Homemade Shower Cleaner

posted by Andrea | 02/1/2012

A few weeks ago, I shared how I keep our showers clean in about 10 minutes a month. I mentioned that although I try to use mostly homemade cleaners in and around our house, I still hadn’t found a great homemade cleaner for the shower.

Well, after that, I got a bunch of emails with different “recipes” for homemade shower cleaner; and although I was skeptical, I decided to try a few of them out.

Anyway, after experimenting these past 2 weeks (yes, our shower is now extremely clean) I’ve picked my favorite… and it’s REALLY simple!! 

Recipe for Homemade Shower Cleaner

Thanks to Anna for sending me this “recipe”!

Step #1: Pour 1-2 c. of white vinegar into a plastic spray bottle

Step #2: Heat it up in the microwave until very warm. {you do NOT need to reheat it every time you want to clean your showers}

Step #3: Pour 1 T. of Dawn dish soap into the spray bottle.

Step #4: Put the top of the spray bottle on and gently shake until they are combined.

That’s it!!

Just 2 simple ingredients and about 5 minutes of your time and you have a very inexpensive, homemade shower cleaner that works wonders on soap scum and smells great too!

NOTE: This cleaner is also great for removing greasy buildup in the kitchen!

Do you have any other great homemade cleaning recipes?

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  1. Denise


    I have tried this twice now, and it does not work for me.


    lisa Reply:

    i use a different recipe: one cup of vinegar and one cup of Dawn and it works much better. Try it!


  2. Dora


    I’ll try, thanks for sharing with us!


  3. Pete


    What is a T? A teaspoon?

    What is a C? A cup?



    Andrea Reply:

    in general:
    T. = Tablespoon
    t. = teaspoon
    c. = cup


  4. Sue


    I use vinegar and water 1/1 with a squirt of Dawn and 1 tsp of dishwasher rinse agent. I don’t heat the vinegar, and the rinse agent makes the rinse water just sheet off the surface. For maintenance it works great.


  5. Susie


    Andrea, did you have any trouble with the spray bottle clogging?


    Andrea Reply:

    Hey Susie — no I’ve personally never had trouble with it clogging — I’m wondering if you could run some hot tap water through the sprayer to “clean it out”? Sorry, not sure on that one!


  6. Cesar


    Does it have to be dawn soap


    Elisabeth Reply:

    Nope. I used Seventh Generation free ‘n clear, (’cause i have sensitive skin and don’t really like fragrance) and it worked fine.


  7. Sherri


    What is the point of heating the vinegar?


    Andrea Reply:

    to help it better dissolve the soap


    kg Reply:

    Does it have to be Dawn?


  8. Jaimie


    My sister made a cleaner off of facebook that was similar to this but she said it also had lemon juice. Now we can’t find the recipe anywhere cab you help?
    This stuff was the best ever. I sprayed it in the shower & it looked like I had scrubbed it all day. All I did was rinse it after it sat only long enough for me to do my make-up.


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Jaimie,
    Sorry, but I honestly don’t know of any recipes with lemon in them. Did you try Pinterest? That would be my first suggestion!! Hope you find it again :)


  9. Janet


    It looks like you have a ceramic tile shower, is the acid in the vinegar safe for ceramic?


  10. Rachael


    Brilliant! Works a treat!!


  11. Debbie


    We have fiberglass shower and wondering if this is safe for that. Also, in regards to heating the vinegar would it be better to heat it in a microwavable cup and then pour it in the spray bottle? I didn’t think spray bottles are microwave safe. How strong is the smell of the vinegar after spraying it all over the shower? That’s the only thing I wouldn’t like about this even if it does clean and safe for fiberglass. Vinegar smell just belongs in the kitchen for me. I wish it could smell like rubbing alcohol instead.