posted by Andrea | 07/13/2015

Today officially marks 10 days PAST my due date 🙂

41.5 weeks!

You would think that based on my go-go-go, non-patient personality, I would be going crazy right now. However, I’m honestly doing really well.

Of course, I’m anxious and excited to meet my little guy, but I also realize he can’t stay in there forever… and I know from experience that babies are a lot easier when they  are inside, so I’m just trying to enjoy these extra days of “calm”.

If nothing else, these extra days have given me plenty of time to finish up a bunch of projects… and finally get my hospital bag packed!

I’m fortunate to have relatively easy pregnancies, so aside from some back pain and my broken toe, I’m feeling great too.

I’ve been doing yard work, keeping up with housework, filling my freezer, and even tackling a couple smaller house projects — all while taking plenty of time to rest, relax, and put my foot up.

In fact, I’ve made time to read a couple books, watch a couple movies on Netflix, and even take a few afternoon catnaps while Simon is napping and Dave is hanging out with Nora.

It has been FABULOUS!

However, I realize many of you are getting antsy!

If I had to estimate, I’d say I’ve been getting anywhere from 30-40 emails, facebook messages, comments, etc. every single day for the past 2 weeks asking if the baby is here, if they might have missed the announcement, if I’m STILL pregnant, if everything is OK, if I’m going to be induced, saying that you’re praying for our family, sending well-wishes our way, etc. etc. etc.

I’m flattered and SO appreciative (and I read and respond to all of them).

However, since the baby still isn’t here and the emails, well wishes, and questions are filling up my inbox, I figured it might be time to write up a blog post to answer a few of the more common questions 🙂

So here you go…

Yes, I’m STILL pregnant… you didn’t miss anything yet.

Yes, I will most definitely let you know when the baby is born — probably within 24 hours of the birth. I promise!

Yes, everything is fine! My latest non-stress test had fabulous results. The baby is doing extremely well with a strong heartbeat, fluid levels are excellent, my blood pressure is fabulous, my weight and other measurements are great, etc. etc. The doctors told me they are not concerned about anything.

Yes, my doctors are willing to schedule an induction for me IF I want it. But at this point, I don’t want to be induced unless the doctors feel it is medically necessary for my health or the health of the baby. Of course I’m excited to meet my baby and ready to not be so huge, but I had a really great labor and delivery with my other 2 kids, and I feel like I’d prefer to go into labor on my own rather than being forced into it.

For me, the hardest part right now is knowing that every day the baby stays inside is one more day Dave won’t be around after he’s back in school.

I was hoping to have as many weeks home with him as possible — and I kind of feel like we’ve just “wasted” the last 2 weeks and our baby could be 2 weeks older when Dave goes back to school.

However, I know these weeks haven’t been wasted in any way. Dave and I have REALLY enjoyed the extra down time we’ve had as we both know it will probably be many months before we have this type of freedom again.

Nora and Simon are both sleeping fairly well at night, which means Dave and I have 2-3 hours of “grownup time” every single night to hang out, catch up on life, eat ice-cream sundaes, watch our nerdy America documentary on Netflix, and putz around on various tiny projects on our list.

It’s been great to have such a relaxed schedule, and is probably just what we both needed after working our butts off from mid April – late June trying to frantically finish all our to-dos before the baby’s arrival.

Now, we’re just waiting…

And I don’t think anyone is more excited than Nora 🙂

41.5 weeks

Thanks SO much for your thoughts, prayers, well-wishes, words of encouragement, etc. etc. I really do appreciate them and have enjoyed reading through all my emails and comments the last few days.

I’m positive this baby will make his arrival sooner or later… but let’s just hope for “sooner”!

Who knows, he could still make his appearance later today!

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  1. Sarah


    Andrea, do you have a list of the basics for you and baby that you typically take in your hospital bag? It can be hard to know what may be needed and I appreciate your minimalistic packing approach. Thank you!


    Andrea Reply:

    Hey Sarah — I was actually JUST thinking about this today (not sure why!)

    Anyway, I take VERY FEW things to the hospital because my hospital provides almost everything I truly need. I basically just bring a sleeper to bring the baby home in, a couple nursing tanks / shirts for me, an outfit for me to wear home, a few basic toiletries, my computer, and phone charger.

    My hospital has diapers, wipes, pads, mesh underwear (sounds crazy but it’s glorious), a robe for me, onesies and sleepsacks for the baby, soap, shampoo, any food and beverages I want, all my medicine, etc. So I honestly don’t need much besides my phone, toothbrush, mascara, and a going home outfit 🙂

    If this is your first baby, or if you are using a new hospital, you might want to take a tour and figure out everything they offer.


