September, 2011

Simple Organized Living Gets a NEW Look!!!

posted by Andrea | 09/30/2011 | 13 comments

After a year of blogging, I decided we needed a little update. So I “flipped the switch” and launched the brand new with lots of new features, fun extras, and even more great tips and ideas to help you simplify and organize every aspect of your life!

Come on, check out all the fun new features!

Weekend Giveaway: Anolon 10 pc. Stainless Steel Cookware

posted by Andrea | 09/30/2011 | 199 comments

Want to win a gorgeous 10-piece set of Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel Cookware?

See why I love this set so much… and enter to win your very own {just in time for all that holiday cooking and baking!}

Our Brand New Office

posted by Andrea | 09/29/2011 | 40 comments

When we were looking for a new house, one of our requirements was that it had a nice area that we could use for a home office. We wanted that area to be big enough to accommodate my work, my business, my hobbies, Dave’s school stuff, Dave’s books, and a few fun things too.

And even though it took quite a bit of renovation and knocking out an entire wall — we got exactly what we wanted!

Roasting 101 – It really IS Simple!

posted by Andrea | 09/28/2011 | 21 comments

I make some type of roast on a semi-regular basis — It’s just such an easy meal to make. You only get one pan dirty, you don’t need to chop, mix, stir, or measure anything, and you don’t need to constantly check on it. Just stick it in the oven or a slow cooker and come back a few hours later to a delicious, home-cooked meal.

If you’ve even been nervous to make a roast, let me share my super simple recipe with you!

My Weekly Routine – And How I “Do it All”

posted by Andrea | 09/27/2011 | 25 comments

I often get asked by family, friend, and many blog readers what my weekly schedule looks like and how I balance all my different jobs while still having time to work on house projects, fill our freezer and pantry with food, manage our house, clip coupons, and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night!

I’ve talked a little bit about my daily routine already, but here’s a little peek into my “normal” weekly routine.

How To Help Kids STAY Organized

posted by Andrea | 09/26/2011 | 16 comments

Over the years, I’ve helped lots of busy moms organize their homes, offices, lives, schedules, purses, cars, closets, pantries, basements, garages, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I love working with them, I love seeing the progress we make, and I really love it when they are able to implement and tweak my suggestions to fit their own families and lives.
However, one question I’m asked over and over again is… How can we help our kids to stay organized?

Simplify Your Meal Planning Routine

posted by Andrea | 09/25/2011 | comment

The fall months are some of the busiest months for our family — and I suspect for many other families as well. With the start-up of another school year, more evening commitments, shorter days, and the upcoming holiday season; it’s easy to put meal planning on the back burner {pun intended!}

How Are You Welcoming Fall?

posted by Andrea | 09/24/2011 | 9 comments

Yesterday was the first day of the Fall season — which means it was the first day of my FAVORITE season!

I suppose if you don’t live in a state with cool weather and as much beautiful Fall color as Michigan, you might not understand my obsession… but, as I have mentioned before, I love everything about fall.

And even though Fall has only officially been here for 24 hours, I’ve already been doing a lot to get ready.

Weekend Giveaway: Spa Mountain Naturals Gift Set

posted by Andrea | 09/23/2011 | 65 comments

I’m super excited to share the “delicious” and totally natural Spa Mountain Naturals products with you today… and to offer a fun giveaway basket to one lucky reader!

I’ve been using the Spa Mountain products for several weeks now and can already tell a difference in my skin and my hair — and I just know you’ll love them as much as I do.

What Are Your Thoughts on Used Gifts?

posted by Andrea | 09/21/2011 | 30 comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about gift-giving lately — and I want to know how YOU feel about giving and receiving gently used gifts. The holidays are right around the corner and used gifts are a great way to cut costs while still giving great gifts to everyone on your list.

I’m sharing my experiences with both giving AND receiving used gifts, but I’d love to know what you think too!

A Simple Curtain Tutorial

posted by Andrea | 09/20/2011 | 7 comments

I made these simple {almost no-sew} curtains for our master bathroom last week — and I was simply thrilled with the results. Plus, they only took about an hour of time and cost less than $2.00!!

See how I used a little burlap, twine, and a few wooden buttons to create these adorable curtains for our home!

Emotional Clutter and My Grandma’s Sewing Treasures

posted by Andrea | 09/19/2011 | 22 comments

Today, I’m revisiting the issue of “sentimental” or “emotional” clutter and how great it is when you can actually USE something that is also very sentimental.
When my grandma died a few years ago, I was the only grandchild who knew how to sew — which meant I was “willed” her oldie-but goodie sewing machine…and ALL her sewing supplies.

See how I manage to actually use this otherwise “sentimental clutter”!

Weekend Giveaway: Oh!Dinner Meal Planning Membership

posted by Andrea | 09/17/2011 | 75 comments

I’ve been talking about meal planning a lot lately — and for good reason. The back-to-school and fall months are some of the busiest months in our house. Plus, with my crazy schedule, the addition of two new international students and a baby on the way, it is absolutely essential that I have our meals planned out ahead of time to resist impulse fast food and frozen pizza meals every night of the week!

Our new meal planning method is working wonderfully and if you’re looking for a great way to plan your weekly meals, check out this weekend’s giveaway!

100 Days Until Christmas

posted by Andrea | 09/16/2011 | 9 comments

Yes, I know it’s still the middle of September — but believe it or not, Christmas is only 100 days away!

Since our baby is due right in the middle of this very busy time of year, I’ve already started planning ahead… and have a bunch of helpful tips and resources that will help you to get a jump-start this year too!

I LOVE this time of year!

Saving Money with Cloth Napkins

posted by Andrea | 09/15/2011 | 19 comments

Today’s posts IS NOT a life-altering idea… however it IS a really simple way to save money, simplify your dinnertime routine, and be a little more eco-friendly at the same time!

Dave and I have been using cloth napkins for the past several years and have saved so much paper and money in the process. There are a bunch of other really great benefits too.

Do you use cloth napkins?

Organizing Medical and Insurance Paperwork

posted by Andrea | 09/14/2011 | 11 comments

Due to the large influx of medical and insurance paperwork from my pregnancy, changing insurance companies, and our two international students, I decided that it was time to re-organize our medical paperwork.

The whole process was relatively painless and only took about 15 – 20 minutes — and I was able to save hundreds of dollars in medical bills since I could quickly and easily access my newly organized files!

See how we organize our medical and insurance documents.

How Do YOU Serve Dinner?

posted by Andrea | 09/13/2011 | 14 comments

Ever since we started eating dinner together with our two International students, I’ve been much more aware, not only about WHAT I serve for dinner, but also HOW I serve dinner.

I’ve been using a great meal planning method for the last several weeks, but I was still going back and forth about the best way to serve the meals. Now that we have more mouths to feed, I’ve been trying out a few different options to see which method works the best.

How to Clean a Gas Stove Top

posted by Andrea | 09/12/2011 | 26 comments

I’ve been cooking a lot these past few months and have always found a reason NOT to clean our stove-top — either I didn’t have time, or I was just going to make another mess, or… you get the idea.

And while our current stove-top isn’t anything close to my “dream stove/oven”, it’s what we have for now. So even though it’s a huge pain to clean, I’m stuck with it!

Last week, I finally decided to bite the bullet and clean my filthy dirty stove!