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posted by Andrea | 09/22/2010

I knew a purse organizer would be a fun giveaway…but I didn’t realize how many questions it would generate!

I’ve gotten so many emails these past few days asking for different ways to keep purses neat and organized. I swear, after hearing some of the things you ladies are carrying around in your bags, I’m about ready to call a chiropractor for you!

Anyway, with holiday shopping right around the corner (93 days until Christmas) now is a good time to get your purse in order. Here are a few ways I keep my purse organized.

1. Use little bags:

I keep toiletries, pens, and other small items in zippered bags to prevent stuff from flying all over the place. This is especially helpful for large purses and diaper bags; and it also makes it really easy to switch bags for different occasions.

2. Keep “like items” together:

I store receipts in a small envelope, coupons in an accordion folder,  gift cards in a small photo insert, and all money-related items in my wallet. This makes it really easy to find whatever I’m looking for within seconds.

3. Purge daily:

I know, maintenance is such a drag; but it’s the very best way to stay organized. Period. I’m often guilty of putting extra snacks, water bottles, flip flops, or small packages in my purse…and then forgetting about them. So I make it a habit to empty out my purse every night. I’m always surprised by how much stuff I accumulate in just one day!
These are a few of MY tips for clutter-free purses and bags. What are yours?


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  1. Reese


    Tip #1 of using little bags is brilliant. I’m always switching purses and often forget to transfer certain important items! Using little bags will more than likely solve this problem. Haha! Thanks!!!!