Simple Fall Decor

posted by Andrea | 09/24/2010

I’m a big fan of decorating with disposable items; mainly so I don’t have to store them all year round.

Since fall is my favorite season {I live in Michigan — it’s gorgeous!} it would be so easy for me to accumulate gobs of fun decor items, but I don’t. I only allow myself one (yes ONE) small tub. Honest!

If you really think about it, I should have no trouble decorating with items from nature such as fruits, gourds, dried flowers, branches, leaves, hay bales, corn stalks, etc. etc. Throw in a few candles, a wreath, and some fun throw pillows and I’m set.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite simple {and disposable} fall decor inspiration from around the blogosphere.

1. Fall Frames: Tatertots & Jello:

This fun collection was made with frames from the dollar store and a few pieces of craft paper. The best part is, you can switch out the paper and letters for each season!

2. Mantel Decor: One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest

I love all the natural elements; not to mention, the pendant flag is adorable!

3. Entry Table: Decor Chick

Again, with just a few items from nature and a bit of creativity, this entryway table is completely transformed

4. Fall Leaves: belle maison

What an easy, inexpensive, and clutter-free way to spruce up a table or other area in your home.

5. Fruit and Flowers: my house!

I bought this gorgeous antique sugar mold a month ago and simply paired it with dried hydrangea blossoms from my garden and a few green apples.

As you decorate for fall —  and for the upcoming holiday season, think about ways you can incorporate natural elements, disposable items, or even re-purpose something from another season. You’ll have much less to store and create a little more space in your cherished storage room!


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  1. Sherry


    What georgeous fall ideas! 🙂 Love fall! I’d love to incorporate some of the outdoors within my home. 🙂


  2. Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving


    Great links of ideas! I’m like you, Andrea. I like the simple decorating ideas because I actually have hope of making those work in my home!


  3. mandi@itscome2this


    I want to do better at this … and I *think* I might could even pull those off:)