Kitchen Clutter & Empty Cabinets

posted by Andrea | 10/19/2010
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I had so much fun clearing out my food storage container clutter!

I started with this cluttered mess…

and ended with this!

It’s still not perfect, but all the containers have lids, there are no more gross stains, and I have room for my new Stack Mates!

But I didn’t stop there!

I literally went through every drawer and cabinet in my kitchen and took out anything we haven’t used recently or don’t need… I was ruthless! {In case you can’t tell, this is my 6.5 foot kitchen table completely covered with stuff to donate!}

What a great feeling!

The best part about my decluttering session is the extra space I have in my kitchen. I now have three totally empty cabinets and a clutter-free pantry!

Don’t feel like you have to organize your entire kitchen in one day {this is just the method that works best for me} but DO take 15 -20 minutes to declutter one drawer, one cabinet, or one section of your counter top.

Every little bit helps!

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  1. megan @ whatmegansmaking


    Andrea, your cluttered mess of a tupperware drawer looks better than mine on an organized day! Oh dear…I have my work cut out for me!


    Dee Reply:

    I agree! That “cluttered” mess of yours would be a DREAM for our house. Hehehe…

    Thanks for posting this bit of motivation though. I am in a purging mood! :)

    Take care!


  2. mom2fur


    Great job! I did something similar recently. I took out all my utensils and laid them in groups, then got rid of the triplicates. I don’t cook or bake as much as I used to, so I don’t really need 4 sets of measuring cups, LOL! I do have at least two of anything, though. Having to stop and wash something in the middle of a project is a pain.


  3. Young Wife


    Wow! Great job! I love having organized drawers and cabinets.


  4. Susie Davis


    Oooo, I want empty shelves! Love it.


  5. Virginia


    Do you have any suggestions on how to organize those horrible blind corner cabinets? Ours are so bad we call them “no man’s land.”


    Andrea Reply:

    Oh Virginia, I think I probably hate those horrible blind corners as much as you do!!! We have a HUGE one in our kitchen that is so impractical, but it isn’t going anywhere for a few years {until we’re ready for a kitchen remodel!}

    My best advice would just be to use that space for seasonal items like Christmas dishes, large serving platters, a punch bowl, extra-large food storage containers that you only use a couple times a year, etc. etc. Then, keep a list of those items and tape it to the inside of the cabinet door {so you don’t forget!!}

    That is how I make use of that wasted space; and even though it’s a pain to get those items out, I only have to do it a few times a year so it’s really not that bad.

    Hope this helps!


  6. L.L


    I have been looking and looking for those shelves that u have (white and add extra space to your shelves) where can u get them? Also where did u get your lazy susan? I so want one!