One Closet — Three Uses

posted by Andrea | 07/19/2010

Our home office is one room in our house that we could not do without.

However, the room is just a small extra bedroom and the closet is even smaller — so I knew it would require lots of organization to function at maximum capacity.

We needed our closet to function in 3 very specific ways:

  1. House all our gift wrapping supplies
  2. House all our paperwork
  3. House basic tools and craft supplies

Since the closet is SO small I decided to removed the door to give us easier access to our “stuff”. Here it is…all 3 feet of it!

ZONE 1: Gift Wrapping

Location — Top Shelf

I have 4 large bags  and 2 boxes that contain all my wrapping supplies:

  • Bag #1 — Large bags
  • Bag #2 — Llarge boxes
  • Bag #3 — Small bags
  • Bag #4 — Ribbons & bows
  • Box #1 — Tissue paper
  • Box #2 — Smaller boxes

I labeled each bag and box with cute tags that I made from construction paper.

Zone 2: Paperwork

Location — filing cabinet

In the center of my closet is a large 4-drawer filing cabinet that holds ALL our paperwork.

  • Drawer #1: Personal paperwork
  • Drawer #2: My business paperwork
  • Drawer #3: Hubby’s school paperwork
  • Drawer #4: Craft paper, cards, envelopes, etc.

I use the tabs down the center for our main categories, and the tabs on the left for subcategories.

For example:

If the main category is be “utilities”

The subcategories would be each of the different utility companies we work with (DTE, AT&T, Consumers Electric, Allied Waste, etc.)

This system works wonderfully for us.

We also keep a small fire-proof safe on top of the filing cabinet for important documents and information.

Zone #3: Tools and Craft Supplies

Location: Peg board

Inside our closet, on the right side, I installed a small section of peg board to house some of our smaller tools and craft supplies.

Our larger tools are either in the shed outside or down in the basement but I like to keep these tools on hand for more regular use.

This section of the closet would otherwise just be a bunch of wasted space

So there you have it… 1 small closet transformed with virtually no out-of-pocket costs to fit 3 distinct needs in our home office.

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  1. Micah


    Omg! You have no idea how helpful your website has been for me! I have looked everywhere for organization tips that fit my small apartment and I haven’t found anything that fits so well. My apartment has nearly NO storage. I have a small pantry, a small laundry closet with washer and dryer, and then one closet that is supposed to serve as my closet, and everything storage. I just moved in and was literally drowning in all the stuff that I couldn’t store anywhere. But these tips are working for me!! I even downsized my drawers the way you did and it saved me SO MUCH space. I can’t believe I never thought of any of this. Thanks so much!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Micah — so glad my tips have been helpful for you as you!!


  2. Kathryn


    I am inspired to 1. Determine our needs for a space first, 2. Use what we have, 3. Make it functional. Thanks for this post.