Love It or Lose It

posted by Andrea | 07/21/2010

Is it time for you to eliminate some of the clutter from your home and your life?

You know it’s time to get more organized if…

  • You can’t close your closet doors
  • You open your cabinets and wonder what will fall out
  • You don’t need to dust anymore — because all your surfaces are covered with junk
  • Your junk drawer has morphed into a junk room
  • Your storage area has reached capacity
  • You can’t park your car(s) in the garage

However, knowing it and actually doing it are two totally different things!

It can be difficult to eliminate unnecessary and useless items from your home, even though you know it will give you more order and organization. However, taking a logical “love it or lose it” approach should make it easier to clear your clutter and regain your cherished storage spaces.

Let me show you what I mean:


Love it –> Plates, bowls, cups, and glasses that easily nest into other pieces; and Double-duty kitchen gadgets

Lose it –> Storage containers that are missing their tops or bottoms, dishes that are chipped, broken glassware, and unused water bottles and coffee cups.

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Love it –> Any movie that you watch repeatedly and classic books you enjoy revisiting.

Lose it –> 8 tracks, records, books you never intend to read, your entire collection of CD’s (after you transfer them to your computer or MP3 player).


Love it –> Your favorite sweatshirt and jeans, an appropriate mixture of business and casual clothing, and at least one of each basic clothing item.

Lose it –> Clothes you hope to fit into some day, stained, damaged, unflattering, and outdated clothing.

See how I organize my closet.

Mental Clutter

Love it –> Great ideas, happy thoughts, and things you can control

Lose it –> Negative feelings, other people’s problems, and anything that’s out of your control

Kid’s Stuff:

Love it –> Their latest treasures, craft project, and artwork; clothes that fit; toys and games they play with.

Lose it –> Old artwork and treasures, books and toys that are too “young” for them, and worn out clothing

Remember, you are the adult, and your children will want to keep EVERYTHING!


Love it –> A FEW keepsakes and family heirlooms, your favorite vacation souvenir, and small collections (as long as they can be beautifully displayed)

Lose it –> Everything else!

Taking a “Love It or Lose It” approach to getting organized should help to simplify the decision-making process for your next organizing project. These deciding factors can serve as your guidelines for which items will stay and which will soon find another home.

What was the last item you purged?

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  1. Jacqueline


    I found your site kinda by accident but now I know why. You are fabulous!!! I’m like you, I can’t stand clutter and I LOVE purging things. I’ve got two little kids and one on the way. We are building a home and ill be using your ideas when we move in …..and purging before we get there :-). I just went through my book cases with your love it or lose method. I love your style, your ideas and you are a organized girl after my own heart.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Jacqueline!!
    Sounds like you have a full plate right now — and what better time to purge and get organized!


  2. amy


    I have 7 kids! my favorite organizing tool to use is their memory box and my digital camera! Each kid has a box with their name and once a year usually around the end of summer before the next school semester starts we go through the memory box and get rid of old artwork, But we always take a digital picture so they always have an image of it! You can also use the artwork, especially now are around Christmas,for gift wrap!!!!


    Andrea Reply:

    I LOVE this idea Amy!!

    I often tell parents to do this exact thing with their kid’s artwork. It’s such a simple way to eliminate tons of paper clutter but still keep the memories.

    And what a great idea to use their artwork for holiday gift wrap — eliminate clutter and save money all at the same time!


  3. Becky


    Such great advice, I get so tired looking at the clutter I wish I could let go of it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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