A Few of My Favorite Things {October 2013}

posted by Andrea | 10/1/2013

favorite things october

I had a really hard time choosing what to include in my Favorite Things post for October. I keep adding to my list of things I want to share with you all eventually — and seriously, for being a clutter-hating minimalist at heart, I sure have a lot of tangible things that I like!

Below are the things I’ve decided to share with you for this month — but my list is already growing for next month! (Click here to see more of my favorite things from past months).

DISCLOSURE: None of these products are sponsored in any way; however, some of the links below are affiliate links — which means I may get a VERY small percentage of the sale if you make a purchase through my links. However, I hope you know that I’m only promoting the products below because I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY in my own home and life! Read my full disclosure policy for more information.


Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs

I’ve always had a mini obsession with the rocking chairs lining the porches at all Cracker Barrel restaurants… and I knew that someday, if I ever had a big porch, I wanted to line it with Cracker Barrel chairs too.

Then I realized that these specific chairs cost about $150 each — so I quickly decided that 2 chairs would be plenty 🙂

Since I still couldn’t stomach spending $150 on a chair that would sit outside, I scoured Craigslist for many many months before coming across our 2 chairs… for $50 a pop! Yahoo!

I did have to sand them down and add 2 coats of white spray paint, but considering I saved about $200 bucks, it was worth 2 afternoons of work.

These chairs are the most comfortable rocking chairs I’ve ever sat in — and they look fabulous sitting on the porch outside our outbuilding (where we sit to watch Nora play).

And do you see that cute little child’s rocking chair I found for only $20!

Nora love’s her chair 🙂

George Foreman Grill


Believe it or not, Dave and I have been using the exact same George Foreman Grill for over 9 years — and it’s still going strong!

We use it as an indoor grill, as a quesadilla maker, as a panini maker, and more. Sometimes we use it multiple times a day — especially when we’re both home all day during the summer.

It’s definitely the most-used small appliance in our cabinet!

Toddler Tramp


This was our bargain of the summer on Craigslist — well, one of many Craigslist bargains I suppose! I had been searching for an inexpensive trampoline for months already, but Dave still wasn’t convinced he wanted an “ugly tramp” in our yard.

Nora LOVES to jump on tramps (we later found out it’s really therapeutic for her sensory needs as well) so I kept looking but never found an awesome deal on a tramp in decent condition and within a relatively close driving distance.

Then I found it — a Toddler Tramp for sale about 20 minutes away. It was JUST what we needed and since it’s much smaller than a normal tramp, Dave was totally on board.

I called, it was still there, so we went to pick it up the same day.

Nora was thrilled and has been blissfully jumping ever since!


Minced Garlic in a Can


OK, so this might sound like a ridiculous thing to put on my list — but seriously, I LOVE this stuff! Not only do I hate mincing garlic by hand, I also don’t love how my hands smell like garlic for the next 24 hours.

Plus, it always seems like I run out of garlic cloves without realizing it — and them I’m stuck using garlic powder, which really doesn’t taste the same in certain recipes.

So I purchase jars of minced garlic. I can get them on sale for around $1.99 per jar — which (if I did the math correctly) actually ends up being a lot cheaper than purchasing whole cloves and bulbs of garlic (not to mention you don’t have any work or smell involved!)

The garlic stays fresh in the fridge for well over a month and you use approximately 1/2 tsp. per clove of garlic in any of your favorite recipes.

Huggable Hangers


Over the last couple of years — mainly since I shared our nifty master closet makeover 2 years ago — I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my beloved “Huggable Hangers“. Most people ask me if I really like them as much as I say I do, and if I really think they are that much better than other hangers.

My answer to both questions is YES! 

I used the white plastic hangers for my entire life until about 2 years ago and I really REALLY do think the Huggable Hangers are way better. Even though we technically don’t need the space-saving aspect of the hangers, I just love how thin and soft they are (no weird shoulder marks from the hangers poking through) and also how “grippy” they are (no more clothes falling to the ground.)

