3 Ideas to Boost Business in the 4th Quarter

posted by Andrea | 09/8/2012
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In my experience, the “4th quarter” is often the time for a big business boom. Kids are back in school and parents now have the ability to get out and about, shop, spend money, etc.

Plus, the holiday season is right around the corner and everyone’s looking for the latest and greatest ideas for holiday gifts.

Because of this “4th quarter business boom” I’m always looking for ways to promote my business with minimal cost (because you all know how frugal I am!) If you run any type of business, blog, website, etc. here are 3 simple ideas to boost your 4th quarter sales. They’ve all worked well for me… and I honestly think they can be reworked to fit almost any business or company.

1. Promote the “new”. Rework the “old”.

If you have any new products, services, or events coming up this fall, NOW is the time to promote them. Take some time to figure out how you’ll highlight those products and what type of advertising you can do to bring more attention do them. Can you promote them (for free) via Facebook or your website? Can you rally a group of friends and/or bloggers to promote your products or event?

Of course, you don’t necessarily need something NEW in order to take advantage of this lucrative time of year. Come up with a new way to promote an old product or service, bundle products or services together for a special “promotional package”, offer limited-time deals, etc.

I’ve personally found a great deal of success by highlighting old blog posts I wrote this time last year. Each time I do this, my pageviews increase, my blog readership increases, and that means my ad revenue increases. I’ll also offer specials for private ads, and bundle some of my organizing and speaking services together for added value.

2. Create a holiday shopping campaign.

Even though the holiday season might seem far-off, it will be here before you know it. And no matter what type of business you run, there is always something you can promote for the holiday season — and thus boost your sales.

  • Blogs can promote special ebooks, lower ad rates, offer fun giveaways, etc
  • Craft and Etsy shops can offer BOGO deals, special coupons, limited-time offers, or a free product with purchase.
  • Services can promote holiday gift packages (day at the spa, house cleaning, etc)
  • Restaurants can promote a special menu, food item, or holiday drink.

Get creative, there’s always something you can rework to form a holiday special.

3. Offer gift cards.

This time of year, everyone is looking for that perfect holiday gift for their friends, family, coworkers, etc. And gift cards or gift certificates are an easy gift option for anyone who doesn’t have time to shop — or for people who are hard to shop for.

If you can figure out how to offer a gift certificate, I can almost guarantee your sales will see a nice increase over the holiday season.

By limiting yourself to 3 simple campaigns, you’ll hopefully be able to limit some advertising expenses and still reap the benefits of a profitable 4th quarter!

Do you run any type of business, website, blog, craft shop, etc? If so, I’d love to know some of your ideas for boosting 4th quarter sales! 

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  1. Nora@ The Dollar Holllering Homemaker


    This works more for an offline business, however, offer a discount to members of your Parish in the weekly newsletter.


  2. Alana @ Domestic Bliss Diaries


    All great ideas! I’ll have to keep these in mind in the future as I hope to launch an eBook soon!