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posted by Andrea | 01/6/2011

It’s day 4 of my “11 in 2011” challenge and this goals is a MUST for anyone looking to declutter their physical space in 2011.

Goal #4: Purge Something Monthly


I LOVE purging — it’s so freeing {you should try it some time!}

Sure, you may have paid good money for your stuff; BUT if you don’t use it, need it, or love it, I guarantee you’ll be happier if you just donate it. Getting rid of needless clutter around your house will save your sanity! Plus it’s a great habit to get into.

If you don’t already know how much I love purging {and donating} my unused “clutter”, just take a look at the following posts.

Like this one, when I purged half my kitchen

Or when I went crazy and purged a third of my closet

And then there was that time I purged all the grossness in our fridge!

Obviously I didn’t donate my gross food, but everything else was given away. Gone. Out of my house. Buh-Bye!


Since I always seem to have decluttering on my brain, it’s pretty common for boxes and bags to be stacked by the back door, waiting for our next trip to a local donation center {which often occurs on a weekly basis!}

However, for those of you who aren’t as “obsessed” as I am, my goal for you is to simply purge SOMETHING every month. And by “something” I don’t mean just ONE thing, and I certianly don’t mean something that’s trash. I mean a bag or box of things that you no longer need, but that might be useful to someone else.

This is a very reasonable goal for any household, especially if you have kids. Plus it gives you a little added push to declutter, get organzied, simplify, etc. — and those are all good things!

Where to Start?

Here are a few places you may want to declutter this month:

Where/how to Donate?

  • Click here for my thoughts on donating and a list of donation centers.

Can’t Part with your Things?

If all else fails, just think about all the less fortunate people in the world who would love to have even a fraction of the “stuff” we have. That should be a reality check and encourage you to purge at least SOMETHING this month!

What will you purge this month?

— I purged the carpet in our mater bedroom 🙂


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  1. Teresa Igo


    I have been injured and for two months was pretty much in a chair. I’m not back at work yet but now that I am able to get around I have been going through things here. A great thing to do with kids clothes is to give them to someone you know could use them rather than giving them to Goodwill. Just ask them to pass on what they can’t use or have them give what they can’t use to Goodwill. I have had 2 different families that have given me clothes for my daughter since she was 5 or so. I haven’t had to buy her much. So I like to pass it on.


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  3. Jill


    I started leaving a paper bag in my kitchen to place items in to give away. That way it does not add clutter in a closset and forces me to go to Goodwill and give it away as once the bag is full I can’t put anything else in it and I get tired of seeing the bag in my kitchen. I have always been a saver and it is starting to feel liberating to get rid of used things. I still have a long ways to go but with a site like yours I am on my way. Thanks, for all you do.


    Jill Reply:

    I meant get rid of things I don’t need or use anymore.


  4. Jolon @ Savvy Chic Savings


    Monthly is SO much more manageable. Less overwhelming than thinking of tackling all the trouble spots all at once!


  5. Sue


    Okay I am adding this to my things to do this year …

    Sue in NJ


  6. The Gaertegang


    I’m with you on the purging thing!! With four kids it is a needed activity, plus like you said it is freeing!! It also makes you more aware of what you bring into the house….if I really LOVE it or NEED it..or will it just take up space and I will throw it out in a month.

    Yahoo for purging the master carpet…it had to GO!