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posted by Andrea | 10/1/2010
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It amazes me how many rechargeable items we use on a daily basis. Everything from cell phones and MP3 players to laptops, digital cameras, and rechargeable batteries — and in order to recharge, they all need to be plugged in.

I swear, whoever built our home {in 1968} seriously needed to put more than two outlets in the kitchen and more than one (YES ONE) outlet in the bathroom! Didn’t they know how many “things” we would have to plug in and recharge every day??

Isn’t it ironic that unlike all our rechargeable toys, we often need to UNPLUG in order to recharge?

It’s true.

For the past month, I have been working harder during the week in an effort to unplug on the weekend — especially on Sunday {I often play “catch-up” on Saturday!}

For me, this means planning ahead to get my blog posts ready for Monday BEFORE Sunday evening! It also means shutting down my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler accounts from Saturday evening until Monday morning — yes, this is totally doable and life will continue {I promise!} It means responding to all my emails, comments, and messages, and preparing my workshops before Saturday night. It means, shutting of the blogging part of my brain and trying not to even think about my blog on Sunday {this is probably the most difficult for me at the moment}.

Is it difficult?


Is it worth it?


Maybe you think unplugging won’t work for you {who knows, it might not} — but don’t you think you could give it a try? Even just for an hour or two? Pretty please?

Here are a few resources to get you started:

What to do on your “day off”

  • Go for a walk {outside, not on the treadmill while you work at your computer}
  • Flip through your favorite magazines {just for fun; not looking for blog ideas}
  • Spend time with your family {because they still love you even though you ignore them all week}
  • Do whatever YOU want to do without worrying about email, phone calls, facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. etc.

Now, do you feel happier? More energized? More connected with your family and friends? More joyful?

Give it a try…even if it’s just for an hour and see if you feel any different. I think you might!

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  1. Jen @ BigBinder


    I read “A Year Of Living Bibically” last year and it really got to me about keeping the Sabbath holy. I mean – clearly, God thinks it’s pretty important…
    The guy didn’t even open up his laptop at all on Sunday, which drives me crazy not to, but I try. It’s only then that I realize how much I miss when I think I’m present with my family but really, I might as well not even be there if I’m online.


    Andrea Reply:

    I know Jen!
    I really look forward to Sunday and my time away from technology. It’s relaxing…and then gets me excited for Monday to see what happened over the weekend.


  2. Lona


    I struggle with this. Thanks for reminding me that we all need some time away from the electronica…


  3. Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving


    I’m trying to find this balance, too, Andrea! For me, Sunday is one of the few days I can really sit down and write, but church and family always comes first. Always.


  4. mandi@itscome2this


    Really great advice!!! I think they were on to something in 1968! Thanks for linking up:)


  5. The Diaper Diaries


    Such great advice!!! Thanks for the link 🙂