Creative Bathroom Storage

posted by Andrea | 07/18/2011

One of the many perks of extensively renovating a very old house, or building a new house, is that you can do it YOUR WAY!

So when it came to our farmhouse renovations — I was absolutely determined to figure out exactly what type of storage we would need, and then try to implement it as closely as possible without going over budget.

The master bathroom was one area I did not want to sacrifice any amount of storage, but I was faced with a few issues because the bathroom is relatively small and I had my heart set on this vanity, which doesn’t have as much storage as a traditional vanity.

Fortunately, my uncle was able to build the vanity for a fraction of the cost of the one from Pottery Barn — but that meant I had to come up with a few other creative storage solutions for our master bath.

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas:

Since we basically gutted and rearranged our entire bathroom, I figured now would be a great time to add a little built-in storage… but I didn’t want just any built-in storage.

I opted for floor-to-ceiling open shelving instead of enclosed cabinets with doors that would always get in the way.

We created the shelving to not only fit our space, but also to fit these baskets that I found at World Market {and used a bunch of $10 off coupons to buy!} They will be an excellent {and very attractive} storage solution for our bathroom.

These baskets will hold extra towels, extra toilet paper, and all the extra toiletries and cosmetics I get free after rebates. Plus, the linings are washable, and the stain matches the color I’m planning to use on the vanity!

Doesn’t this look so much nicer than a standard linen cabinet?

There is still one taller shelf / cubbie below these baskets but we’re planning to use that area for a hamper.

Then, for additional storage right outside out bathroom door, we built a large “medicine cabinet” into the wall  — filling the space that was once a doorway into our office.

We can store medicine on the top shelves — away from small hands — and other more regularly used toiletries and supplies on the lower shelves.

This would have been just a large blank wall in our hallway, but with a little extra work, it is now additional bathroom storage. Oh, and those doors are old wooden shutters I’ve had lying around for a couple of years. I painted them to match the rest of our trim and then we built the cabinet so they would work perfectly as doors!

Obviously, I don’t have everything organized and in place just yet, but I just wanted to show you a few of the organizational ideas we’ve put in place already.

You can also see how I designed and organized our nursery closet, and our new master bedroom closet — that is still waiting for us to “move in” 🙂

I’ll keep sharing more of our storage areas as we complete them. But for now, I’m wondering… what creative storage ideas do you have in your house?? How have you managed to make the most of your space?


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  1. janet


    The vanity is so beautiful but I’m wondering about those mirrors… any details??


    Andrea Reply:

    They were either from Lowes or Home Depot… about 4 years ago 🙂


  2. Kathy Miler


    Love your vanity,what color is the stain?


  3. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead


    Looks awesome! Love the baskets in the shelf!!


  4. Lori


    Vanity is just gorgeous!!!! I actually pinned it on pintrest!!! Love the storage and the baskets, you are lucky to be able to “build around” what you want to use instead of just being stuck with a space. Look forward to all the updates!!!

    Take care of yourself and the precious baby!!

    Lori M.


  5. Tara @ Deal Seeking Mom


    Gorgeous vanity — your uncle did a fantastic job! Love the stacked baskets too.


  6. Cassie


    Wow! I love it!