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posted by Andrea | 10/8/2013

BANDI Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congrats to Lauren (lauren_rider@…) and Linda (bierce349@…)

When it comes to my every-day life, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for products that not only help me to simplify and organize my busy life… but also are really easy to use.

Nothing bugs me more than a product that claims to help me simplify, but takes a full afternoon (and a Google or YouTube search) to figure out how to actually use it. I have so many examples of these types of products… seriously!!

So when Bev and Beth — the founders of BANDIwear – contacted me, I knew immediately that I would have no trouble promoting their new business and amazingly simple (yet super useful) products.


What is BANDI?

BANDI is a brand of super functional pocketed belts that hold all of your basic essentials so you can be on-the-go without lugging a heavy purse around.

It’s one of the most simplified products I’ve come across in a long time — so simple, Nora immediately knew what it was and what to do with it.


The BANDI belts have two larger pockets that fit almost any smart phone, cash, ID’s, credit cards, tissues, and even a point and shoot camera. Then there’s a smaller pocket to the side for keys, lip gloss, gum, ear buds, baby pacifier, etc.

So like I said, the most basic essentials.

And if you’re like me, you frequently wear clothing without pockets (a.k.a. yoga pants every day) so this belt is actually perfect for playing outside with the kids, going for a walk, doing yard work, or even just wearing around the house so I don’t have to constantly look for my phone when I hear it ringing.

Yes, it fits even though I’m growing, and it’s almost invisible when my shirt hangs down over it.

Bandii Belt

Here are just a FEW of the many many BANDI color and fabric options you can choose from for your belt.

color choices

Of course you know me — I opted for the very neutral Mini Check in Black and Grey :)

mini check black:grey

Isn’t it cool!

I’ve been using my BANDI daily and am loving it!

I wore it on the airplane and to the Evernote conference I went to 2 weeks ago — and seriously, it was SO handy. I could keep my ID, boarding pass, cell phone, lip gloss, and gum handy while everything else could stay zipped up in my carry-on bag.

So many people asked me about my belt — and I hope some of them went back and made a purchase (especially if they were frequent travelers).

wearing my BANDI

If you ask me, I’d say the uses for the BANDI belt are practically endless — and I honestly feel like this product could help almost anyone to simplify and organize.

Because of that, I’m SOOOOO excited to share this new product with you (and offer a couple of giveaways!)


The Giveaway:

Today, 2 lucky readers will win a BANDI beltWinner can choose their choice of fabric.

Also, all readers will get FREE SHIPPING on orders placed from now through 10/16/13. Simply use the code: FREESHIPAD at checkout!

How to Enter:

{required} Leave a comment on this post. Why would you love a BANDI belt

If you are reading this in your email or feed reader, please visit the actual blog post to enter. Email entries, Facebook comments, and Twitter messages will NOT be counted.


(2) BANDI belts as described above.

This giveaway ends at 10:00 pm on Friday, 10/11/2013 and is open to US residents, 18 years or older. I will use And the Winner Is to select the winning comments at random. Winners will be notified by email and noted at the top of this post. Winners must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize or I will choose a new winner. Please see my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you have. Good luck!

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  1. Angela E


    I have 6 kids and I frequently sweet my purse down and forget it somewhere…besides, with a big purse, all if the kids ask me to hold their things…with a Bandi, I could honestly say I have no room to carry their stuff!

  2. Beth


    Mom of 3 boys, youngest is 3 mo so less stuff carried more simply sound great to me!

  3. Emily Fleming


    I would LOVE one! It seems like it would be a great thing for a runner to have!! And a busy mom on the go!! Yes please!

  4. Katie


    Great for keeping hands free while taking care of the kiddos!

  5. Jenny


    I am a mother of 1 year old twin boys who keep me busy and on the run. Carrying a purse isn’t an option so I either have a bulky, unattractive back pack or have my pockets stuffed with everything. Neither option works well or does anything for my fashion sense but the bandi would be great! This would make me one happy momma!

  6. Meg


    I would love to win a Bandi! First, because they are adorable and secondly because I am starting an exercise program to lose 25 lbs and having a Bandi to wear on my walks would really make life easier! Thank you :)

  7. Corinne


    I am so intrigued with the thought that I could carry what I need and still keep my hands free and my purse at home. Without a fanny pack. :) I have 3 little ones so this way to simplify sounds like it would help! Thank you!

  8. Deanna


    It would be perfect for quick trips to the store or a walk when I’m not bringing a diaper bag or purse.

  9. J.C.


    I’m a mom of 3 (as of yesterday!), So I need all the help I can get keeping track of the little things before they disappear!

  10. Micheline Hendricks


    I would love a Bandi belt, especially with all the craft fairs coming up this fall. It would be so nice to not take a big purse along with me.

  11. Danah


    Nice idea, why I should get one, because its simple, easy and useful way to keep my things organized, am the kind of person who forgot the house keys hanging in the door, forgot the iPhone on a restaurant table and my glasses in a fridge in the grocery store (don’t ask how it happened I really can’t remember) don’t forget I have 2 kids :)