Nora @ 11 Months

posted by Andrea | 10/22/2012

Nora is 11 months old today!

I’m so happy that we were able to step outside for a few minutes of warmer weather to capture these shots. Somehow we lost that pumpkin in all the leaves though πŸ™‚

I’m surprised I got her to lay still for the few seconds it took to get this picture… she must really be thinking hard about that pumpkin!

Here are a few milestones from this past month.

1. She “talks”.

She’s really quiet when new people are around — but once she warms up to you, she doesn’t stop talking.

Mom = amumumah {in a really whinny tone}

Dad = da! {in a really happy tone}

She also “barks” when we ask ‘what does the doggy say?’

The other day, I asked her a question and she said “ya” and even though I know it wasn’t real, it stopped me mid-sentenceΒ because I’m so used to just asking questions and giving the answers. Lots of one-sided conversations around our house these days. However, I can’t wait to know what’s inside that little head of hers.

2. She points.


She points at every item on every shelf in the grocery store — and you should see her in the lighting department at Lowe’s. Of course, everyone thinks it’s so cute and has to stop and talk to her or ask me how old she is.

I’m not sure if she really wants anything or if she just likes pointing. I try to hand her the things she’s pointing at, but then she just walks away and points at something else.

Who knows!

3. She picks her nose.

She randomly started picking her nose a couple weeks ago — and she’s kind of obsessed now.

Β So I guess she spends half the day with her finger up her nose and the other half pointing.

4. She’s infatuated with the outside.

I did an entire post about this the other week — I just can’t believe how she can play outside for hours, even when it’s cold and dreary!

I figured we might as well make good use out of all the time we spend outside — so I put Nora to work raking leaves πŸ™‚

She honestly walked around with the full-size rake for 10 or 15 minutes. The picture on the left side just cracks me up — she’s so “down to business.”

5. She has hair!

It’s not a lot, but it’s enough for 2 tiny little pigtails or one coming straight out the top πŸ™‚

Oh, and it’s curly πŸ™‚

6. She’s an official flower girl.

Since she started walking at 9 months, my sister decided to actually list her as the flower girl in her wedding program.

Nora was SO cute and actually walked about half way down before she got shy… then Dave carried her the rest of the way. You can see more pictures from the wedding here!Β 

7. She’s ALWAYS on the go.

Now that our kitchen is basically finished, she has free range of the entire house — and there have been many times when it takes me a few minutes to find her. Here favorite hangouts are inside one of our showers, under her crib, in the laundry room, or in our closet.

I’ve started shutting all the bedroom/bathroom doors so that I can keep a better eye on her!

She’s still not even close to sleeping through the night; she still doesn’t take naps; she still doesn’t eat… but she sure is cute, so we’ll keep her πŸ™‚

Happy 11 months Nora!


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  1. Chris


    Hi Andrea,

    you have such a cute daughter! As you often mentioned that she does not sleep a lot – how much sleep actually do you or your husband need? Maybe it’s kind of running in the family. I myself and my partens are the owl type and even as a small child my parents had a hard getting me to sleep in the evening around 8 pm. But hey, at least they had a child that would not wake them up before 7.30 or 8.00 am πŸ™‚


  2. Jelli


    Love that comment about where her fingers happen to be most of the day. My daughter’s a pointer now too, but thankfully still hasn’t learned the nose picking maneuver yet!


  3. Angie


    Nora is oh sooooooo cute!! Those eyes are beautiful! I’m wondering where you get the onesies with the months on them? Such a great idea!
    I enjoy every one of your posts! Thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Angie — and I’m glad you thought the onesies wer “real”!! I actually just photo-shop the number on the front each time… so they are really just plain white onesies πŸ™‚


  4. Jeanne


    Hi Andrea!

    Thanks again for the Caramel Apple Salad recipe. It was a hit at the party we had on Sunday. *Ü*

    I was excited to see this post about Nora. Gosh, she sure is a cutie patootie! Giggled about some of her new “habits” and overall just really enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing. My younger daughter is now 10 (as of Sunday) and it sure feels like yesterday when she was so little!

    Have a great day!


  5. Georgia


    Love seeing the pics of your precious Nora. I crack up with how smart and fun toddlers are. I have to agree with you, she is a keeper.


  6. Debra


    Adorable! Cute. Funny. A living Doll. πŸ˜€


  7. Julie


    Nora is adorable and getting cuter and cuter!


  8. stephanie


    My baby slept through the night for a few months – just long enough for me to enjoy a full night’s sleep until he started getting night terrors (at least 4 a week!). If it’s not one thing, it’s another! πŸ™‚


  9. kristi


    What an angel! She’s precious! My soon is six months old, and to think that in just 5 months he coil be so…walking (!) is terrifying. I can’t wait though! Things will certainly be interesting!


  10. susie


    I was going to say the same thing about putting things up her nose! I have heard a lot of different things up kids noses!


    Andrea Reply:

    So I just have to tell you, Nora stuck a pen up her nose today — which is the first time she’s tried that!


  11. Leah H


    Watch those nose pickers! My almost 2 year old does it and he figured out he can put things UP that nose (and also in his ears).

    Nora is adorable! She reminds me of my now 5 year old. They want to be just like adults because that is what they are around. Keep up the raking skills Nora!


  12. Donna


    She is adorable!! Those beautiful blue eye & curl!! She is a keeper!!


  13. Evie


    In my browser anyhow, Nora’s “down to business” photo is directly to the left of her Mom’s down to business, black and white, do-and-don’t-make-time-for photo! So adorable to see both you girls with the identical expression on your faces. πŸ™‚ Happy 11 months, Nora!


    Andrea Reply:

    Ha — you’re right! The two pictures are next to eachother in my browser too πŸ™‚ Like mother, like daughter!


  14. Jess


    Oh my gosh…points and picks her nose. That was the laugh I’ve needed for two days. Thanks!


  15. Melissa


    Don’t worry, my daughter isn’t sleeping through the night either and she is 17 months old, but I think we will still keep her as well:)


  16. Jen


    Aww, she’s so cute. Will you do a post about her birthday party plans? Or about simple, organized planning for a child’s birthday party? No matter; it’s neat seeing her grow through your lens. My son is fourteen months and I love that some of my favorite bloggers have kids about the same age. It’s like having comrades in a weird way. πŸ™‚