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posted by Andrea | 11/4/2010

I LOVE finding great deals and getting things for free — it’s a sickness!

I follow a handful of coupon blogs, I cut my own coupons, and I shop the sales; all in an effort to reduce our grocerry bill and get a lot more for a lot less.

And you know what — it works!

Over the years, I have seen the biggest saving on our toiletries — which I often get for free. Yup, I get everything from lotion, shampoo, body wash, razors, and even makeup for FREE! It’s a great way to save money, especially since we could care less what brands we use.

I usually have a pretty good stock pile of toiletries in our bathroom cabinets, but last week I ran out of mascara. Now, normally, if I run out of something, I would just do without until I found it again for free. However, my boyishly-short eyelashes require mascara to keep me from looking half asleep!

So, I grabbed my BOGO CoverGirl coupon and headed to Rite Aid because I knew they had a sale on CoverGirl makeup.  But when I got to the rack, I was shocked that nearly all the prices were over $12.00!

Who knew makeup was so expensive??

I almost left; figuring I’d just have to look like a boy for the next couple of weeks {yes, I really am THAT cheap}, but then I crouched way down and pulled out a tube of mascara from the very bottom row.


It was only $5.99 — plus the store sale was 40% off, plus I had my BOGO coupon!

After the sale price and my coupon, I did get both Mascaras for $3.60 total {which still errks me!) but if I hadn’t looked at the bottom of the rack, I would have paid at least $8.00 even with the sale and my coupon.

I know some of you are reading this and thinking; I would pay $8.00 for 2 mascaras in a heartbeat.

BUT for all the frugal souls out there…I just thought you should know that I spent a little more time looking through the different racks of toiletries at Rite Aid and all the really low prices were way at the bottom.

So, the next time you’re stuck purchasing something you can’t get for free, check the bottom of the rack first!


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  1. TrishaFay


    I know this is a fairly old post, but I’m new to your blog and just sort of ended up here from something else on Pinterest.
    I think most of your suggestions are brilliant, but this one gave me pause, because most of the deeply discounted items in the makeup section are either discontinued merchandise (which is fine, unless you end up LOVING it and then can’t find it again) or they’re nearing the end of their shelf life. For something like mascara, which has a tendency to dry up or go off fairly quickly I would be hesitant to stock up on it at the end of it’s shelf life. It’s just not worth the savings to risk irritation to your eyes, or the possibility of having to toss it out in only a month or two.


  2. Amy


    This post makes me really like you and I don’t even know you!!!
    It is hard to pay for something that you know you can get for FREE. Good tip though. I am like you, I would dig until I found it cheaper, but now I will just start at the bottom. 🙂


  3. mom2fur


    I was a little spoiled growing up in that my mother has been selling Avon for about 50 years now (no kidding) and I got things free. I do buy makeup, but only on sale and with a coupon if necessary. I’ll use it all to the last drop, too. You are right, it is sooooo pricey! I’m also one to ‘do without’ because I won’t pay full price.
    I love the bargains I get combining coupons and sales. I think all of us CVS-ers have quite a stash of toothpaste, at least, LOL!