  2. Teresa


    Whew…….your words about waiting until the baby wants to come on his own and keeping it inside and not being induced sound exactly like my daughter! She felt the same way . I’m hoping by now that you’re holding your new precious baby and enjoying life as a Mommy of three. Best wishes for a safe and uneventful delivery!


  3. Renee T


    Glad to hear you’re doing well! I had my second baby at 42 weeks and felt like everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting 🙂 I don’t have a blog so I would post funny FB updates daily to satisfy the curious crowds ’til baby came 😀 Honestly, I enjoyed those two “extra” weeks like you are. It’s refreshing to see someone not freaking out and willing to wait as long and mama and baby are well.


  4. JJ




  5. Emily


    Best wishes on a safe and quick delivery! You look fantastic!!


  6. Lora


    Over the weekend, Joel very excitedly was like, “HEY!! Didn’t the Dekkers have their baby?!?” Assuming that you had and that I had just forgotten to pass along the info 🙂 Haha! “No no, she’s still very much pregnant!” Everyone is excited for the baby D #3 announcement! Lots of love!


  7. Dawn


    Okay, so hopefully since I am a 48 year old mom myself, you will take this as a compliment and not patronizing in ANY way.


    (I went 14 days over with my first, so I know that feeling!! )

    Seriously though, just wanted to say that you look fabulous!!!


  8. JoDi


    LOL Isn’t that always the way? The one you plan for a certain time “decides” to be late!

    I hope he comes soon, and I’m glad your doctors aren’t talking about inducing yet. Some doctors jump on that a little quick.

    It’s good to hear you’ve enjoyed the down time, but I understand being anxious to have him get here too. Wishing you an easy delivery!


  9. Tracey


    Andrea, you are looking extra-radiant and full of joy. So glad you’re able to relax a bit before baby, even while continuing to get things done. It’s such a special time, and I am so happy for all of you as you await the newest baby boy Dekker!


  10. Kristi


    Prayers for a safe and easy delivery for you and baby and for an easy finish to your summer once you have him in your arms!!!


  11. Gayle


    Well i am hoping for today. July 13 is a GREAT day for a birthday. I should know….it’s mine 🙂 Good luck. Praying that your labor and delivery go smoothly. Praying that your transition to a family of 5 is just as smooth. Enjoy your time with your family while they are so young. Today as i turn 42 i realize just how thankful I am to have my eldest come home to celebrate with me. It is hard to think when i celebrate my 44th in just two years we will be moving into empty nest time. I wish you as much happiness raising your children as I have experienced raising mine.


  12. Ashley


    I’m reading Raising the Spirited Child right now too! Great book. I found myself weeping through the whole first chapter! I’m pretty positive she wrote that book about my kid!


  13. Nadia


    Glad you are enjoying some down time while you can! My husband is also a teacher, so I can relate to the blessing of having those extra hands around in the summer with little ones (especially with one on the way)!

    And by the way, I have a very spirited child myself (ahem)…and have been rereading the book you have posted in the photo above (Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka). It’s been useful to me, and I’m trying to get my husband to read it, as well. There is a companion workbook; I usually just check items out from the library, but I think I’m going to break down and buy this one!

    Here’s hoping for a smooth delivery for you and a relatively easy adjustment for other kiddos. 🙂 Love your blog; I’ve been reading for a few years now! I really appreciate your down to earth, honest, “everything in moderation” approach to life.


  14. Deni


    It’s great that you are accepting the “past due date” so well, Andrea!!! You look great and you are definitely making good use of the extra time. Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby and Mama 🙂


  15. Emily


    Happy to hear you are doing well! You look great for being 10 days overdue!! Yay, for enjoying these last few days as a family of four. You are in my prayers. Can’t wait to celebrate baby’s arrival! 🙂


  16. Jane


    Best wishes to you! Each of my kids came a bit later than the due date. My fourth was two weeks late and the docs would not let me go past that. I did not want to be induced because it was everything I feared….up at the crack of dawn, strapped to a bed, watching a clock, etc… I was getting frustrated after 7 or 8 hours so the dr. asked if I wanted an epidural. I never had one but decided to go for it. He gave it to me, cranked the pitocin and 30 minutes later my son was born! (You know us moms have to share all these birth stories/details…)


  17. Erin


    It is refreshing to hear that there are other people out there who don’t need to schedule a induction because they are ‘late’. And you are looking wonderful! Can’t wait to hear news and baby’s name!


  18. Rebecca@TheFamilyFinder.Net


    Babies can really throw the “planner” in all of us for a loop! Glad to hear everything is going well. I love watching your family grow!


  19. Jennifer


    Prayers for a quick and safe delivery… And healthy baby!!!! 🙂


  20. JoAnn C.


    Thank you so much for the update. Many thoughts and prayers are still sent your way.