Our Farmhouse Nursery – The Full Tour!

posted by Andrea | 11/5/2011

This post has been a long time coming — and even though I’m still waiting on ONE more piece of furniture, I’m so excited to take you on a tour of our “brand new” Farmhouse Nursery! 

The nursery is by far, the smallest bedroom in our house; and as you might remember, we basically had to gut the entire room and start over again from scratch. We even knocked out one entire closet to make room for the walk-in shower in our master bath.

Our nursery now has all “new-to-us” doors, windows, floors, walls, wood paneling {I’ve always wanted painted wood paneling in my nursery!}, crown molding, base board, light fixtures, furniture, and accessories. So while it definitely does NOT look like a 120 year old nursery, I hope it still gives off a little of that farmhouse charm I love so much! 

Our Farmhouse Nursery — The Full Tour!

The nursery, and the master bedroom are conveniently both off one “wing” of the living room… so there is just a very short hallway from our bedroom door to the nursery.

As you can see, our master bathroom is on the left side of the hall and our built-in medicine cabinet is to the right.

As you enter the nursery, it might look a little “bare” and that’s because I’m still waiting for a small white bookcase that will go against this first wall. Then I have some cute ideas for above the bookcase as well. However, I’m pretty sure the baby won’t care if she has a bookcase right away or not!


Once the bookcase is here, it will form a little reading/toy nook, along with my most favorite IKEA Poang chair and hand-painted night stand. We already have a little collection of books starting… and I’m sure the toys will follow in the next couple of months 🙂


If you keep rotating counter-clockwise in the room, you’ll see that our crib is to the left of our reading nook. This photo is a little blurry because there was so much sun shinning through the windows that I couldn’t get a good shot.

I purposely put the crib on an angle; partially because I think it looks better, but also because I wanted  a place to put my old wooden gate!


Here’s a BEFORE picture of this same wall:


One of my favorite features of this room is the white porcelain chandelier. It looks so old, yet I actually found it a couple months ago at Home Depot!

I’m absolutely in love with this dark-stained Jenny Lind crib and how it contrasts with the stark white bedding I made. It’s exactly what I wanted… and I found it on Craiglist for a fraction of the price of a new one!


Oh, and I just have to mention the crib skirt — because I made that too — and I purposely made it long enough to touch the floor so we can use the space underneath for storage. Currently, our Pack n’ Play and BabyBjorn Bouncy Seat are nicely concealed until we need them!


If you keep rotating counter-clockwise, you’ll see just how small the nursery is… however I still fee like there is plenty of room for everything we need.

I recently painted and distressed the changing table {solid wood Basset dresser for $20 on Craigslist!} I was originally planning to paint it all white with a brown glaze, but then felt like the red /whitewash would give it just a bit more “farmhouse flare” — and I was right!

Thankfully, the dresser is still over half empty, so I have plenty of room for more clothes, blankets, diapers, etc.

The oval picture on top of the shelf is actually MY grandma as a little girl… so I think that’s a really special addition to this room. And I’m simply ecstatic that the changing pad and basket of diapers and wipes fits perfectly on top… it must have been meant to be 🙂


Just to the left of the dresser is our nursery closet.  

Here are two more BEFORE pictures!


I’ve already shown you several pictures of this closet, but here’s one more — just to complete the tour {and I think it’s a little bit fuller than last time too!}

So that’s it… the full farmhouse nursery tour. 

Everything is washed, folded, and put away; our hospital bags are basically packed and ready to go; we have everything we NEED; and now we’re just waiting…

What do you think… will our baby girl like her new room?

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  1. Lynn


    would you kindly share the paint color of your nursery/bathroom walls?
    It is so beautiful!


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  6. Merrie


    Any covering for the windows?


  7. Sue


    Looks beautiful.. You look all set and ready to go.. not much longer !

    Sue in NJ


  8. Cortney


    Very sweet. It’s so funny, my first son’s nursery was laid out EXACTLY the same. Even our crib was on an angle. So funny. Its totally different now to accomadate two kiddos but it worked great for many years before baby brother showed up.:) Good luck the Baby will LOVE it :).


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  10. Megan Camp


    Wow. It looks gorgeous! I love the before/after photos. You did a fabulous job and your baby girl will love the time and effort you put into it someday. Now all you’re waiting on is that sweet baby girl.


  11. Dianne@Baking4Six


    this is an FYI:

    I am not an expert nor have I seen your crib and my children are way beyond the age of using cribs… but I’ve recently read on several blogs about “drop down” cribs being re-called.

    Being an expecting mommy, I’m sure that you are aware, but just in case wanted to bring it to your attention.

    It’s not that Jenny Lind cribs per se are being re-called but any/all (?) drop-down style cribs.

    for example:


  12. Snob on a budget


    Wow what a change! Love the chandelier as well as the dark crib with the crisp white bedding. Lovely room.


  13. Sandy


    So calming and functional. Very simple and organized……perfectly. Great planning and completion. You inspire me.


  14. K


    Gorgeous nursery!! Now all you need is the precious baby!! Another tip..be sure the changing pad is secured to the dresser. You don’t want the pad sliding off during changing times.


  15. Paulette


    Love this nursery. It is so well organized and that will definitely make your life easier when the “wee one” arrives. I am so happy for you and Dave…you’ve worked so hard and now you’re ready. Can’t wait to see pics of the little angel. You inspire me.


  16. Lorna



    We didn’t have somewhere for the diapers to go – we take them immediately and put them in a plastic bag (bread bags work great as do plastic store bags). From there it goes into the outside garbage (We hang it on the outside door until someone heads that direction).

    I love the little laundry basket in the bottom of the closet! Perfect!

    Addy has a bumper pad and her ‘blankie’ in the crib. We are beginning to wean her from her pacifier so we just started giving her one of those little bears with a tiny square of fleece attached to it along with her pacifier. In time she will get her little bear and no pacifier so that will be in her crib also.

    We keep a wicker laundry basket under the crib to hold blankets and extra sheets. In time, you will need the dresser space for her clothing! I also keep the box of diapers under there (the ones that don’t fit in the basket on top of our dresser.

    I think your nursery is adorable! How many times a day do you go in and just look at everything in anticipation of Baby arriving?!! 🙂


  17. Thrifty Mom in Boise


    Oh Andrea, you have done such a beautiful job on the nursery. I can tell you are very proud of it and very excited for her arrival. I love the simple beauty you have put into the room. Your darling girl is going to love it.


  18. Mary Beth


    Oh I love how simple and elegant it is. I think people go way overboard with nurseries these day. Very comfy and soothing. I have never had sleeping issues with any of my three children and i know it’s because I don’t overdo anything. Good job!!


  19. Leigh


    I love th e feel of the nursery
    a couple of notes from a mom of two.
    -the chair is perfect for sitting with bavy, particularly when you are up all night with a cold
    -I am sure you checked the recall list about the crib but since it is a drop side keep checking it for safe connections (my 6 month old is in a drop side)
    -Where are your dirty diapers going?
    -The quilt is darling and I love the full length skirt, but remember that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nothing but a sheet in the crib itself http://www.aap.org/advocacy/releases/sids2011.htm
    -the closet is great!


  20. Kathy


    Looks gorgeous!

    For what it’s worth, if you’re planning on nursing, you may want to get a footstool or ottoman to go with the Poang chair – it will help your back soooo much.


  21. Suzanne


    It is gorgeous!!! She will love it and you will love all the time you spend in there with her too (just a prediction). You and your husband are amazing with your remodeling and organizing. 🙂