How to Make Homemade Bubbles

posted by Andrea | 05/8/2013

homemade bubbles

Thanks to a recent gift from one of her aunts, Nora now LOVES bubbles.

We keep the bubbles in a “secret spot” in our kitchen but Nora knows where they are. So naturally, she stands there pointing up and pleading for her “bubus” every time we go outside to play.

It’s pretty cute!

However, after a few days of intense bubble blowing, we were running low on our supply.

I knew there were recipes for homemade bubbles, so I searched the internet and I found several. After trying a few, I decided this one was the simplest.

Recipe for Homemade Bubbles

recipe for homemade bubbles


  • 1 c. water
  • 2 T. corn syrup (I used “light” because that’s what I had)
  • 4 T. liquid dish soap (I’ve successfully tried it with Dawn and Palmolive so far)


  • In a small container, mix all ingredients together (I use old yogurt and sour cream containers)
  • Pour into bubble dispenser (it’s easiest with a small funnel)
  • Have hours of summer fun!

It took me all of 5 minutes to mix up the bubbles, refill our bottles, and head back outside for more fun.

I have a feeling I’ll be using this recipe many, many times in the years to come  🙂

What are your favorite inexpensive ways to entertain kids during the spring and summer months?


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  1. Brandajah


    great idea for a preschooler


  2. DIY Super Easy Homemade Bubbles |


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  3. Jelli


    My little girl loves bubbles too, and admittedly, so do I. I’ve been refilling her supply with dishsoap and water. What does the corn syrup do to the mixture? If it really makes a difference, I’d love to try it, but here in Costa Rica corn syrup is really expensive….maybe that’s a great excuse to make pecan pie!


  4. Chrissy


    Thank you for this post! My husband and I were just talking about this last night. My sons love love love bubbles and this is a cheap alternative.


  5. rebeccasdelightfulhome


    I wish I had thought to do this when my girls were little. They had hours of fun with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and running through the sprinkler! Enjoy every moment – I never believed people when they said that it goes by so fast. I blinked and my kids were teenagers. When we are young, we can’t wait to grow up. Once you get there, you want life to slow down. It’s like as soon as you have children, someone hits the fastforward button!


  6. Anna


    Love this!

    I saw on Pinterest to use one of those drink dispensers for bubbles for kids. I bought one for $1 at Target, but haven’t found any recipes that I liked. My kids will love this.


  7. Leigh


    Mine love bubbles too. Keep an eye out for the no spill bubble containers. They really do work.

    We are also huge fans of water play. Daughter got a water table for her first birthday and it is probably the most played with toy in the back yard, along with the play house. By both her (now two) and her four year old brother. Sometimes we add dish soap for bubbles and she gives all the outside toys a wash.


  8. Natalia


    I can’t believe this!
    Just last week-end I made a note to buy bubbles for a children’s event at church, and almost immediately I scratched it off, thinking: “Andrea probably has a simple solution for this – I should look it up.” I didn’t make time to scroll thru your site at that time, and voila – a few days later – you’re answering my (silent) question!
    Thank you! And this really looks simple and inexpensive!!!
    I can hardly wait to try it and let kids enjoy the millions of bubbles! (I have 3 of those battery opperated machines). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


    Andrea Reply:

    WOW Natalia! So glad I could come through with the bubble post just in time for your church event!
    If I were you, I would probably try this recipe with your bubble blowers before the event, just in case it doesn’t hold up for those machines. I think it should, but I’ve personally never tried it so I wouldn’t want your even to be ruined because of bad bubbles 🙂


    Natalia Reply:

    🙂 I’m sure it’ll be ok, but I’ll run a test, it just in case. Thanks again!


  9. Evie


    Nora looks so cute in her shorts and sandals! Love all these ideas for easy and inexpensive fun! When my kids were little, they loved big fat pieces of sidewalk chalk in various colors. On hot days, washing off the sidewalk (and each other) with the hose was great fun afterward, too.


  10. Lisa Rohrssen


    Sidewalk Chalk, you could always tell what house was mine because my house was always decorated on the sidewalk. My daughter started with scribbling and then all the way to works of art. It’s not expensive I used to buy it at the dollar store but it would give my daughter a huge palette to creat on. One rain….and start again!


  11. Georgia Gal


    I will be using this recipe Andrea. Thanks so much for sharing! Some of my favorite inexpensive ways to entertain children are:

    * Painting ( You can buy paint and paint brushes at the Dollar Tree. Then let the kids paint on scrap paper, rocks, cardboard from snack & food boxes, junk mail, etc. I rarely buy paper for painting, because the there are many free things you can use to paint on.

    * Homemade Slip-n-Slide- Lay your hose next to a tarp, so the water is running down the tarp, add a little soap and then watch the kids slide and have a lot of fun! It works great if you can set it up on a hill or incline.

    * Sprinkler Fun- My kids love to run and play in the sprinkler. It’s a great way for them to cool off, have fun, and burn some energy.

    * Field Day at home- Field day at school is always a lot of fun! Create that fun at home by setting up relay races and games in your backyard. It’s a lot of fun and can cost you little to no money. Surf the internet for game ideas and then use what you have at home, to keep costs down.

    * Candy Hunts- My kids love these! They are a great and inexpensive way to treat your children. You can use any candy you find on sale, with coupons, or from Dollar Tree, etc. Make sure it has a wrapper and hide it all around your yard or inside your home. Give the kids a lunch, paper, or grocery bag, whatever you have, and then let them collect the loot. They will have so much fun! We also like to do this for birthdays instead of giving out goodie bags or having a piñata.

    * Park & Playground Fun- Each week find a new park or playground to take your children to. Your just paying for gas and the kids will look forward to the “surprise” of where they will go.

    * Library- A lot of libraries offer a story time, crafts, coloring sheets, etc. Check out their event schedule and see what fun things they have to offer.

    * Home Depot & Lowe’s- Home depot has a monthly kids workshop the first Saturday of every month. The children get to make a free project and receive a apron and award pin. Lowe’s Build & Grow clinic is on select Saturdays and you have to register on the website to reserve your spot.

    * Play-doh- There are a lot of easy recipes online for homemade play-doh. You can add oils to scent them, as well as food coloring, to make them a variety of colors. Let your children use your kitchen utensils, plates, and pans to create a play-doh restaurant, pizza parlor, etc. My kids can play for hours with play-doh and kitchen tools!

    Hope these help and everyone has a wonderful day~


    Katie Reply:

    Fun ideas! To add to your Candy Hunt, we like to draw treasure maps on old paper to locate the candy. It extends the time of the hunt and helps children learn map skills 🙂


    Georgia Gal Reply:

    You’re right! We have done that once. My husband actually planned it at a local park and the kids had the best time! Thanks for sharing another way to have the candy hunt. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  12. Aishwarya


    This is fabulous! I’ve been thinking of buying one for my two-year-old for so long. That’s one among the many things that slip out of my mind. Thanks so much 🙂 And I love Nora’s pink sandals too. they are gorgeous!


  13. Carol D.


    Love the idea of homemade bubbles. What is the purpose of the corn syrup?


  14. Julie H


    Great idea! My boys got battery powered bubble guns for their birthdays and they are awesome! They blow so many bubbles and I don’t have to get light headed from blowing so many bubbles. Lol


    Julie H Reply:

    And I love Nora’s pink sandals! So cute!