Spring Break: Our Day of Fun!

posted by Andrea | 04/4/2012

Tuesday was another busy day — but it was busy with lots of fun activities. Believe it or not, I didn’t even make a to-do list… which might be a first!

Dave went to school to get a bunch of work done in the morning. I stayed home with Nora and we lounged around most of the morning.

Nora watched Baby Einstein while I caught up on some very important reading 🙂

The only truly “productive” thing I did all day was sweep our wood floors… and look what I found “hiding” under our bed!

I don’t know about you, but we don’t keep ANYTHING under our bed, so I was pretty amazed to find so much dust. And just think, if we had carpet, that dust would be nearly impossible to suck up without moving the bed.

After lunch, Nora and I met Dave at “Chainsaws Plus,” a local tractor supply store. We looked at lots of lawn tractors and will hopefully purchase one of these by the end of the week!

We sold our tractor earlier this year since we opted to splurge on plow service {and plan to continue paying for plow service in the future}. However, with all the abnormally warm weather we’ve had lately, our grass was getting REALLY long.

Thankfully, we have a friend who owns Ecoscape Landscape Management and he bailed us out by cutting our lawn before we had the time to buy a new tractor.

Doesn’t a professionally cut lawn look fantastic! 

After our fun outing to the tractor store, we tok Nora to visit some of my friends at a company I’ve worked for since college. All the excitement must have worn her right out as she fell asleep before we could even get her buckled in.

Then we stopped by Dave’s parents house because his sister and nephew were visiting for the afternoon. Nora enjoyed playing “cars” with her only cousin.


She was all smiles for Grandma and Grandpa.


Grandma and Grandpa offered to babysit for a couple hours so Dave and I headed to Carrabba’s for an early dinner {with coupons AND a gift card I received from a friendly blog reader!}

It’s crazy how much more of a treat it is to go out to eat now that we are “tied down” with a baby. Not only did I get another night off from cooking, I got to eat with both hands, I didn’t have to multi-task to keep Nora happy, and I didn’t have to clean up.

Glorious… and seriously delicious! 

Unfortunately, when we arrived home, we were welcomed by an overflowing dishwasher… that leaked all the way through the floor and into the basement.

So we FINALLY got our refrigerator situation fixed on Saturday, and now have another appliance malfunction on Tuesday.

Did I mention we’re planning to renovate our kitchen this summer 🙂

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up!


While Dave was busy cleaning up our dishwasher mess {sill not sure what’s broken or what is causing all those suds} I got Nora ready for bed… and did a mini photo session in her super cute bath robe!

Yeah, I know — it’s getting a little too small, but I’m still in denial 🙂

So besides our super annoying dishwasher malfunction, our day of fun was… FUN!

And besides sweeping our wood floors, I did absolutely NOTHING productive today… I think I’m OK with that!


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  1. Donna


    Such a fun post to read except the dw part. I had to laugh out loud at Nora in the bath robe that went barely past her waist. Such a cute picture! I loved your yard pic after mowing. Looks super. I love wide front porches and porch swings. I haven’t followed your blog long so don’t know for sure if you have a porch swing or not but I sure would with that lovely porch. Enjoy your spring break! My son is a teacher and sure loved his spring break last week.


    Andrea Reply:

    yes donna, we have a porch swing, but it’s actually on our back porch. We’re planning to get several rocking chairs for the front porch… but we’ll see!


  2. Heart and Haven


    Sounds like a FABULOUS day! (Well, except for the dw part…I hope the water didn’t damage anything to the floor or basement.)

    And I love the fact that you didn’t even have a “to-do” list! And just enjoyed a nice day with friends and family. It’s good to have a healthy balance in your life. I love having days when nothing is on the agenda but just “enjoying the day” 🙂


  3. Mara @ Super Savings


    I was going to say the same thing Pamela did – you were definitely productive, just in a different way! Time with Nora and family, reading, taking care of the lawn (in a roundabout way), date night with the hubzy…..sounds like a perfectly productive day to me. =) (Sorry about your DW troubles though – hope you get that figured out quickly!)

    ~ Mara


  4. Pamela


    Oh, but you WERE productive! Investing time and energy into relationships (Nora in the a.m., in-laws in the afternoon, Dave at dinner, etc…) IS productive. What you really mean is that you didn’t do any housework! 🙂 I’m mostly reminding myself of this fact. (We are so much alike it’s scary!)

    I’m enjoying your Spring Break posts!


  5. Ali


    What a way to end such a good day! My parents dishwasher overflowed like that once and it turned out to be because my cousin (I swear it wasn’t me!) put dish soap in instead of dishwasher detergent.


  6. Jennifer


    Agree…looks like dish soap. One of my roommates in college did that and it was literally a 6 foot wide puddle. Anyways I’m loving your series this week!!! So fun to see you enjoying spring break. Hope the last part of your week is good.


  7. Firesparx


    Your dishwasher looks like it had sink dish soap in it instead of dishwasher detergent! Here’s hoping that is the case so that you won’t need to repair the dishwasher or get a new one.


  8. Mary


    Its refreshing to see what people do during spring breaks. I have a lot of friends that are teachers (or wifeys) and Im so jealous!

    One thing my mother always said when I was growing up, was never to leave the house with an appliance running. I rarely do..but now I especially dont. We ran the washing machine and the pipe burst off and it leaked thru the ceiling (Its on the second floor). We also had a toilet pipe burst and overflow our again…upstairs… bath. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. lol So now, I really really dont leave with appliances on. Or I make sure the toilet flushes and finishes its grumbling before walking away.

    Have fun on the rest of your week off!

    XOXO from CA =)


  9. Tammy Skipper (@Tammy_Skipper)


    I’ve always heard you shouldn’t leave appliances running when you’re gone (that use water) but I rarely heed that advice. Last week, friends of ours had a washing machine explode, literally! Parts of it flung off as it was spinning and tore up the ceiling, walls, floors plus water went everywhere. Between their story and yours, I might have to start running machines only when we’re home 😉 At least the rest of your day was relaxing and Dave cleaned up!


    Mara @ Super Savings Reply:

    Oh my goodness Tammy! If appliances are going to be exploding, maybe I WILL run them when I’m away from home! 😉 Glad everyone’s ok!

    ~ Mara


  10. Roberta


    Sounds like you are having a wonderful break, except for the dishwasher. I try not to leave the house with appliances like that running, or the washer/dryer. Never know when something is going to need our attention, as much as we would like to think they won’t. Sorry for the mess, hopefully not too bad. And yes, I think the robe is about ready for the ‘donation’ box! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week. Nora sure is a cutie pie!


  11. ShannonP


    I am totally loving your Spring Break series this week! I love getting a peak into your “regular ole life.”

    So sorry about the dishwasher and floors!

    That last picture of Nora in the too short bath robe had me literally laughing out loud. Too cute!