I’m Closing Down My Blog… for 2 Weeks!

posted by Andrea | 07/17/2012

That’s right, I’m taking 2 full weeks off from blogging to enjoy the simplicity of summer… and the fact that Dave will only be home all day for a few more weeks.

Doesn’t it always seem like summer goes WAY too fast? 

It does!

I won’t be posting guest blogs, reposting old content, or documenting our daily life like I did over our spring break “staycation”. There will be no giveaways or special promotions. The blog will simply sit for two weeks without updates.

Yes, I’ll probably lose a few readers and a bit of revenue, but I’m OK with that. The purpose of my blog is to help others to simplify and get more organized… so I assume I can take a bit of time to do the same :)

I’m tired.

Really, really tired.

After 8 months caring for a fussy baby who never sleeps, managing our home, and working more than full time… I just need a break.

My hope is to get some much needed rest, cross a few things off my list, have a little fun, and come back with new energy and lots of new ideas to share here on Simple Organized Living.

I will still be active over on the facebook page, so head over there if you want to stay in the loop…. otherwise I’ll see you back here in August! 

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  1. Debra


    You want lose me. I am happy for you to take a break and to take care of yourself.


  2. kalynbrooke


    Good for you! I think bloggers certainly need and deserve breaks. Otherwise we can’t keep churning out awesome content for our readers. Rest up!


  3. Erika @Musings From a Stay At Home Mom


    Good for you! I think it’s awesome that you are taking a break. It takes guts to do that and you will be better off and come back refreshed. Enjoy it and see you soon!


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