Creative Storage Ideas

posted by Andrea | 08/31/2010

I’m all about functional storage — it needs to be practical; but I also want it to look nice. That’s reasonable, right?

While I don’t pride myself in being the most creative gal around, I am extremely motivated when it comes to clearing the clutter in my home, and I’ve managed to come up with a few creative storage ideas that work for me.

Magazines and Newspapers:

I use an old wooden ladder to store our magazines and newspapers. We can easily see and access our reading materials and it doubles as creative wall art {sort of!}.

I hang a different magazine or newspaper on each rung and only keep the latest 2 issues.


I usually don’t like to store anything under the bed or couch, but since we often play games in the living room, it just makes sense to store them in the living room — so we keep them under the couch! This way, they don’t take up any extra room in our closets.

Craft Supplies:

I can’t stand to have many crafts supplies hanging around the house {it’s just too much stuff!}. However, I like to keep the few supplies I do have all in one place and easily accessible. I found a few small, old suitcases and I keep different types of supplies in each one. They look great and I can take them anywhere in the house.

This is my entire yarn supply — pathetic, I know, but washcloths are the only thing I know how to knit!

DVD’s, CD’s, VHS’s:

We usually just get our DVD’s from the library, but I found this adorable basket to store the one we own. Sometimes I stack a few suitcases on top and use it as an end table.


I love chunky bracelets but they don’t fit in my jewelry box. One day I put the bracelets in an old, star-shaped cake tin and set it out on my dresser. It looked so cute that I’ve left then in there ever since!

These are just a few of the semi-creative ways I store and organize our multitude of “stuff”. They work for me!

Do you have any creative storage ideas to add to my list?


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  4. Julie @Frugal & Fabulous Design


    Awesome ideas Andrea!

    I’m always looking for good ways to store things.

    Thanks for linking up to Fab Friday –



  5. Katie


    Great ideas! I love the organization as well as the elements of design you have brought in!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Katie! I’m definitely NOT a designer but I do like to at least TRY and make things look nice around here.


  6. marybeth @


    VERY cute ideas! I love them!


  7. Lori


    Very cute ideas! I love the bracelet one!


  8. Bonnie


    So glad I followed the retweet here. Love it all!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks, I’m glad you followed the retweet too!