Purse Organizers + Giveaway!

posted by Andrea | 10/27/2010

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Tracy — please contact me to claim your prize!

I carry a big,  slouchy bag-type purse — which is great for carrying LOTS of stuff, but it can get really disorganized if I don’t make an effort to keep it organized. Oh, and I have a few fun purse organizers that help me to keep everything in order!

I’m a big fan of ALL organizing products —  but purse organizers are some of my favorites. So I was beyond thrilled when Mimi and Charissa from Mimi’s Babies offered to give away a custom wallet and key chain to one of my readers!!

Mimi and Charissa are a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law team that creates one-of-a-kind items for women, babies, and children. I can attest to the quality {and cuteness} of their amazing handiwork, but you HAVE to see it for yourself too.

Here is one of their wallets/small purse organizer — {you could win one of these!}

This giveaway also comes with a key chain {on the left}. It’s stylish AND practical — no more lost keys!

I  use my Mimi’s Babies wallet and key chain all the time and get loads of complements where ever I go. And with Christmas right around the corner {59 days and counting!} their products would be GREAT clutter-free Christmas gifts!!

Make sure you visit their Etsy shop to see all the other adorable wallets, purser organizers {and 240 other items} they have for sale! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on their latest products and special offers.

Want to Win?

Leave a comment below listing the contents of your wallet OR the last time you “misplaced” your keys. You can recieve ONE additional entry by visiting the Mimi’s Babies Etsy shop and leaving a telling me what your favorite product is.

This contest is open until Wednesday, November 3, 2010, at 11:59pm EST.

ONE winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, November 4. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received a free wallet and key chain for review, however all opinions are my own!


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  1. Dawn


    I would LOVE this! i will not admit how often I loose my keys! 😉

  2. Erin


    Just visited the etsy site. Love it! The Little Hoot Owl Beanie caught my eye first. So cute!

  3. Erin


    I lose my keys every time I throw them in my purse. I have a hook on my refrigerator right by my back door. When I come in, I usually hang them there first thing. If I happen to use the front door though they go into my purse and I have to hunt for them the next time I need them. Not good.

  4. Jeanette


    I just visited the etsy site and I think that everything is adorable! But my favorites were the blue crochet booties! So cute!

  5. Jeanette


    My wallet is about bursting open. I have my drivers licence, 2 debit cards, library card, 1 credit card (sorry Dave Ramsey, I don’t want to give it up) several punch cards, coupons, some change and some cash. And I lose my keys daily.

  6. Amanda


    After checking out the etsy site I would have to say that my fave is the knit boys visor newsboy beanie hat! They are so stinkin’ cute. Thanks again!!

  7. Amanda


    ooohh, I love these wallets and Keyholders!!! My wallet has cash, but not alot!!, receipts, library card, discount cards, debit card, insurance cards. I think there is also a barrett or two of my daughters that keep falling out of her hair! Thanks for the oppurtunity to win one!

  8. Tracy


    I love the Black INFANT or TODDLER Crochet Beanie with Hot Pink Crochet Flower Hairclip and Pink Diamond Ribbon. My niece would look so cute in one of them!

  9. Tracy


    You’d be amazed at what I have in my wallet…if it fits, it’s in there! As far as losing my keys, I do it quite often. It seems like as my kids get more involved in activities I’m miss placing everything! I used to have a clapper to find them but it wouldn’t shut off so I stopped using it.

  10. Rose Reyes


    mimi’s babies is awesome!!! Her crocheted flower clippies are awesome but I love her little bootie Mary Janes with the crocheted flower!!’

  11. Rose Reyes


    I lose my keys at least once a week, even though I have the hooks right by the door, I never use it!

  12. Becky


    Of all the things on the site that I saw, this is the one thing I truly liked that I would like to own: http://ny-image0.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.156342456.jpg

    They definitely have some cute items there.

  13. Becky


    Contents of wallet: 1 Starbuck’s Gold Card (most important item); license, registration, proof of insurance, 8 credit cards (including HSA and 1 Visa gift card); organ donor card, library card, 9 loyalty cards, 1 dental insurance card, 1 health insurance card, AAA card, Sam’s Club and Costco cards (benefits of my company – about the only ones!), my FCC Amateur Radio License (laminated), and $16.41. I have a Walmart In Store Credit card but I don’t know if it has any money on it. I keep forgetting about it. Of course the AmEx credit card doubles as the Costco membership card, so that saves space (whew!).

