Simon’s Birth Story and Life Updates

posted by Andrea | 03/25/2014

simon's birth story

teddy bear

so tiny

Can you believe Simon is 3 weeks old today!

Yes, the time is going quickly, but I’m not one to bemoan the fact that the tiny baby phase is passing!

If I had a dollar for EVERY time someone has said, “you’ll miss this when you get older” I’d be filthy rich by now. And while I agree that I probably will miss SOME of the tiny baby stage, I guarantee I will NOT miss the sleepless nights, the crying for no apparent reason, the extreme exhaustion, etc. etc. I just won’t!

I’m not trying to rush the time (and I am enjoying it MUCH more the 2nd time around), but I’m also not sad that it’s passing — especially since I know how fun the toddler stage is with Nora :)

simon and mamma

my sweet boy

As promised, I’m going to share Simon’s birth story today. Thankfully, it’s nothing crazy or super eventful — just a pretty normal (and pretty quick) labor and delivery.


Tuesday, March 4, was his due date — and although I was fairly confident I would go late like I did with Nora, I was ready… MORE than ready!

I actually started feeling contractions around 11:00pm Monday night. They were pretty regular so I called my sister (a labor and delivery nurse who lives just down the road) so she could come stay with Nora. I actually did NOT tell Dave because I wanted him to get a good night of sleep and I figured I’d have to wake him up at some point to head to the hospital in the middle of the night.

I rested on the couch until about 3:00am when I apparently fell asleep until about 5:30 when Dave woke up. I told him about the contractions — but also, that they had died down enough for me to sleep for a couple hours.

I figured it was a false alarm, so Dave decided to go to school… and literally within 30 minutes of him leaving for school, the contractions picked up again.

He ended up coming home from school around 9:30am and we were at the hospital shortly after 10:00am.

Labor and Delivery…

Things were progressing very rapidly so they moved me right into the delivery room.

I really wanted an epidural, but since my labor and delivery with Nora was super fast (and I was told the 2nd baby goes faster) I figured I probably wouldn’t have time… and I was right.

By the time we got in the L&D room and they were FINALLY able to get a needle into my veins (I apparently have small veins) Simon was almost here.

My doctor, on the other hand, was not almost there. We had a resident doctor and a med student on his FIRST day of training… as well as another doctor from across the street and a bunch of nurses, so there were plenty of knowledgable people there, but I was hoping my doctor would make it.

Thankfully, she got there about 5 minutes before Simon was born — just in time to break my water and tell me to push twice :)

And then he was here…

Less than 2 hours after stepping foot in the hospital doors!

baby simon

And for those of you who think I got off easy with a quick labor… I will just tell you that he was initially face-up (which means very painful) and the doctor had to manually rotate him at least twice (which means very VERY painful).

I’ve purposely skipped over all the laboring details because I don’t like to talk or read about that — so I’m not going to write about it either!

All I’ll say is that physically, I was in WAY more pain after Simon’s birth than after Nora’s — and it was VERY painful for a good 10 days after I got home too.

But he’s worth it though… right :)

One thing I’m really glad I remembered to do (and that I wish I had done with Nora) was to take a picture right before I left for the hospital and then exactly a week later — in the same outfit and the same pose.

It’s amazing how much life (and my body) changed in that week!

one week

This is Simon at exactly one week old.

And yes, Nora LOVES him!

sibling love

If Nora isn’t listening or is ignoring my instructions, I can always bribe her with holding baby Simon, giving him a “check up” or letting her watch me change his diaper! And no, I’m totally not above bribing my 2 year old to make my life a little easier right now.

And just like that, we were a family of four!

dekker family

family of four!

It’s honestly so crazy — and although I tried to mentally prepare myself for life with two kids, I still wasn’t prepared (I don’t think you really can be prepared).

I realize that anyone with more than 2 kids will most likely look back on 2 kids and remember how “easy” life was with ONLY two little people to care for — but right now, we’re doing some major adjusting as life with another schedule and personality to work around is a pretty big change.

We’ll get there eventually.

For the most part, Simon has been a pretty “good” baby. He sleeps A LOT more than Nora ever did. Of course, he still wakes up several times each night to eat, so I’m still not sleeping much, but that’s pretty normal for only 3 weeks.

He really does not like being on his back — so the carseat, swing, and bouncy seat haven’t been super helpful yet. We’ll keep trying though!

Nora vs. Simon…

Several people have asked if Nora and Simon look alike — and the answer is “yes” and “no”. When their eyes are closed, their baby pictures look very similar.

nora and simon

But Simon has my squinty eyes while Nora has Dave’s BIG round eyes, so eventually, as his eyes are open more, I doubt they will look much alike… but who knows!

simon and Nora

Either way… they’re both pretty cute if you ask me :)

So that’s Simon’s short birth story and our life for the past 3 weeks. I honestly haven’t been doing much of anything besides pulling meals out of the freezer, monitoring blog comments, and posting a few cute pictures on Facebook. I’ve been laying low — and it feels wonderful!

I’m so glad I was able to plan ahead so far in advance before Simon was born. It’s definitely making life much easier and much less stressful right now!

