Purse Organizers + Giveaway!

posted by Andrea | 10/27/2010

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Tracy — please contact me to claim your prize!

I carry a big,  slouchy bag-type purse — which is great for carrying LOTS of stuff, but it can get really disorganized if I don’t make an effort to keep it organized. Oh, and I have a few fun purse organizers that help me to keep everything in order!

I’m a big fan of ALL organizing products —  but purse organizers are some of my favorites. So I was beyond thrilled when Mimi and Charissa from Mimi’s Babies offered to give away a custom wallet and key chain to one of my readers!!

Mimi and Charissa are a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law team that creates one-of-a-kind items for women, babies, and children. I can attest to the quality {and cuteness} of their amazing handiwork, but you HAVE to see it for yourself too.

Here is one of their wallets/small purse organizer — {you could win one of these!}

This giveaway also comes with a key chain {on the left}. It’s stylish AND practical — no more lost keys!

I  use my Mimi’s Babies wallet and key chain all the time and get loads of complements where ever I go. And with Christmas right around the corner {59 days and counting!} their products would be GREAT clutter-free Christmas gifts!!

Make sure you visit their Etsy shop to see all the other adorable wallets, purser organizers {and 240 other items} they have for sale! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on their latest products and special offers.

Want to Win?

Leave a comment below listing the contents of your wallet OR the last time you “misplaced” your keys. You can recieve ONE additional entry by visiting the Mimi’s Babies Etsy shop and leaving a telling me what your favorite product is.

This contest is open until Wednesday, November 3, 2010, at 11:59pm EST.

ONE winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, November 4. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received a free wallet and key chain for review, however all opinions are my own!


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  1. Erin Wilson


    I misplaced my keys last night, or rather my toddler did. 🙂

  2. Missy


    I need this….I misplace my keys every mornig digging through my bottomless pit of a purse!!

  3. Bonnie


    The Girls Alabama Monogrammed TShirt is cute!

  4. Bonnie


    My wallet contents include my driver’s license and gift cards.

  5. Holly F.


    LOVE the hat that looks like a sock monkey. Even my big kids would fight over it!

  6. Holly F.


    The main times I lose my keys is when my husband borrows my car and doesn’t put them back! 🙂 Just found your website today and love what I see!

  7. Joanna


    The last time I lost my keys I had hidden them from my three year old son who loves to play with them… and lose them. Guess who found them? You guessed it, my three year old!

    Also, I love the girl’s monkey earflap beanie!

  8. Deborah


    A few weeks ago one of the young mothers at our church had missplaced her keys. Several couples in the church spent atleast an hour searching for them,my husband and myself included. Someone had to take them home, left their car at church, and was going the next day to the dealer to have keys made. Well I got up the next morning to get something from my purse and there were HER keys, I had picked them up thinking they were mine. To make matters worse I’m the pastors wife.

  9. nicole


    I lost my keys a couple weeks ago. I searched every where for several hours and finally found them in my purse ( I had looked in my purse about 10 times)

  10. Debbie Brennan


    my wallet -drivers license, debit card, family pictures, cash only. the last time i lost my keys i was in the grocery store. trying to manage coupons, bogo free items, grocery list and two grandchildren is beyond me. my granddaughter found the keys in the side of my puse where i keep the BRIBE SNACKS. she knew right where to go. thanks for the oppurtunity to win the adorable items. raising two grandchildren is very expensive and i rarely get to purchase anything for myself so this is a great oppurtunity fo me.

  11. Brandi


    And I love the zebra beanie!

  12. Brandi


    I keep my keys, credit cards, cash, gift cards, ID, and hand sanitizer in my wristlet!

  13. Katie Walker


    The contents of my wallet? Well, definitely no money…unfortunately. Credit cards, license, coupons, insurance cards, debit cards, check book. I wish it were more exciting.

  14. Lisa Chriscoe


    I really love the crochet funky monkey earflap beanie.

  15. Lisa Chriscoe


    The contents of my wallet includes: driver’s license, nursing license, 4 credit cards, food lion card and some coins. Would love to win!

  16. Brigid


    I lose my keys every single day…multiple times a day. On the way to finding my keys, I find coins, pacifiers (BONUS!), safety pins (OUCH!), hair bows, half-written way overdue thank you notes, etc.

    My favorite thing on the Etsy website was Custom Tractor Birthday Shirt – I need to get one for my little man’s 1st birthday.

  17. Kathryn


    I will go with the last time I misplaced my keys since that would be yesterday 🙂

  18. Kim


    I always lose my keys! This morning was the last time it happened. 🙂

  19. Heather


    favorite product….sock monkey beanie….so cute

  20. Heather


    I have pictures of my kids,license,credit cards, membership cards some change and a couple bucks

  21. Megan


    I lost my keys today!! I was looking all over for them, I figured my daughter dropped them somewhere as she loves to play with them. I finally found them… in the bottom of my purse. It’s a black hole in there. You never know what you’ll find! IF you can find it, that is. 🙂

  22. angela


    i missed placed my keys today…lol..i need this

  23. Tracey


    My three-year-old would love the Oliver Owl T-shirt from the Mimi’s Babies Etsy Shop! Too cute!

  24. Tracey


    I misplace my keys about once a week–usually I try to put them in a dish right beside the back door, but with three boys sometimes I get a little distracted! Then when we need to leave, it’s a bit of chaos until I find my keys again while I retrace my steps!

  25. Debbie


    I seem to always missplace my keys! I would just love to have something to organize me!

  26. Lyn


    My fave would be the checkbook cover, wallet key chain set. Love that it can be personalized. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. Lyn


    Great product idea – I am always having a hard time finding things in my bag, and it’s even small! Thanks for offering this. Inside my wallet are the standard cards, bills and coins and a few pics. Thankfully I have a neat wallet, in spite of my purse! 🙂

  28. angie horn


    Contents of my wallet?OK,here goes!! There is $6 in paper money, 58 cents in change, 4 bank cards, 3 credit cards, a dental insurance card, a medical insurance card, a Sam’s Club card, a Rite Aid card, photos of my nieces and my friend’s baby, 4 restaurant coupons cut from the paper, 3 discount cards for Kohl’s department store, a newspaper clipping of a book review, an appointment card for my hairdresser, an appointment card for my doctor, aaaaand, I think that’s finally it. Oh wait, there’s some lint. LOL

  29. Eryn


    I visited the site and really like the cupcake purse. My middle daughter would love it!!!

  30. Eryn


    I always loose my keys…I have just decided to put them on a hook to help the situation!

  31. trish


    Love the Little Man Single Initial Shirt, I just may have to get this for my nephew.

  32. Trish


    I always loose my keys. I seem to throw them on the counter and then I cant find them when it is time to go. They are always under a bunch of junk papers.

  33. mrs b


    I like the Custom Made Netbook Cover! Too cute!

  34. mrs b


    I am CONSTANTLY misplacing my keys, any help would be greatly appreciated!