It’s Not Rocket Science… It’s Real Life

posted by Andrea | 05/30/2013

It's not Rocket Science

I receive many emails on a daily and weekly basis — many of them are for informational purposes, some are asking questions about my business or my blog, and some are simply kind words of appreciation and encouragement (thank you!)

However, there are also a few nasty ones that pop up in my inbox every once in a while — and they bug me so much.

Not that I think everyone needs to like me or approve of what I do (honestly, I’m really not the ‘people pleaser’ type of person).

I just can’t get over how mean someone needs to be to take time out of their day to sit down and type lengthy emails expressing why someone they’ve never even met in real life is “a horrible person”, has “a stupid blog”, is “not a good Christian”, is “failing their family by not feeding them all Real Food”, or is “turning their child into a spoiled brat” (yes, seriously… these are all real emails I’ve received!)

I delete the mean emails and move on with my day — but sometimes the words stick with me. I think of them as I type, as I make dinner, or as I contemplate how long I can outlast yet another temper tantrum.

Then I remind myself that the people behind those emails don’t really know me. They don’t have my life, my job, or my family. They can only judge me if I let them.

And I don’t let them!


Recently, I received a nasty email that went on about how boring my blog is and how ridiculous it is for me to post pictures and share updates of Nora on my blog.

Just for that last statement, Nora is giving them the evil eye… 

A quote from this email stated:

“Most of your ideas are not rocket science… I’m sure you are bright enough and are not intentionally turning people off. Consider the fact that just because people are afraid to speak up and are concerned about hurting your feelings does not mean that they appreciate what your blog sometimes deteriorates into.”

As I glazed over the email and prepared to hit “DELETE” my eyes kept going back to the phrase “Most of your ideas are not rocket science.”


It’s not rocket science.

I’ve heard this phrase many times in my life — and I’m certain I’ve said it a handful of times too. I was curious to exactly where it originated… so I did a little online research. I found a ton of information, but I think this Phrase Finder explanation says it best…

“It’s not rocket science” simply means: It (the subject under discussion) isn’t difficult to understand.


That’s 100% the goal I’m striving for here at 

My goal with every blog post is to make sure: It (organizing, budgeting, meal planning, scheduling, working from home, raising a family) isn’t difficult to understand.

As I’ve mentioned over and over and OVER again — Andrea Dekker is a brand, a business, and a blog that focuses on simplifying REAL life for real families with real budgets, real schedules, real homes, and real lives.

So of course the ideas and concepts presented on my blog are not rocket science. I never intended them to be rocket science. In fact, it would defeat both my business and personal goals if my ideas were rocket science!

So while that particular email attempted to make me feel inferior and defeated, it actually did just the opposite. It confirmed that what I’m doing here on is working!

I’m successfully sharing recipes, organizing ideas, time management tips, frugal advice, and more in a way that “isn’t difficult to understand” — certainly no rocket science degrees required for this blog.

I realize I’m not the most talented writer, or parent, or business person, or chef, or house keeper.

I don’t have eloquent words like Ann.

I’m not overflowing with motherly wisdom like Sarah and Rachel.

I’m not a poet like Jodi.

I don’t have an amazing life story (or quick wit) like Glennon.

I’m not patient, humble, or overly-generous like Crystal.

But I AM real.

I write what I know, what I do, what works for me, and what I hope will be useful for you (spelling mistakes, grammar slip-ups, blurry photos, and all).

The content of my blog is NOT rocket science… it’s real life.

And I think that’s a whole lot better!

Don’t you?

{Please note, the purpose of this post is not to “get back at” the writer of that email. I never even responded to the email. I simply thought it made a really good point that my blog is NOT rocket science. There is no need to defend me in the comments. I know that the majority of readers DO appreciate the efforts I put into maintaining this blog — thank you for that!}

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