Our Plans for the Holidays

posted by Andrea | 12/18/2012

Note: This picture has nothing to do with the post — I just like it! 

Last year, I blogged about my pros and cons for working from home and running my own business — keep in mind, that list was written before I had Nora 🙂 And while these pros and cons will look a little different for every work-from-home person,  the general ideas seemed to resonate with many of you {just read the comment section!}

One of my PROs is that I can set my own schedule and take time off whenever I want.

One of my CONs is that, although I can technically take time off “whenever I want”, as my business grows and expands, it’s increasingly difficult to actually do so!

It’s hard to close up shop when I’m a one-woman show. It’s hard not to keep pushing, pushing, pushing in order to cross the next thing off my to-do list. It’s hard to turn that side of my brain off — even for just a few hours, let alone several days.

However, based on my past experiences and the last 5+ years running a business, it’s also 100% worth it every time I do! I’m sure it’s no surprise that taking a few days to relax, spend time with family and friends, and do something out of my “normal routine” gives me a fresh perspective and even more energy to get back to work — at least that’s how it works for me.

So as we enter another crazy, rushed, hurried, busy holiday season, Dave and I are determined to rest, relax, eat lots and lots of delicious food, enjoy time with out-of-town family, play with Nora… and maybe work on a couple teeny, tiny projects around the house.

I have a special post scheduled for tomorrow, and then I’ll be taking 2 full weeks off so we can enjoy Dave’s extra-long two-week Christmas break — and yes, I’m excited!

My goal is to be as “hands-off” as possible — but I’m sure I’ll still be posting pictures, tips, ideas, and updates on Facebook 🙂

Oh, and in case you were worried — I already have a whole line-up of fun ideas, frugal tips, and fabulous giveaways to share with you in 2013!

Are you taking time off over the holidays?


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  1. Tshanina @ Thrifty T's Treasures


    I, too, am taking time two weeks off from posting on my hyperlocal blog. I’m with you on the “It’s hard to close up shop when I’m a one-woman show.” This will be the first break I’ve taken from that blog since I started it almost two years ago. I’m excited for the break and hope my readers will understand!

    Thanks for all you do Andrea! I love the photo of you and Nora! Merry Christmas!


  2. Jen @ BigBinder


    Good for you! Recharging is so important!! And yes, I am taking time off too – I usually don’t but I think the world will still continue to revolve around its axis without me 🙂


  3. Nicki


    Have a wonderful holiday break! 🙂 I am sure you and your family will enjoy it to the fullest.

    I will be off for almost 4 weeks (our university’s Christmas break is now longer) and I will use that time to recharge and spend time with my family. We even plan to go away for a couple of days for family time. Maybe some crafting and projects around the house, cooking lovely meals, games and activities with the kids, playdates and invite our friends …oh the possibilities are endless… 🙂


  4. Jane


    Enjoy!!! Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year.


  5. Melissa


    Enjoy your break!

    No, this year I am chosing not to take time off from work except on Christmas day. I did take a two week break back in October instead. I planned ahead though and have most of my Christmas to-do’s crossed off my list because I started on that to-do list a few months ago. This has lead to me not feeling like I really need a break yet. Your good habits have been wearing off on me through your blog I think! 🙂


  6. JoAnn C.


    Have a wonderful holiday. You deserve time off; we all do.


  7. Katy


    Enjoy your break! It is so much fun when a little one has their first Christmas…well, their first Christmas when they can participate 🙂 I’m sure Nora will love all the fun that comes with Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family