Do You Have Silent Time?

posted by Andrea | 05/1/2012

I love quiet. I always have.

Maybe it’s my opportunity to clear the clutter from my busy brain… but I feel like I need at least a small chunk of silence every single day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I never listen to the radio when I’m driving. I only listen to CD’s around Christmas time, I don’t even have one song on my computer, and I don’t own any type of MP3 player.

I keep my phone on vibrate, I rarely watch TV, I enjoy doing most activities in silence, and before Nora was born, I could sit in my home office ALL day long and never tire of the quiet.

I really like peace and quiet! (and in case you’re wondering — Dave is the exact opposite!)

After Nora was born, my quiet life was immediately inundated with crying, screaming, musical toys, children’s songs, Baby Einstein DVD’s, Nora’s “chatter”, etc. etc.

My silent time was gone.

But then I started walking. 

I’ve always enjoyed a nice walk, being outside, getting a bit of fresh air, and relishing in the peace and quiet.

However now I love walking because it’s one of the only ways I can get Nora to sleep!

I first discovered this “revelation” when Nora was just a couple weeks old. Even though it was the middle of December, the weather wasn’t too bad, so I bundled her up and we went for a walk. Within minutes, she was sleeping.


Praise the Lord! 

I finally had a few moments to myself, to clear my brain, to zone out and think about nothing, or everything, or ANYTHING I wanted to without a fussing baby, TV, or music cluttering up my brain.

I remember when we got home from our first walk — I felt like a completely different person. Ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Of course, she woke up the minute we got inside, but still — I had “my silent time”. 

My afternoon walks used to be something I did just because I could. Now I walk out of sheer desperation for those few moments of silence each day (yes, rainy days are bad for us!)

SIDE NOTE: As I type this post, I’m currently in our heated outbuilding (with absolutely no noise) while I’m paying a babysitter to watch Nora in the house.

THAT’S how much I need/crave silent time (because you all know how frugal I am!)

I hope that I’ll be able to reclaim a bit of my silent time as she gets older and starts to nap better — but by then we might have another baby, maybe a dog, and lots more noise!

I guess I’ll be walking for the next several years! 

Do you need silence? If so, how do you find it?

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  1. sn


    I, too, like silence.

    I have a sensory disorder and asperer’s (high-functioning mild form of autism, super super sensitive to noises, tastes, etc.).


  2. TK


    More quiet time as she gets older??? Ha! Good luck with that! (Said in a laughing, smiling, twinkling eyed way, not meanly) My little one just turned 3 and from the moment she discovered words, I don’t think I’ve had a single moment’s silence other than when she’s asleep…she used to just babble and mimic sounds she heard (did a great creaky door impression!) now she constantly sings, comments on everything she sees, makes comparisons, rhymes any word she thinks of , makes her guys and cars and dolls talk to each other (one even “hung up” on her the other day and she was yelling at it) and generally keeps a running dialog every waking moment. I try not to get too fed up with the millionth “what’s that” or “why” in the car, because I know when she’s a teenager I’ll wish I could get her to talk to me ;)


  3. Tash


    Silence is golden, and elusive.

    I have four children – 6yo, 4yo and 2yo twins. The only silence i ever get now is when they are all asleep.
    Driving is tricky…usually the 4 and 6yo are discussing significant matters in the rear row ( yesterday it was a disagreement about exactly what God wears in heaven), in the middle row one 2yo shouts out every time a bus or truck drives near us (often-we live in a busy city) and the other twin sings constantly!
    I wear those big yellow industrial ear protectors when i drive, just so i can concentrate :)
    When i had o children, i never really appreciated the lack of noise.


    mis Reply:

    I’ll have to try the headphones..seriously!

    Anther idea you might think about is installing those Limo windows that separate the back and front


  4. Meaghean


    I find myself way too often getting out of the bed at four in the morning to have my quiet time and bible study before I have to get the kids up and ready for daycare… I have two, two years and six months. Never a dull moment!


  5. Andrea


    I just ran across your blog and I LOVE it!! We both have a lot in common..must be the name ;) I definitely crave my quiet time too! I have a 2 year old daughter..and her nap time is how I keep my sanity. And I don’t like the radio or tv on either! I could sit in a quiet house all day! I’m glad I’m not the only one :)


    Andrea Reply:

    ah yes… I’ve forgotten what a truely quite home “sounds” like! and my middle name is actually “lynn” too :)


  6. mis


    They only get louder and more unorganized as they get older but if you make things easy for them to do themselves (no nitpicking sorting system) it helps reduce a lot of stress and fights and aggravation (and nOISE !) later on.

    The out room sounds like a great idea

    Once she’s preschool age she could always go there for a bit.
    if you need more than a reasonable amount of time seriously look into stress management therapy as life is noisy


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