My Girl and Her Shoes

posted by Andrea | 03/21/2013

One of Nora’s first words (after “no” of course) was “shoes”.

She said it very clearly too — “sooos” — and please don’t get “sooos” confused with “booos” (a.k.a. boots).


If you ask her where her shoes are, she quickly takes them off her feet to show you.

Nora LOVES her shoes!

Honestly, is it even possible for a 16-month old baby to understand shoes — and get extremely upset if I don’t let her wear the exact pair of shoes she wants to wear at any given time?

Apparently so…

Thanks to generous grandmas, aunts, and hand-me-downs from friends, Nora has a pretty nice collection of shoes (there are several pairs not in the picture below!)

And she wears them ALL — even if they are so big that she trips when she walks.

I find Nora’s infatuation with shoes to be somewhat hilarious, especially since Dave and I only have a few pairs that we wear all the time. Neither one of us has ever been shoe crazy or demonstrated any strong love of particular shoes.

I suppose this is just another one of those instances where her little personality is already shining through.

I’m sure people at the grocery store or the bank or the restaurant think I’m crazy for letting my little girl wear water shoes and sandals in the middle of winter (she does wear socks underneath, and she has to wear boots for playing in the snow), but I’ve already learned to pick my battles, and Nora’s shoe choice is not something I’m willing to fight about.

In fact, we make it a little game every morning. I pick out her clothes and then she picks out her shoes. She excitedly says “SOOOS! SOOOS!” as I open her closet doors and lift her up so she can make her selection.

She’s even realized where I keep the next size up shoes (in her dresser drawer) and sometimes, we spend a good 20 minutes (which is an eternity for her) trying on shoes and “marching” on the hard floors to hear the  different noises each pair makes.

If she is happy in her too-big summer sandals, then that’s what she wears. If she’s happy wearing slippers to the store, or wearing winter boots inside, I just don’t care!

In the broad scheme of life, her toddler shoe choices don’t matter one tiny bit… however, I can’t help but wonder what we might be up against when she’s 16!

Happy weekend :)

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  1. Jess


    haha! my 18 month old is the same!!! at daycare they tell me she spends alot of time trying on other kids shoes from the cubbies. I have no idea how they know what shoes they like to wear. She’s not particular about clothes, but shoes yes. Just this morning I went to put on the green ones and she wouldn’t have it. wanted the pink sandals. lol. oh my. and my husband and I only have running shoes!!


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