It’s My Birthday… I Have Freebies for Everyone!

posted by Andrea | 06/16/2016

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Guess what?

Today is my 31st birthday!

And I’m celebrating by doing nothing! Seriously, I don’t have anything written in my planner for today; I have no to-do’s, no obligations, and no big plans whatsoever.

empty schedule

Dave will be home all day, Nora is going to help me make my birthday cake, the kids apparently have a little gift for me, and we’ll probably get Culver’s or Arby’s for dinner so I get a night off from cooking — yay!

Hopefully it will be a relaxing day — and maybe a sign of a relaxing year ahead!


As I thought about what I wanted to blog about on my birthday, I decided that I’d really like to offer some freebies for EVERYONE, as well as share a couple resources that have helped to drastically simplify my life over the past couple of years.

Consider it MY birthday gift to all of you for being some of the best and most loyal readers a gal could ask for!


(this is my 5th birthday — so just a little older than Nora is right now)


As many of you already know, I have never loved running errands or shopping “in store” for anything — and now that I’m toting 3 small children around with me all day long, I almost never run any errands until Dave is home.

I order everything I can online or I just do without… and I use our local grocery store’s curbside pickup service to avoid grocery shopping with small children!

Another service I’ve been using for more than 2 years now, to simplify and streamline my life, is (formerly Epantry). 

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.50.11 PM

For those of you who haven’t heard of Grove Collaborative, it’s an online service that delivers the best natural products right to your door (things like toiletries, cleaning products, diapers, paper products, and other items you use up on a regular basis.)

They offer a HUGE range of products and brands and very competitive pricing. They make it extremely simple to change, reschedule, or cancel an order, and they have the absolute best customer service of any company I’ve worked with in a really really long time!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.42.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.42.39 PM


Using the services has saved my sanity month after month by delivering the basics we use every month right to our front porch with absolutely ZERO effort on my part.

I get their reminder email a few days before my order is ready to ship (just in case I want to add or remove anything from my cart) and I get a text alert when the order leaves their facilities. All I need to do is wait a couple of days for the goodies to show up at my door and unload them into the appropriate places throughout our house.


After using this service for over 2 years now, I have our order down to a science. I know exactly how many diapers and wipes we need each month and I know approximately how much toilet paper, tissue, sanitizing wipes, and paper towels we go through as well.

I also have bi-monthly and quarterly orders set up for other less-frequently-used items like dish soap, dishwasher tabs, body wash, razors, toothpaste, lip balm, trash bags, sunscreen, and more.

This means I NEVER have to worry about running out of these basic necessities, I NEVER have to worry about forgetting to add them to my grocery list, and I NEVER have to worry about forgetting to buy them at the store.

I truly never even need to think about them. EVER! 

Also, since the products are delivered on a monthly basis, I never need to store massive amounts of extra products in our closest, in our kitchen, or in our small bathroom storage baskets.

Win. Win. Win. Win. Win!

I know this might sound insignificant to some of you, but I can’t tell you how much my monthly Grove shipments have helped to simplify and streamline my life at home with 3 rambunctious children.

Also, since I have the VIP membership, I get free shipping ALL the time and a handful of freebie gifts throughout the year (things like their amazing candles, lip balm, and other fun cleaning goodies!)

grove shipment


Since my monthly Grove shipments are one of MY most favorite things, I contacted them to see if they’d be willing to put together an extra special offer for ALL my readers to celebrate my birthday.

Of course, they were thrilled to participate in my birthday fun, so there are freebies for everyone this week; plus an extra-special bonus offer for new Grove customers!

birthday freebies

Get YOUR Birthday Freebies Here! is offering the following Birthday Freebies to ALLLLLLL of you from now through 11:59pm on June 20, 2016!

If you currently have a account, all you need to do is click here to have a FREE Method Dish Soap added to your next shipment (you can choose the scent after it’s in your cart).

If you are new to, you can click here to set up your account. With your new account, you will get a FREE Method Dish Soap, FREE Method Hand Soap, FREE Method All-Purpose Spray, and FREE shipping on your first order of $20 or more!

method freebies



I’m not really a “gifts” person (lucky for Dave), but knowing that so many of the products we use up each month will be regularly delivered to my front porch with no extra effort on my part is such a fabulous year-long gift for me.

It’s the gift of more time, less stress, more simplicity, less clutter…  and it frees up a whole lot of precious mental energy in my brain (and I’ll take all the extra mental energy I can get right now!) 

I hope you enjoy your birthday freebies this much!


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  1. Theresa Anderson


    I tried to click the link as a GROVE member already and it isn’t working – I was looking forward to trying the soap. I am a fairly new GROVE member and still figuring it out (only been a member for about 1 month) so looking forward to trying something new. Just posted on FB about the problem so hoping you can help. If not, no worries – I am still excited about GROVE.
    Thanks for the offer – love reading your site.


  2. Fee


    “We wish we could get Grove Collaborative into the hands of everyone the world over, but unfortunately at this time we ship only to the Contiguous US”….Grove FAQ.
    Sorry Andrea, but it seems the offer is only open to US applicants.
    Anyway, I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy and let us know what you did on your special day.


  3. Stel


    This sounds brilliant. Although we have various online shopping and delivery options available in RSA, I doubt that any is as streamlined as this. I did have to smile at myself now as I realised that since moving from a city to a smaller town 18 months ago I have used online shopping so much more, from a new trampoline to perfume, books, yarn and a saucepan this week! It has to do as much with availability as with service in shops – I happily turn on my heel and then rather order something.
    And…this weekend I’ve been investigating a large kitchen unit and second-hand kelim…so I might just as well retract that first sentence 😀


  4. Margaret


    Thank you so much for the freebies, hope you had a wonderful birthday! I’m sure you are diligent about price comparisons in your area. I’m in NJ close to the city… The same method hand soap that the ‘grove’ had advertised was over five- at our local grocery store it was $2.99 at regular price.


  5. Jenny C.


    Andrea, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! May you be blessed with a great year to come. You are a beautiful person…so thankful to “know” you 🙂


  6. JJ


    Happy Birthday!


  7. Shannon


    Happy Belated Birthday!


  8. Cambria


    Thanks Andrea and happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day!! I’m a Grove user too so thanks for the free dish soap!


  9. Rose


    Happy birthday!! I totally took advantage of the free items on grove! I joined and I’m getting those free goodies!!! Thx!


    Andrea Reply:

    Yay! Hope you love your freebies!!