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posted by Andrea | 04/29/2014

babybjorn giveaway

I’ve been a HUGE fan of all BABYBJÖRN products since the moment I purchased their Bouncer. Nora has sat in that bouncer nearly every day since she was born — and although she will share it with Simon, she won’t do it without putting up a stink!

in the bouncer

We also adore their Soft Bib — and pretty much everything else they make!

Yes, the BABYBJÖRN brand can be a bit pricey, but their products are so simple to use, so streamlined and “low-profile”, so well thought out, and so sophisticated looking (no Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse thank you very much). I also love that their products are gender neutral and tend to “grow with your child” — meaning you only need to buy one thing instead of 5!

The newest BABYBJÖRN product is their Travel Crib Light — a super light-weight, super portable crib that easily accommodates children from birth through age 3.

Here are 5 of my favorite features of the Travel Crib Light:

1. It’s Light-Weight and Very Portable:

So this might be an obvious fact based on the name — but it really is SUPER light-weight. It’s only 13 pounds (including the carrying case) and its ultra-slim profile makes it easy to stash in almost any close, vehicle, hotel room, airplane, etc.

2. It’s Washable:

The entire crib is washable — all the fabric zips off the frame and can easily be thrown into the wash when necessary. There is also a protective covering over the mattress that easily zips off. As far as I know, there aren’t any other travel cribs that are completely washable — one feature that has always bugged me in the past, so I’m THRILLED to now have a 100% washable travel crib.

3. It’s SO Simple:

When my Travel Crib Light arrived in the mail, Nora was super excited and wanted me to open it right away. I was initially hesitant because I pictured myself struggling for 15-20 minutes trying to get the thing set up. However, without even looking at the instruction manual, I had the entire crib set up in about 2 minutes. Now that I know what I’m doing, it takes about 30 seconds to unfold the legs, flip it over, and pop the mattress inside.

And yes, it’s just as easy to fold back up again!

travel crib

4. It’s Attractive:

I realize that baby items should be practical and functional, not necessarily fashionable; but this Travel Crib is all 3. It’s lovely black zippered case almost looks like a business bag, and the grey, silver, and black fabric of the crib is so much nicer than pastel strips, plaid patterns, or Disney characters (at least for me). I love that this product looks great and doesn’t scream “baby”, while still being extremely practical and functional.

5. It’s the Perfect Size:

Many of the travel cribs I’ve tried in the past are either hugely bulky or exclusively for infants — neither of which is ideal for me and my situation. I wanted something that could work for a tiny baby and a larger toddler if necessary… and the BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light fits the bill. As you can see by the photos below, Simon is super comfy… and Nora still has a little room to move (and she’s in the 95th percentile for height).

The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light is the perfect choice for families who enjoy traveling, families who are always on-the-go, or even those of us who just need an extra kid’s bed for Grandma’s house.

I would highly recommend this product and am super excited to be offering it as a giveaway today! 

Simon is excited too 🙂

More about BABYBJÖRN:

Since 1961, BABYBJÖRN, a family-owned Swedish company, has manufactured high quality, innovative products for infants and toddlers. Best known as makers of baby carriers, BABYBJÖRN has more than 20 products in its portfolio.

Available in 50 countries, BABYBJÖRN is a preferred brand with parents around the world. Their award-winning Swedish product designs guarantee safety, quality and style. The company works extensively to eliminate substances that are hazardous to health or the environment in the materials used in manufacturing BABYBJÖRN products.

Visit BABYBJÖRN on the web:

Facebook: BabyBjörn US
Twitter: @BabyBjörnUS
YouTube: BabyBjorn1961

Enter To Win This Giveaway!

Today, one lucky reader will win a BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light, valued at $299.

babybjorn giveaway

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  1. Julie Scott


    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!! I love baby björn products too!


  2. Julie Spady


    Thanks for this raffle! My 21 year old daughter just found out she’s pg. she has a tough road ahead as the birth father does not want to be involved. This travel bed would come in handy!!


  3. Jennifer


    I would love to trade this for our bulky, stubborn pack ‘n play for #2. Also love the toilet mentioned above. For our little boy just starting to train it has been great. Also loved our carrier by Babybjorn! We were the third family to use it, and we all say we have used it to no end. It will still be great for #2 and to pass on again…..or #3, but there probably won’t be a #3. 🙂


  4. Vickie


    This would work wonderfully for me to have for my grandson!


  5. Tara


    Oh man, I would love to trade in my bulky pack n play for this guy. It looks amazing! Hope I win!

    Thanks Amy for your updated review of their potty chair. I didn’t buy one with my oldest because of those reviews. Nice to know it’s been updated.


  6. Amy


    Baby Bjorn has great products. If you are going to be potty training, I highly recommend the potty chair (örn-055115US-BABYBJORN-Potty-Chair/dp/B000056J7L/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398795855&sr=8-1&keywords=baby+bjorn+potty). Some of the reviews indicate the front is too high, however the porduct has been redesigned (is now as shown in the Amazon picture). I finally figured out what the reviewers meant when I saw a potty chair at a consignment sale with the previous design. This potty chair is easy to keep clean as it has few crevices and no joints to clean. AND it doesn’t play songs or have any characters on it to distract the little one.

    I can only imagine the travel crib would exceed my expectations (and being completely washable, it already does!).


  7. Barb


    Love your site Andrea. My fav blog. A grandma of 3.75!


  8. Terri C


    Oh this would be wonderful for me as a caregiving Grammy! Just found out I will soon have another one to care for and I’ve given away all my stuff! Yikes


  9. Suzi


    Thank you for bringing this product to my attention! I’ve been stressing over what in the world we can do when we have to bring our 2 month old boy to Canada to meet his Grandma and family later this year! We don’t own a pack n play as we have a TINY house and didn’t have the space for storing one. This looks so great!


  10. Avia


    This has gone on my wish list for sure. We just went on vacation and DD (15 months) slept with us. Not a pleasant experience. I could have taken this on our travels and we would have all been a lot happier! Now with #2 on the the way, I think it’s a must have.


  11. Rebekah Beasley


    Thank you for making this giveaway easy to enter!! 😉 I would love to win! We travel a lot to see family, and with two older girls in soccer and tball, this would be easy to take to games for my 3 month old, and washable!!!! Amazing 😉


  12. Ramsey


    Oh wow, that’s adorable!

    I have a friend who is almost 2 months pregnant with her second child (her first is around a year-ish, so she’s going to have a lot on her hands!). I’ve entered, but for her, not myself – I think she could really use a light, travel-ready crib, and it would be especially helpful for her because she’s very unfortunate in the finances department and could never afford this on her own, poor thing.

    Anyway, best of luck to everyone that enters! Thanks for the giveaway Andrea! Simon and Nora are just too cute. Their names are also two of my all-time favorite names in general!


  13. Becky


    So wish this was around when mine were younger. Picture 3 graco pack n plays, 3 large car seats, and a double stroller checking in at the airport! Talk about stressful and about 100 lbs and of course luggage. Not sure what we were thinking. :). This will be the perfect baby gift for family thanks for sharing.


  14. Carrie Schwind


    This looks like a great product, especially the washable part!