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posted by Andrea | 10/26/2010

For those of you who don’t know me, my dream house is a big, old farmhouse just waiting for me to move in and completely renovate it from the inside out. {I know, I’m crazy!}

And even though I don’t live in my dream house just yet, I’ve been collecting ideas for years already…many, MANY years!

I’ve been searching through magazines, newspapers, books, and the internet; looking for inspirational ideas for my dream house, and when I find something I like, I rip it out, make a copy, or print it off and put it in my Ideas Book.

I actually have multiple “Ideas Books”. One is for holiday decorating, entertaining, and gift ideas; another is for gardening ideas. But this one — my favorite one — is the Ideas Book for my dream house.

My dream house Ideas Book is simply a 3-ring binder with notes, pictures, articles, and ideas I hope to incorporate into my dream house someday. I keep everything in clear plastic sleeves and organize it by rooms {kitchen, living room, bath, etc.} so all my ideas are easy to find.

I don’t necessarily want to incorporate all these ideas into my dream house…but at least I have them for reference.

For example, I LOVE this wrap around porch and these dormer windows, but I don’t like the front door or the half-round windows on the main level. I also love how the architect included 5 bedrooms into this modestly-sized home.

I simply adore these Windsor chairs, the bench, the farm table, the plentiful windows, and oh what a GORGEOUS chandelier!

Then in the summer, I’d switch things up a bit and use this metal table paired with less formal chairs.

I’m obsessed with wood floors, beams, trim, etc. so I absolutely love this rustic {yet cozy} reading nook.

And what I wouldn’t give to incorporate this 12-inch wood plank flooring somewhere in my dream house!

I also have a mild obsession with wooden furniture and chipped paint — love this coffee table!

Someday, I WILL have a bathroom like this with floor-to-ceiling bead board, rusty metal light fixtures, and a vanity made from a farm table. I actually already have the table for my “someday vanity”. It’s even painted and ready to go in my basement!

I’m not the most crafty person ever…but I think it’s because I don’t have a place to put my craft supplies. I’m pretty sure a room like this would bring out my crafty side {don’t you think}. Plus, it looks so amazing I’d figure out some way to use it!

OK, so I know all my ideas will not happen…at least not over night. However, I’ve had so much fun organizing my ideas, looking through my ideas, showing others my ideas, and thinking about what my dream house might look like some day.

My Ideas Book is a great way to keep everything in one place, easily accessible, AND since I use clear plastic sleeves, I can simply trash anything I no longer love and insert a new idea.

Do you have an Ideas Book?


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  1. Tina


    I have several of those same pages pulled for my dream house! So I am grinning big=)


    Andrea Reply:

    You must have good taste — hehe!


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  3. Binita Walia


    I found you by a google search as I have developed a web tool for creatives called wait for it… !!!

    Its wonderful to see a print version of what my application will do when I launch it next year.

    Ideas are so important to nurture, in many different ways.

    Good luck and best wishes


    Andrea Reply:

    Binita, what a wonderful idea!!

    Please make sure to contact me once your website launches. I would LOVE to promote it here on Simple Organized Living!!


    Binita Walia Reply:

    Thanks so much Andrea… if you go to and sign up for the mailing list you will automatically get an email when it launches! It would be great to have you on board.

    Its so nice to find like minds thousands of miles away!

    Best wishes,


  4. Leanne


    I’ll be featuring your Ideas Book tomorrow. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.


  5. jamie


    this is so good to plan ahead. we just moved and i didn’t start researching decor and organization until we were moved in. ack! it’s too much at once, esp with preschoolers. you are doing it right!


  6. Leanne


    Oh my gosh! I have some of these same clippings. I love the clean fresh look they represent even though my house doesn’t always look that way. I hosting We’re Organized Wednesday until Saturday and would love for you to join the party. Hope to see you there.


  7. Molly Green


    This is great! Love your style!


  8. Amber


    Not only do I have an ideas book, I have all of these ideas in it!


  9. Brenda (a farmgirl's dabbles)


    You are so ready, girl!! I work with residential architects, and this is what they love – when someone brings in a binder of things they like – it really helps them get a feel for personal tastes. You’re gonna have so much fun with this!!