Our New Iron + One More Reason Dave is Perfect for Me

posted by Andrea | 10/24/2012

Eight years ago today, Dave and I went on our very first date.

I was only 19, but after that first date, I told my mom he was “the one”. I don’t think she fully believed me, but 8 months later, we were engaged.

We were both in college when we started dating, so many of our dates consisted of getting ice cream or going to a college sporting event and then hanging out at his college house with his roommates and their girlfriends.

On these “dates” I noticed that he always had an ironing board set up in his room — and that he actually used it to iron. I thought maybe he was just trying to impress me… but it turns out he just really likes nicely ironed clothing!

Eight years later, he still irons several times a week… which means I never, ever iron 🙂

See, Dave really IS perfect for me! 

{as cheesy as this picture is, he really was ironing his shirt before we left the house!}

Dave picked out the iron he wanted when we registered for wedding gifts, and he’s been faithfully using that iron for the past 6 years… until a couple months ago when Hamilton Beach sent us their brand new Durathon Digital Iron.

When we took the iron out of the box, I was immediately thrilled that it had a self-winding cord — which means the cord won’t always be falling all over the place.

And after Dave used it a few times, I asked him what some of his favorite features were.

Here’s what he said:

  • It has a larger reservoir for water so I don’t need to refill it as often
  • It doesn’t drip water like our old iron
  • It heats up much faster than our old iron
  • It’s more powerful
  • I don’t need to awkwardly try to wind the cord… just push a button
  • It has a digital display so I don’t need to wonder if it’s on the right setting or if its hot enough

Oh, and if you’re wondering what my favorite feature of the iron is…

… it’s that I won’t have to use it! 

Seriously though, this iron is SO much nicer than our old iron. I was almost tempted to ask Dave to let me try it out… but then I realized that I shouldn’t risk ruining a good thing.

I’ll just let him enjoy the new iron and all its fun bells and whistles.

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced iron that delivers quality results (and has a self-winding cord!!) I’d definitely encourage you to check out the new Durathon Digital Iron

Unfortunately, Dave does not come with the iron 🙂

Thanks to Hamilton Beach for the fabulous new iron… and thanks to Dave for always doing all the ironing around our house!

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  1. Frank and Marla @ Jewelry Holders For You


    Andrea, Dave’s iron sounds wonderful and what a blessed lady you are to have a husband who loves to iron – what a gem he is 🙂 Maybe your husband can rub off on my husband? Wish I had known about this iron when we were looking for one a year ago. Would have saved $50 purchasing a $100 Rowenta Pro Master. It’s a great iron, and a great deal finding it on HSN with a deep discount. It’s a fabulous iron, though have never had to to spend that much and all the others we reviewed had bad reviews… Made my first “note” in my updated 2012 updated “Day Runner” organizer. My goal is to be organized in every way this year…. So, I’m sticking close to you :- ~ Marla


  2. Lavendersuzanne


    Bless! – I love to love, love stories. (I mean you and Dave not Dave and the iron)


  3. Stephanie


    I don’t iron either….. toss it in the dryer with a wet rag and you’re good to go! 🙂


  4. Grace


    Thank you for the post. My husband is the iron man around the house and I can say he has gone through several irons since we’ve been married. I have bought expensive and cheap irons. I will have try this one out.


  5. Lora


    I love that pumpkin picture! I remember following you guys on a walk in the woods and seeing you hold hands 😉 Little love birds after just a date or two!


    Andrea Reply:

    I thought I’d get a comment from you Lora 🙂 And seriously, I can’t believe that fun “pumpkin weekend” was 8 years ago already!


  6. Amanda @ The Fun Mommy


    When I was engaged, a friend of mine gave me some wise advice:

    “Never do anything unless you want to do it for the rest of your marriage!”

    That being said, I love the new iron! I wish I hadn’t just bought a new one, or I might be tempted. 🙂


  7. Melissa


    I bet you that would be great for quilting and I wouldn’t have to worry when I am done using it if the girls will put it on their heads. My worst fear ever! I may have to add that to my Christmas wish list:)


  8. JD


    I am like you, I simply do not iron but fortunately my husband does! He doesn’t mind at all and I couldn’t be happier.