I realize these hangers are more expensive — believe it or not, I actually got ALL of my hangers free after rebate from Menards! I got Nora’s baby Huggable Hangers from a clearance sale at The Container Store (with a gift card) so I actually spent nothing out of pocket.

From a practical standpoint, I would not encourage you to throw away all your perfectly good plastic hangers JUST to get the Huggable Hangers, but if you’re already in the market for new hangers, I’d definitely recommend checking them out!


That’s all for me this month.

Make sure you check out my previous months’ favorite things — and feel free to share some of YOUR favorite things in the comments below!


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  1. Momo


    I love this part of your blog. I want to make my own favorite things as well. Great idea.


  2. Debbie


    I also love the minced garlic! It is so great to skip the “mincing the garlic” step in recipes. One question – I also have a George Foreman grill and while I enjoy cooking on it; I hate cleaning it because I can’t put it in water. Do you have any cleaning tips? Mine can get really dirty, especially after I cook hamburgers. If I had tips to simplify the cleaning up process, I might just pull it out more often! Thanks!


  3. Cindy


    Most minced garlic has just citric acid in it so unsure of all the chemical mentions. I also love the chairs @ Cracker Barrel & for now my ‘desert’s is rocking in the chairs after a meal. They are definitely on my dream home list! Oh & did you see the easy way to double your hangers by using popcan tabs?


  4. Deb


    LOVE the garlic too, I buy it at Costco. Surely the benefits of garlic outweigh the chemicals, right? 😉


  5. Carrie


    I use lemon juice and/or salt to get the smell of onions or garlic off my hands.


  6. KiwiKat


    If you find you ever have to use clove garlic, to get rid of the smell on your hands (works for onions too), put a teaspoon of ordinary milk on your hands when you have finished and rinse your hands with it – takes the smell away with no harsh chemicals or anything else.


  7. Lisa


    Say it isn’t so! Andrea, that chemical garlic stuff is SO BAD!! Please reconsider and use fresh. You don’t need to suffer with smelly hands if you have a micro plane grater. Just grated those little suckers into your recipes. And fresh tastes so much better than that oily, chemical stuff!


  8. Ivy


    I love the chairs too and can’t wait to have some of my own. I love the hug-able hangers as well. Hubby how ever does not, he says they hug to well and it stretches the neck out of his t-shirts.


  9. Nicole


    I am so with you on the Cracker Barrel chairs, the hangers, and the toddler tramp. I just wish I were as good a bargain hunter as you, because we paid full price for all of the above.


  10. DeniseJ


    Love the garlic, use it ALL THE TIME.
    My house is split on the hangers, I love them, hubbers prefers plastic, and the teenagers just don’t care.
    Our George Foreman (about 7 yo) has interchangeable plates and my 17 yo son is always making after school waffles with it. We use it for Panini night but I cook in much larger volume to use it much myself. I cook XXL meals for lunch leftovers on a construction site.


  11. Rebecca @ Rebeccas Delightful Home


    I love my space saving hangers, too! Not only do they save space, you avoid hanger marks in the shoulders. Plus, the wide neck tops don’t slide off the hangers. We found ours at Costco – $9.99 for a 35 pack.

    The George Foreman grill is great! We love ours and get so much use out of it! Definitely worth the $!


  12. Danielle


    I really wanted to like the minced garlic but it smelled so much like chemicals to me.

    Slightly different than the George Foreman but I have the Food Network panini/griddle/waffle maker and use that all the time.


  13. Stel


    I love my George Foreman as well! We also use it to make flapjack (US pancakes) – just had to get used to the ridges,but quick and easy.

    The hangers – don;t you find that it breaks easily? I first saw these on your blog, and bought similar in South Africa, but it tends to break just below the “neck”. But I have since found chrome hangers with a rubber coating, very sturdy, that serves the same purpose (not the wire ones).