How to Start a Business… Today!

posted by Andrea | 07/16/2013

how to start a business

Over the years, I’ve answered many “how do I start a business?” questions; and although I definitely don’t have all the answers, I’m always surprised by how shocked people are when I explain how simple the beginning stages can be.

In fact, you could literally wake up tomorrow and legally go into business for yourself — it’s THAT easy.

You don’t need to file an LLC (limited liability company) or a DBA (doing business as).

You don’t need a separate bank account or EIN (employee identification number).

You don’t need company checks, business cards, or a logo.

You don’t need a website, a Twitter account, or a Facebook page.

You don’t even need a business name!

All you need is something (a product or service) you can sell, some way to track any income you bring in and any expenses you pay out, and then make sure you pay taxes on that income at some point.

That’s it — at least in the beginning.

Did you know that?

Obviously, there are tons more details that you might eventually need to work through once your business starts to grow… but in the beginning, it really can be that simple.


When I started my organizing business back in 2007, I didn’t have a name, I didn’t have business cards, I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have a lot of things. I just had myself, my car, and my trusty label maker… and I was in business.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting a business of any type, it CAN BE quite simple — especially if you can get by without a lot of product inventory or overhead expenses.

Want to get started?

Here are a few frugal business resources:

I use as my blogging platform. My site was custom designed by Agathon Group — they are also my web-hosting company (and Dave’s cousin is the co-owner.)

You can also start a free blog/website with

I use for all my business accounting needs. There are both free and paid options depending on how many features you need to utilize.

I used Overnight Prints for business cards but you can also get really inexpensive (or even free) cards with Vista Print

Start a free Facebook page or Twitter account to get connected and market yourself.

If you’re selling something homemade, use a free Etsy account to get started.

The Small Business Association website ( has a bunch of helpful resources — including this post about 10 Steps to Start Your Own Business

And here are a few blog posts you might want to read:

8 simple steps to start your own blog.

5 lessons I learned after 5 years in business.

A closer look at my daily and weekly work schedule.

How I was finally able to generate a full-time income online.


Starting a business might not always be EASY, but it can be pretty SIMPLE to get up and running — especially if you have an original idea, a great work ethic, and strong desire to succeed.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting a business or wondered if you could do it, the answer is probably yes!

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  1. Elizabeth


    Thanks for this post, Andrea. It was exactly what I needed to get started. So often I’m guilty of “paralysis by analysis” so after reading your post, I decided to take action. The first thing I did the next morning was go to and register my domain name. Yes! On 7/17, I paid $17.17 for my future website. Pretty awesome, huh?

    Just wanted to let you know that your effort and your postings have a positive effect on your readers. I found your site fairly recently when searching for day planners and your site showed up at or near the top of the list (thank you for the freebie!). I’ve been an avid reader ever since.

    And love the pictures of Nora!


  2. Lilly


    Thanks for all the resources! I love Outright, too!!! Also tried WaveAccounting and love it, too. They’re both free, so trying them both side-by-side until I decide. For starting up, I’m a little Type A and needed a little more structure to my business when I launched, so I loved for their step-by-step business startup checklist.


  3. Erica


    Do you have a hard time getting your accounts to update on Outright? I started a free Outright account after reading this post but I’m having a hard time getting my accounts to update…


  4. Siobhan


    Very helpful…thanks so much!


  5. Tara


    No, I honestly didn’t know that! It is refreshing to hear the simplified version. I don’t plan on starting a business of my own really, but this is good info to know. You know…just in case. Thanks Andrea!


  6. Beth


    Andrea, thank you for this post and the links. I’m thinking about starting a business after I retire in September. This will be very helpful in getting me started!


  7. Luba


    Thank you for the encouragement, Andrea. I have recently begun working from home and absolutely love it!


  8. JoAnn C.


    Thanks Andrea. I’ve been kicking around ideas for some time especially since I’m a stay-at-home caregiver for my mom. Looking for work away from home is nearly impossible at this point so I appreciate very much your information and your ‘can do’ attitude.


  9. Michele C


    Great information. Outright changed my financial life when I found it last year. It is so fantastic!