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posted by Andrea | 06/11/2010
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In one of my recent newsletter (you can sign up for these at the right –>) I mentioned that my “project” for the month would be organizing  my closet. After the newsletter went out, I received countless e-mails from clients and readers, asking to see pictures of my closet. So, since I have nothing to hide, here it is! Pretty great huh?

OK…so that’s only my “dream” closet; I think it might be bigger than my living room! But isn’t it amazing??

On a more realistic note, our closets are  just small, double-door closets — nothing fancy here.

However; I am lucky that we have 2 separate closets so my husband and I don’t have to share — definitely a perk.

…and I do know from experience (lots of it!) that even the smallest closets can — and should — be organized.

Here are a few pictures of my actual closet…
My dad built custom closet systems to help us maximize our space.

Shirts and skirts on the left — jeans and t-shirts in the middle — pants, belts, and dresses on the right
No, I don’t color-code my closet!

Sweaters and sweatshirts are organized by weight on the top two shelves.

All my purses and bags are on the top shelf as well. I have a basket for the smaller bags.

(Notice that I use all the same hangers…which really helps to save space!)

So that’s it. Nothing special but it’s organized!

I am pretty intentional about purging, especially if I buy something new. Personally, I try not to even buy anything unless I know I have a place for it in my closet…and am willing to part with something else! (this is also a great way to save money!)

So, for all of you who were so eager to see my closet, I hope I didn’t let you down!

What about you: Could your closet use a little organization?

Which closet is your most unorganized? Your most organized?

Do you have any secrets or tips to keep your closets organized?

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  1. Natalia


    I’m coming back to this post from your resurrected post from 2017, and I wanted to let you know that I still like it, even after all these years, even with the borders 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — thanks Natalia!


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  3. L.


    Could u post steps/instructions to make a closet organizer like your dad made u?


  4. Heidi


    This is giving me great inspiration to do the same with my own closet! I have made a goal to weed through my wardrobe and make replacements as necessary.


  5. Baby Coupon Mom


    It is well organized. Good job there.

    I keep a small drawer organizer for small items like socks etc.