  14. Jolon


    CUTE! My wallet has so much stuff in it I swear it weighs 6 lbs by itself. A smaller pouch would prevent me from carrying so much jUNK 😉

  15. shanna


    I LOVE Mimi’s shop!! I am a fan of hers on FB and I LOVE seeing the new hats and crochet flowers that she comes up with! Wish one of my kiddos would wear a hat!

  16. shanna


    Change, dollar bills, receipts, cards- what every woman carries in her wallet! Also pictures of my little sweeties <3

  17. Amanda


    I visited the site and I love the little crocheted hats! Especially the Raspberry Pink Sydney Crochet Beanie Hat…..I may have to get that one for my little girl!

  18. Amanda Jayne


    My wallet? It’s stuffed to the gills! License, debit card, medical card, insurance cards, AAA card, a couple punch cards, six gift cards, $11 cash, some receipts, checkbook, pen, immunization records for my kids, a sticker, and some deposit slips.

  19. Suzanne


    These are CUTE! Contents of my wallet? Whew…a little cash, many cards including grocery discount ones, and multiple, multiple copies of receipts until I put them where they belong.

  20. Sally


    Love her purse organizers, but the birthday shirts are precious!

  21. Sally


    I am usually good about keeping up with my keys, but a few weeks ago I couldn’t find them. Looked everywhere…….then found them in the car. Imagine that!

  22. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    And I love the crochet flower hair clip from that site – so cute!

  23. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    I misplaced my keys yesterday! Seriously, I’m always doing that. We have a hook hanging on the wall for them, but I never hang them up 🙂

  24. Valerie


    So pretty! My wallet is always full of reciepts!

  25. Linda


    Um……let’s see. The wallet. That’s a little scarey! Driver’s license, lots of credit cards, gift cards, discount cards, a little cash, a little change, a few receipts….all hanging out in different places. Keys…..I tend to keep them by my purse at all times. They are not lost often because there is a LOT of them! Love the wallets – a great gift idea.

  26. Kathy @ House of Hills


    I am forever losing the keys at the bottom of the purse. Of course it ALWAYS happens when my hands are full of all kinds of stuff and the Princess is standing next to the car not so patiently waiting for mom to get her act together.

  27. Debi


    Custom Made Netbook Cover is my favorite from the adorable Etsy shop.

  28. Debi


    My wallet – I just downsized so may purse wouldn’t be so heavy!
    family pic, driver’s license, discount cards, debit card, receipts, a little cash and {thanks to Dave Ramsey} no credit cards. 🙂

  29. Eos Mom


    Ooh, I’d love to win, thanks!

    My poor wallet is overrun–credit and loyalty cards, business cards, coupons and receipts–but I love it for its various compartments, keeps me quasi-organized.

  30. Amber Mooney


    This is so perfect! I just lost my keys tonight while trying to leave school! I go to night school in a sketchy part of town so anything that will help me find those keys faster is huge!

  31. Amanda W


    My favorite product is the Funky Monkey Crochet Earflap Beanie with Braids and Crochet Flower Hairclip. Super cute!!!

  32. Amanda W


    I lose my keys all time. They are usually just lost in the bottom corner of my purse, beneath the diapers, gum, doll shoes, kleenexes, crumbs, and overstuffed wallet!

  33. Michelle Geissler


    After visiting the etsy site, I love EVERYTHING! But I think the flowers with headbands are super adorable, and they look like they are made very well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  34. Michelle Geissler


    I swear I lose my keys every day. This key fob would be the best thing ever! Mine usually are just in the abyss that is my purse, floating around in the bottom somewhere… so I have to empty the whole thing out to find them. This system would be a great help!

  35. ElaineDavis


    My wallet: library card, health insurance cards, grocery store discount card, credit cards, drivers license, a tiny amount of loose change, a senior picture of my husband, but NO cash! Thanks for the opportunity : )

  36. Sue


    I have the usual stuff in my wallet…money, cards, license….but also receipts for things I need to return or file, membership cards to museums and zoos and also a plane ticket stub from my flight to Tahiti for our honeymoon. Kind of my good luck/good memory maker!

  37. Anne


    The last time I lost my keys was just the other day. I usually leave them by my purse but for some reason they weren’t there. Leaving the house at 7am to take the boys to school means I have to be organized the night before. I did find them eventually, but after a 5 minute search.

  38. laura meyer


    I need all the help organizing my purse that I could get! Thanks!

  39. laura meyer


    I love the oliver owl t shirt!

  40. Stephanie


    These are wonderful, I love the colors!

    I would SO LOVE these as I too like to have an organized purse and am finding it hard as I put more things in my purse (as it is the big slouchy kind) and it takes me longer to find things, then I get frustrated!!!