Really Simple Monster Cookies

posted by Andrea | 03/3/2012

I’ve already professed my love for “semi-homemade” treats, goodies, desserts and snacks; and I’ve shared many of my semi-homemade recipes here already.

Well today, I have another REALLY simple semi-homemade recipe to share… Monster Cookies!

Monster cookies are some of our all-time favorite cookies — probably because they are a conglomeration of peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, and oatmeal cookies all rolled into one super delicious cookie!

You can try my original Monster Cookie recipe if you are feeling ambitious and want to make almost 300 cookies!!! {seriously, the recipe is delicious!}

However, if you’d like to simplify things a bit and not spend all day making cookies, I have a new “recipe” for Monster Cookies that is so quick and easy… even your kids could do this!

Recipe for Really Simple Monster Cookies:

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  • 1 17.5oz. package peanut butter cookie mix
  • 1 17.5 oz. package chocolate chip oatmeal cookie mix
  • ingredients called for on the back of both packages {eggs, oil, butter, water}
  • 2 c. M&M’s
  • 2 c. chopped nuts {optional}


  • Preheat oven to 375*F.
  • Dump both dry cookie mixes into a large mixing bowl
  • Add ingredients called for on the back of BOTH packages; mix well
  • Add in 2 c. of M&M’s
  • Add in 2 c. of nuts {optional}
  • Scoop heaping spoonfuls of dough onto cookie sheets covered with parchment paper
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown
  • Let cool on cookie sheets for 3-5 minutes and then transfer cookies to wire racks to cool completely

This recipe makes about 6 dozen cookies {which is a bit more manageable than the 24 dozen my other recipe makes!} These cookies also freeze wonderfully and actually taste really good straight from the freezer! 

I used to put off making Monster Cookies because they were so much work and I never seemed to have all the ingredients in my pantry… however thanks to this super simple recipe, I’ve been making them on a monthly basis!

What is your favorite semi-homemade recipe?

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  1. Loretta Logan


    What if I only have chocolate chip cookie mix ,no peanut mix . Can I use 2 packages of the chocolate chip mix . Can I add peanut butter and how much ?


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Loretta,
    If you don’t have both mixes, I’d honestly just make them from scratch (here’s my recipe for that)

    If you only want a small batch of cookies, just make a half or quarter batch of my full recipe 🙂


  2. B


    I love to make sugar cookies (cutouts) for all occasions. I have tried so many recipes.Every time I bake using Betty Crocker Sugar cookie mix, instead of homemade, someone asks me for the recipe. I cannot wait to try these.


  3. Lisa


    What a briliant idea! I too love homemade but rarely have the time!

    My daughter is Gluten free and I am thinking I can mix some of her gluten free mixes together too!




  4. L.


    how do i follow u on blogger? I had u on my blogroll but then it disapeared. also how do i get new posts in my inbox?


    Andrea Reply:

    I just realized that Google Friend Connect was discontinued for all Wordrpess blogs on March 1 — so you can’t follow me in that way anymore… bummer! If you would like to subscribe via email, you can do that here {or by using the link at the very top right corner of my website}.


  5. Vicky


    Thanks:) I used to make Monster Cookies with my Grandma when I was a kid, but I couldn’t remember what was in them. Too bad no one makes a Nutella Cookie Mix. That would be AWESOME!


  6. Vicky


    I would LOVE to make these, but my son is allergic to peanuts. Is there a substitute for the peanut butter cookie mix?


    Andrea Reply:

    Well, you can use any cookie mixes you want, but “Monster Cookies” are a mix of peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, M&Ms and nuts. So while I’m sure any type of cookies you make will be delicious — they won’t be “Monster Cookies”

    I’d try mixing chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough with double chocolate chunk — yum!


  7. Ann


    I think I’m glad that I am making an effort to purchase fewer pre-packaged items because otherwise I might be tempted to make these and that would not be good for my waistline! They look so yummy! (However, I am going to stick to my guns and stay away from prepackaged cookie mixes. Now if I can just use up the brownie and cake mixes I already have on hand then I can do away with mixes all together!)
    Actually, You could likely cut your original monster cookie recipe into quarters to achieve the same result. The mixes you buy are just flour, sugar, soda, salt and you can make your own for less money. (Unless, of course, you have some magic way of getting these mixes free as well. I don’t quite understand how you do that! Such talent!)