needs” babies/children. It helped me realize that having a difficult baby wasn’t a reflection on us as parents, & we just needed to do what worked for our family to survive even if it went against cultural norms in our area (like co-sleeping & then moving him to his own queen size mattress in his own room at 18 months).

    Anyway… I think 18 months was a big turning point for us because we all started getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time, & that was heavenly!! I am sure you will figure out what works best for you & your family, & I swear these difficult kiddos are sent to us to teach us some lessons in flexibility & how to go with the flow (things I wasn’t very good at before motherhood).

    Best wishes! Love reading all of your posts 🙂


  4. Heather@Creative Family Moments


    Absolutely beautiful. I love that you posted a baby pic of yourself too! Isn’t it fun to find pics of yourself doing the same thing your child did?


  5. Michele


    She is such a cute baby!!!!! Enjoy these months because they go by so fast then start to argue with you; like my 12 year old is doing right now. I have to look at their baby pictures to remind myself how adorable they are. lol!


  6. Debra


    She is adorable beyond words! I think you are going to have a difficult time with any sort of discipline…she just has to look at you with those soulful eyes!


  7. Rebecca


    Cute as a button!!!


  8. Tracy


    Your daughter looks like your twin (piano pictures). She is absolutely beautiful, enjoy your time with her….they grow up sooooo fast….


  9. Beatriz


    Beautiful baby girl 🙂


  10. Laurel


    Adorable! I miss those baby days.


  11. Carlen


    She is just too precious. My daughter had issues sleeping and was quite fussy up until 9 months. It turns out she had ear issues that the doctor couldn’t diagnose because her ear canals were too small for them to see into. I wonder if Nora has a similar issue?

    Anyway, my daughter ended up having to get tubes and life was much, much easier after that. I hope life gets easier for you and Dave as well!


  12. Holli


    She’s adorable, and yes those eyes will get her out of a lot! I thought of something the other day if you are still having issues with her eating food…popsicles. A friend found that their son will only eat foods if they sneak it between licks of popsicle. I suggested she make her own popsicles out of babyfood. Hope that helps! Also, if you haven’t looked into it the Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is the best. I am dreading the day she outgrows it, b/c she is up 4+ times a night in her crib, but sleeps through in the rocker. Good luck!


  13. Jen


    She’s adorable, Andrea. Thanks for letting us watch her grow. 🙂