5 Reasons to Organize your Kitchen

posted by Andrea | 10/19/2011

Not everyone has their dream kitchen…I certianly don’t! But no matter if you love, like, or even hate your kitchen, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it more if it’s organized.

I originally wrote this blog post back in March, but I’ve recently been weeding through my kitchen — purging, organizing, cleaning, etc. and was thinking about how awesome it will be once we do finally renovate our kitchen and dinning room area {which probably won’t be for a few years}.

Then I reminded myself that even though we don’t have our dream kitchen yet; our current kitchen is still clean, organized, and functional, which makes it an enjoyable space for me to spend time in… and I do spend a lot of time in there. We have a place for everything and everyone in our house knows where everything goes. So even though I don’t love my kitchen design {see photo below}, I do love how organized it is.

And just in case you’re searching for a few more reasons to organize your kitchen {besides the obvious fact that it looks so much nicer}, I’ll give you FIVE really good ones — plus a chance to drool over some of the gorgeous kitchen designs from my Ideas Book!

1. Save Time:

An organized kitchen means less searching to find what you need.

dream kitchen from House Beautiful

2. Save Money:

An organized kitchen means you know what you have and are less likely to buy duplicates or waste food.

dream kitchen from Joyful Mom of Many

3. Save Stress:

An organized kitchen means order and a sense of calm in the heart of your home.

dream kitchen from Better Homes & Garden

4. Save Sanity:

Like I said before, an organized kitchen will help you to enjoy your kitchen — even if you don’t like the style, the appliances, the light fixtures, the floor, etc.

dream kitchen from IkeaFans.com

5.  Save Space:

An organized kitchen will give you more counter space, more cabinet space, more floor space, more table space, and even more space in the refrigerator…and who can’t use a little more space in the kitchen?

Is that enough to motivate you?

Organizing your kitchen does NOT have to be a huge project. Start with a few minutes today — focus on one drawer, one shelf, one area of the fridge. Then tomorrow, tackle another drawer.

You can even read about how I organizing our…

food storage containers


recipe box





Now set your timer for 15 minutes — then come back and let me know how much you accomplished!


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  1. kitchen pantry cabinet


    I love the ikeafans kitchen. Beautiful. AndI think your kitchen is adorable!


  2. Katy


    Wow, what a great post! I love your tips and ideas.

    I would love for you to share this on my link party this week. I know my readers will love this too! http://thriftmeblog.com/lets-organize-2012-kitchen-countertops-recap-link-party/


  3. Traci


    Did you build your island? It looks like exactly what I am seaching for and would fit in my small kitchen.


  4. Mrs. Bridges @ Crossing Bridges


    I loooove the ikeafans kitchen. Beautiful. AndI think your kitchen is adorable! One question though–where’s your oven??


    Deanna Reply:

    Yes, I was wondering about the oven, too.


  5. Lis


    Love the House Beautiful photo! Great tips!


  6. Sue


    I have to admit that I like “some” of the pics.. but mostly I find these kitchens too crowded.. ESP Pic #2.. I idea that i have to dust those cubbie holes/shelves.. NO WAY.. and there is no room on the counter to work. it is all cake savers..

    I guess I just hate to clean. So anything that makes it a small amount of time I have to spend cleaning the kitchen instead of cooking in the kitchen that is the kitchen for me ! I would rather be cooking ! :o)

    Sue in NJ


    Lea Stormhammer Reply:


    I totally hear you! I decided quite a while ago, that if it isn’t in an enclosed cupboard (my china hutch has glass doors so I can enjoy the beauty but don’t have to dust!), I’m not putting much out. I don’t want to have to dust so much! At one point I really wanted one of those exposed plate racks to put my plates in and enjoy and then my mom commented that I would have to rinse the dust off them every time I used them. Guess how much that changed my mind!?

    I’m much more of a prairie style girl myself and hubby likes Victorian-type things, so I think our dream kitchen would probably be a hybrid – with clear counters and no cubbies!

    Great minds think alike – or something like that!


  7. Michelle


    Too funny! I just sat down after spending the last hour or so organizing our storage area and all my spices. I buy in bulk and store them in jars. I had the cool idea to use the labels that my mountain rose herbs have on the bags they come in on my jars! I love to type up labels and such, but this looks so cool!

    anyway, happy organizing!


    Andrea Reply:

    Ahhh…doesn’t it feel great to walk into your kitchen now?? I LOVE walking into a newly organized space or opening freshly organized cabinets!



  8. Lisa


    Love it!!

    I had a kitchen dream folder for 10 years. When my father passed away I remodeled my kitchen. it only took me 2 days to design and order everything I wanted.

    This January I did a complete pantry clean out. I found enough ingredients to make 48 nice meals and 28 quick meals. http://bit.ly/eAFZLa
    Warrior MAMA Lisa


    Andrea Reply:

    Wow Lisa — that’s impressive!

    I definitely have a ton of ideas, but I don’t think I could pick everything out in 2 days…however I’m sure I’ll have a few more years to think about it before we’re ready to renovate our kitchen 🙂