What I Did with My Wedding Dress!

posted by Andrea | 04/19/2011

Where’s your wedding dress?

If you’re like most women, it’s carefully preserved, in a box, taking up loads of valuable storage space somewhere in your house. Or maybe it’s just hanging in your closet — still taking up equally as much storage space. Or maybe it’s in the attic, or the basement, or the garage, or…

Wherever it is, there’s a pretty good chance you will never wear it again.

You’re just storing it… because!

I love this picture, but we look like babies!

A wedding dress is one of those HUGE pieces of emotional clutter and while I don’t think you’re a bad person for hanging onto your wedding dress; I do want to challenge you to think about other alternatives to simply storing it for years without a purpose.

I often get asked what I did with my wedding dress, and I figured this time of year would be a good time to get a little wedding dress discussion going on!

So what did I do with my dress?

I cut it up!

Well, actually, I tried to sell it on Craigslist for $90 {which is what we originally paid for it} but I guess people don’t want to buy a used wedding dress.

So then, I decided to cut up the fabric — with intention of using that fabric to make baptism outfits for our children…someday.

The whole process took about twenty minutes, it was virtually painless {seriously it was!}, and I now have a pile of gorgeous fabric that takes up WAY less space than a wedding dress. Oh,  and I’ll eventually have another use for it once we have kids!

The picture below is a pile of the scraps that I cut off. Look how dirty the hem was!

So now, my “wedding dress” is stored in a very small, Space Saver bag that hardly takes up any room at all. It’s actually in the bottom of my dresser drawer with sweaters on top.

And I donated the poofy lining that was under the dress to Goodwill. I suspect some little girls are having a great time playing dress-up!

I was a teeny tiny bit hesitant right before I made my first cut, and I DID try the dress on one time before I cut it up {it was a little tight, but it still fit.}  Over all, I’m so happy to have all that extra space and to know that I’ve created another use for my wedding dress.

So what did you do with your wedding dress?

And for all the girls getting married this Spring and Summer, do you have any creative ideas for your dress after the wedding?

Does anyone know of a specific place to donate wedding dresses — or any charities that you could give them to?

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  1. Barb


    I came across your site while looking for organization in a small bathroom and just could not leave. My 2 girls played in my wedding dress and its still clean. Reading the different ideas about what to with the dress made me stop and think that I could cut up mine and use it in a quilt for each of them and their brother.


  2. Heidi


    Great idea. I was able to sell my dress (thankfully!) for $25 less than what I paid for it.

    If I hadn’t sold it, I definitely would have gotten rid of it. It’s my belief that if you take great pictures, you are preserving the memory of your wedding day better than fabric in your closet that takes up precious space.


  3. Courtney


    I wore my mother’s wedding dress, which my grandma had sewed for her. Mom had it preserved, and when I was frantically searching for a modest wedding dress (I was engaged for only 2 months), mom brought me hers. It fit absolutely perfectly. . .The dress is now preserved in the hope that it will fit my daughter, and that she will also love it. This is one of a few heirloom items I will never begrudge the storage space it uses.


  4. Araba


    You are quite brave. I wouldn’t even think of cutting up my wedding dress! I loved it and whenever I look at it, all these happy memories come flooding back about the search for the dress, my engagement, my wedding day, and the beautiful family that was launched on that special day. I have preserved it and keep it in the garage. It is a beautiful idea to repurpose it for a major life event.


  5. Araba


    Now that you have Nora, did you pull out the fabric from your wedding dress to turn it into her baptism gown, or something?


  6. Cat Bovag


    I used my sister’s 37 yr old wedding dress to make 4 American Girl Doll wedding dresses for each of her children! Now I regret getting rid of my dress. I used every possible thing from her dress, including the old snaps! I will write a short letter and it will be given with the dress, so her children and grandchildren understand the meaning behind it. Two of her children don’t have girls, so I will cover two doll hangers with baby blue satin and they can be hung as a decoration. They are beautiful!


  7. cher m


    My wedding dress has been sitting in the box from the dry cleaners for the past 29 years. I’m planning on de-constructing it for a new look when we renew our vows next fall.


  8. Debby


    I know this is an older post, but I just came across your site a couple of weeks ago. I too cut up my wedding dress. My girls and I tried it on for fun. I had moved that thing to every spot in my house for 20 years and then decided to let it go. I had it cleaned professionally, however, they did not do a very good job. There were stains. I found the best areas along with the pretty lace and cut it out. I plan to use the pieces to make hankies for my daughters to carry on their wedding day. My girls would have never worn my 80′s wedding gown with big puffy sleeves. Not to mention that they are much taller than I. So now they will have something old to use, and I have a lot of free space.


  9. Barbara


    What a great idea. I never thought about that. And don’t you just love pretty little christening gowns. Wonderful idea.


  10. Julia K (Australia)


    I cut my wedding dress up too ! I made it into a christening gown and it has been worn by three of my four children. One was baptised at 8 months, one at 18 months and one at 7 weeks – yet the gown worked on all three. I was hesitant at first but am really happy with my decision. It is now stored in a box in my DDs wardrobe. My grandkids may or may not use it – but it takes up way less space than a 1980s pouffy dress :)


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