A Sister for My Sweet Nora!

posted by Andrea | 05/12/2017

That’s right friends, baby Dekker #4 is another GIRL!!


Obviously, we would have been happy either way — but it sure was fun to tell Nora she is “finally” getting a little sister!

As an added bonus, I won’t have to deal with annoying comments like:

  • Only one girl? I bet she wishes she had a sister.
  • Are all those boys yours?
  • Will you keep trying for another girl?
  • Are you planning to build your own basketball team?

Of course, there will probably be different annoying comments, but for some reason, it really bothers me when people make comments about families with lots of boys or lots of girls — it’s not like anyone had any control over the situation!

Anyway, as Nora says — we now have an equal number of girls and boys in our family!

About 10 minutes after we told Nora the news, she asked to go shopping for new baby girl clothes (I purged all of ours years ago)… and since I was planning to go to the thrift store that afternoon anyway, it worked out perfectly.

We found 2 cute newborn items for $0.50 each and a fun cloth doll in the free bin. We washed everything up and Nora is VERY excited to give them to the new baby.


And yes, we most definitely already have the first and middle name 100% decided on!

I’ve had a really fantastic girl’s name in mind since we found out we were pregnant with Simon… and after 2 boys, it’s still a favorite for both Dave and for me. Plus, it meets all our ridiculous name requirements.

I’ve already had 2 friends offer to give/sell/let me borrow their girl clothing (both of whom had October babies last year) and I couldn’t be more excited to look through their things.

A little pink and purple will sure be fun after a few years of blue and brown!

So many people tell me they can’t imagine “ruining the surprise” by learning the gender at the ultrasound… but for me, I honestly can’t imagine waiting!

Yes, I can understand the surprise aspect of learning the gender at the baby’s birth; but I honestly feel it is JUST as fun, exciting, and surprising to find out at the ultrasound (seriously, you should see how excited I get and how much anticipation is built up for that day!)

And now I have over 4 months to purge my boy things, stock up on a few cute girl essentials, and put a little bit of a girly twist on our currently boyish nursery — all things I definitely WON’T want to spend time doing once the baby is here.

Plus, now Nora gets to be excited for 4 additional months! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

20-ish weeks — taken last weekend 

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  1. Anna Lutz


    Congratulations Dekkers! I’m excited Nora is getting a sweet baby sister!


  2. Deb


    Sorry for the late comment – just now catching up with your blog, but I’m so excited for you! We also have girl/boy/boy/girl: Rachel, Jordan, David, and Mary. So much fun to have two of each!


  3. Hannah Beth Reid


    Congratulations on the girls no longer being outnumbered!
    We have a girl, then three boys, so we’ve heard our share of those comments and expect them now. Our oldest is Esther, so we make a joke of it and call her Queen Esther. And she likes to lead and keep them in line, so it works out…haha!


  4. Missy


    Awwww. Congrats guys! Tell Nora that I am SO excited for her!!!


  5. JoDi


    Congratulations! Nora is such a good big sister to her brothers. I’m glad she’ll get to have a little sister now too. Her brothers are going to love having a little sister to dote on. They’re all such sweet kids – this is going to be one very loved little one!


  6. Emily


    Congratulations! How exciting to be adding a baby girl to your family. I had to chuckle about the comments. I hear all sorts when I take my crew of six out and about. I think sometimes people don’t know what to say but feel the need to say something and it just comes out wrong. 🙂 You look great for being half way already. Looking forward to hearing your name choice and “meeting” baby girl in a few months!


  7. JJ


    You look amazing! Congratulations!!! My best friend has 4 with the same gender order, and it has been wonderful for her!


  8. Mary


    yea Nora!


  9. Chris from Normal


    Congratulations! How exciting for everyone!

    I had a feeling…….


  10. Debbie


    I forgot to add that I also can’t believe all the annoying comments people give to families with children, no children, and singles. Some folks are just never satisfied or content.