Dave’s Spring Break starts next week Friday, and I’m hoping to use that week to plan ahead for the month of April and May — and then he’ll be off for the summer (Hallelujah!) and we can tag-team, two against two!

in his crib

In the mean time, thanks for baring with me as I transition into this new phase of motherhood and figure out just how to balance working from home with two little kiddos!

All professional pictures were taken by Zander & Breck Photography — a high school friend and amazing photographer! I can’t wait to get some of these pictures on our wall!

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  1. Jennifer M.


    I remember the days when I had only two and it was quite the adjustment. Our oldest was a lot like Nora (the energizer bunny) and just wasn’t good about taking naps or going to bed. We ended up laying down with him a lot. (Though I feel him being born with kidney problems/urinary problems may have added to the difficulty). After that it was always an adjustment with the next one. Now we have five under the age of 7 and some days I don’t know how we got through each stage. I think the hardest stage and it isn’t over is having the last two 13 months apart. If I’m not chasing after one really busy one year old, I’m stopping the 10 month old from getting in something else. (Al the while keeping the 6 year old, 5 year old, and 3 year old busy.) I love it though and wouldn’t ever want to go back. Each of my children are a wonderful blessing from God. Thanks for a wonderful organizing, freezer meals, etc., website. I just enjoy it so much! Congratulations, Simon is a great name and he looks really cute!


    Veronica Reply:

    Jennifer, I love your positive attitude, this is really encouraging me today. I can totally relate (five under five). Children ARE huge blessings but sometimes it’s so easy to forget that in the day to day of it all.

    Andrea, You seem like such a great mom and handling things SO much better than I did when I had two. Meal plan, budget, cleaning schedule?? Weren’t even on my radar back then. All those things that make family life easier and nicer, all those “little” things that you do so well! You’ve definitely been a help to me, thank you


  2. Jenny C.


    Andrea, thanks so much for sharing your Simon story and the gorgeous pics! Your family is precious :) I hope you get a LONG nap one of these days (maybe during Dave’s spring break!).


  3. Denise


    Oh Andrea! He is SO pretty!


  4. JoDi


    Thanks for sharing the birth story, pix, everything! He is a cutie. He and Nora definitely look different but have some similarities. They look more different to me as Simon has gotten older (haha a whole 3 weeks!) His newborn photos look a lot more like Nora than he does now. Amazing how they change so quickly!

    I am not a baby person either. I remember my cousin always wanting to hold babies when we were growing up, and it never interested me. I loved raising our son, and I wish we had a couple more, but I don’t squeal in delight at the sight of babies like some of my friends! LOL


  5. kathy w


    Simon is so cute and has such a sweet face, how adorable. I wanted the baby part to pass as soon as possible too, so I know what you mean. The sleepless nights are the hardest and once you get past that it seems things get so much better. You are doing such a wonderful job with both of them and yes it is hard with two. Try and rest as much as you can and if you can find a bribe that works go for it. Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. Kristen @ Joyfullythriving


    Beautiful pictures. Absolutely beautiful! I especially love the new family photos. And bribe away, Andrea! Nothing wrong with that! :-) My husband and I start our Spring Break on Friday, and we are hoping our baby boy arrives before then, so we can tag-team through the first week of a newborn together!


  7. Mary


    Gorgeous pictures :-) love the one with Nora and her stethoscope very cute ;-)


  8. Jaime


    Andrea he is just too cute for words. Thank you for sharing your birth story I cannot imagine having a baby without an epidural let alone FACE UP and the manual turning!?!?! DEAR LORD you are one crazy strong woman!
    Congrats on the new addition– I am so glad you are taking an easy!


  9. Ofelia, from Mexico City


    Oh girl! What a awesome and gorgeous little boy! I love him. My fav pic is the family of four on the floor. All of you in matchy color palette turquoise – brown. Pretty beautiful ! Congratulations!


  10. Sandy K




  11. Lydia @ The Thrifty Frugal Mom


    Congratulations on the new adorable baby boy! He is so precious and your photographer did an awesome job with the pictures. We just had our third 6 weeks ago and are still in the adjusting stage too.

    And what you said about being more sore and sore for longer totally made sense to me. Two of ours (this is actually our 4th as we have one in heaven) had their hands up at their faces when they were born and I can attest that it makes you so much more sore! I couldn’t believe the difference!

    Hope you continue to feel better and that the adjustment goes well!


  12. Teresa


    Aww so sweet! He is just a little doll baby. What a wonderful, fast birth story! But the turning the baby part, um very painful I’ve heard! Congrats again on such a sweet addition to your family.


  13. Julia


    I check in every day to keep up with your family and your lifestyle suggestions. I am encouraged to see the ” rich” life you all share with each other, your extended family, and church.

    Simon’s life story is a particularly sweet and joyful post, maybe because my oldest gal turned 16 yesterday, March 25th. If this might be of help, I almost think that each year with my girls has become easier. They are just such nice people – as will be your Nora and Simon.


  14. Melanie


    Absolutely wonderful pictures of your family! Simon is a cutie. I have six children and still think going from 1 child to 2 was one of the hardest transitions for me . :)


  15. jelli


    My kids are about the same ages as yours and I love watching them interact. Your photos of the siblings together are just so sweet. You’ll have a blast watching them play together when baby’s just a few months older. It’s bliss! Congrats on that handsome little fellow!


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