They’re Back – Crazy Busy Spring Weekends

posted by Andrea | 05/7/2011
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They’ve started for us…have they started for you? Are your weekends turning into crazy busy carpooling sessions from one sporting event to another, and then on to graduation open houses, wedding showers, baby showers, school plays, community functions, etc. etc. etc. etc.???

From now until the end of June, all our weekends will be FILLED with multiple high school open houses {Dave is a high school teacher}, all kinds of sporting events, prom, graduation, Mother’s Day / Father’s Day parties, wedding showers, baby showers, church functions, a handful of weddings, end of the year parties, oh and yard work — lots of yard work! And while these are all fun things to participate in, they can start to wear me out… especially since I still have to do all my “normal” day-to-day tasks, continue working on all our various house projects, and now I have to buy gifts, sign cards, and make food for all these additional parties. Whew, {insert deep breath here}! Do you feel the same way? If so, here are a few things we’re doing to save time and make this busy season just a little more manageable.

1. We’re relying on our freezer.

I’ve been pulling LOTS of meals, baked goods, and snacks from our freezer for all the nights when I don’t have the time or energy to cook.

2. We’re eating out more.

Yes, I know — we almost NEVER go out to eat, but we have a bunch of gift cards that have been piling up and it’s about time we start using them up!

3. I’ve been planning a week ahead.

I have started looking at our calendar on Monday to see everything we have going on for that weekend {5 days away}. I make sure I have all the gifts and cards I need, and I check to see what food I have to make. That way, I can add anything I need to my grocery list and I won’t have to go back to the store multiple times.

4. I stocked up on blank cards.

I enjoy writing and making my own cards…and with the huge variety of events we have coming up, blank cards seemed like the perfect idea. I found really nice, thick, square cards and matching envelops and have had fun making my own cards for each event. Not only has this saved me a bunch of time, it also saved a bunch of money since I found a 20 pack of cards for only $4.99!

5. I’ve let my house go… kind of!

Everything has been so dusty and dirty around our house these last few weeks {the drywall is being installed} so there’s really no point in cleaning anyway — at least that’s what I’m telling myself! Of course, I keep the kitchen and our bedroom clean, but other than that, I’ve been pretty relaxed about our cleaning routine…or lack there of!   One wonderful thing about Spring, however, is all the pretty flowers. And right now I get to look at this gorgeous flowering tree right outside our dinning room window! Does anyone know what type of tree it is?

While we might drive through a few extra fast food restaurants and sleep a few less hours, we will most definitely try to enjoy all the fun activities coming up over the next few weekends. Then, when July rolls around, we’ll sit back to relaxing a bit more!

Happy Spring!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Lindy


    Love your website! I have never left a comment before but would like to ask you to share some of your cards you have made and also do you have any inexpensive graduation gift ideas to share?


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Lindy,
    I’m honestly not that creative so my cards are nothing special, but I’ll try to get a little more crafty and take a few pictures!

    Also, I’m somewhat at a loss for inexpensive graduation gifts too. Since my husband is a teacher, we’re generally not expected to get gifts for ALL his many high school students. One thing we have done in the past is simply give a 2-litter of Mt.Dew with a “congratulations” tag that says “exam study fuel” on the back of the tag. Most high schoolers love Mt. Dew…and that’s about as cheap as we can get!


  2. Hether


    It looks like a weeping snow fountain cherry. We have one too. They are beautiful! They just dont last too long though.


    Andrea Reply:

    Our blooms are already gone 🙁
    Oh well, it was beautiful for over a week and now the leaves still look nice!


  3. Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving


    Again, how interesting that our lives are so similar! Last weekend, my husband and I attended 9 confirmation parties of his students in a span of 5 hours. And wouldn’t you know, I decided to paint a spare bedroom this weekend? The rest of my house is not as neat as normal but I know that summer is around the corner and busy spring weekends are just what they are. Good luck to you with yours, Andrea! 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, sounds like you guys are pretty busy too! And so brave of you to tackle painting project in the middle of it all!
    I can’t wait for summer when we’ll have a little more time to “tie up all our loose ends”!!


  4. jane


    I was gonna say a weeping snow fountain cherry.


    Richelle VanderWal Reply:

    I was going to say weeping cherry as well.