My SO Simple Punch Recipe

posted by Andrea | 08/15/2011

Last weekend, my mom and aunts threw a wedding shower for one of my cousins — at our house. We had delicious egg dishes, fruit salad, breads, muffins, coffee, and my favorite… SO simple punch.

The shower was a huge success and all I was left with at the end were a few pieces of bread and some punch!

The crazy thing is that EVERY single time I make this punch, someone asks me for the “recipe” {yes, it really is THAT good}. And I don’t mind passing out the recipe, but every time I do, I get a look like “that’s it?”

There are only TWO necessary ingredients in this punch, but you can definitely tweak it to fit any punch-worthy occasion!


My SO Simple Punch Recipe

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Summary: This is my all-time favorite punch recipe for any gathering. I serve it year round and always get rave reviews!


  • One 2-liter of “clear pop” {Sprite, 7-up, Sierra Mist, diet works too} — chilled
  • One 48oz. White Grape Juice — chilled
  • Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, and/or ice ring {optional}


FOR THE ICE RING: optional

If you are planning to make an ice ring {which I think looks really cool} you’ll want to do that the night before.

  • First find some type of mold — I used a gelatin mold — but you could also use just a circular container.
  • Fill the mold 1/4 full with white grape juice, 1/4 with pop, and 1/4 with fruit . This way, there is plenty of room for it to freeze, but it will not water down your punch as it melts!
  • Cover and place on a flat surface in the freezer {overnight is best}



  • Pour pop and white grape juice into a large beverage server or a punch bowl.
  • Add colorful fruit, ice ring, or ice cubes
  • Serve and enjoy!

This recipe takes about 5 minutes to make and is easily doubled or tripled to serve a crowd!


See, I told you it was SO simple!

If you are serving this punch for a specific occasion {like a wedding shower, baby shower, holiday party, etc.} you can coordinate the colors of the fruit with the colors of that occasion. For example, sliced oranges, lemons, and limes look great in the summer time, cranberries look great around Christmas time {I used cranberries because it was the closest fruit to her wedding color!} Pink berries work great for girl baby showers and “blue/black” berries work for boy baby showers. You get the idea!

Also, since the punch is relatively light in color, you could experiment with adding food coloring to change the color a bit {I’ve actually never tried this, but I think it should work!}

Oh, and as if this recipe isn’t simply enough, I thought I should mention that it also tastes delicious as leftovers! I just pour any left overs back into the white grape juice container and drink it for as long as it lasts {which usually isn’t long}!!

Have you ever tried this punch before? If not, what is YOUR favorite punch recipe?

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  1. Putra


    Thanks Andrea – excellent clear instructions and helpful friendly individualized help! Best wishes!


  2. Heather


    I was in need of a quick, easy punch recipe for a birthday party gathering this Saturday. Already have the Sprite and frozen fruit, just need the grape juice! Thank you so much!


  3. Katherine


    How many people does your recipe serve?


    Andrea Reply:

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think 1 batch would serve 10-15 people. I almost always make a double batch though 🙂


  4. Roxann


    Has anyone ever used this recipe with champagne? If so, How much would I add?


  5. Kim


    We make it for every event requiring punch! We call it Champagne Punch. We use ginger ale instead of clear soda. It is delicious and always a hit.


  6. Sandy


    Please advised how many this serves..
    I am in charge of punch for 45 people this weekend.
    Thank you


  7. Vikki


    This sounds really good. I’m looking for a way to make it orange colored (Tennessee Volunteers). Any suggestions?


    Andrea Reply:

    I’d just use food coloring… and then put sliced oranges in the glass punch bowl.


    Jennifer Reply:

    What about using orange soda instead of Sprite since it’s still citrus-y and orange! : )


    Georgia Reply:

    How about using orange sherbet. This will give the orange color and a frothy appearance.


  8. Sue


    Being a Southern Baptist, as my friend says, “we don’t drink with each other,” I call this our Baptist wine cooler! It is my favorite and I’ve never found anyone who doesn’t like it.


  9. Ashley


    Great idea!
    My friends family makes a punch similar, but they put a block of sherbert in the punch bowl and pour the soda and juice over it. Soooo yummy!


    Dea Reply:

    What kind of sherbet and how much?


  10. Sandy


    mmmm. We use this all the time. We don’t drink alcohol and it is our ‘mock champagne’. We use ginger ale and float whatever fruit is handy at the time. We serve it in beautiful cut glass pitchers to give it that ‘fancy’ look 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, this punch can look very “fancy” and sophisticated with just a few simple additions — which is just one more reason why I love it SO much!


    Roxann Reply:

    Hi andrea…Have you ever used this with champagne?


  11. Sue


    Can you tell me the name of the beverage dispenser ??I have always liked these dispenser’s but everyone that I have owned has leaked..
    Sue in NJ


    Andrea Reply:

    Sue, I actually borrowed those beverage dispensers, but I’m pretty sure they were from Bed Bath and Beyond.


  12. Fiona


    I’ve never tried this punch, and I’m delighted to see it is non-alcoholic. Thank you so much for this idea Andrea. I’ll be giving it a try!


  13. Heather @ Work At Home Market


    My mom always made a strawberry punch growing up: strawberry daiquiri syrup & 7 UP. For extra fun occasions, she would add vanilla ice cream and let it melt into the punch. It was always a hit!


  14. Jennifer


    This is so funny because we just had a shower last weekend and used the same punch. We like white grape juice and Vernor’s ginger ale the best. We froze purple grapes in the ice ring for ours.


  15. MelissaPete


    I love the fruit ring! We use 7-up or Sprite or some clear bubbly liquid and add it to any fruit juice to make a bubbly drink. We love fruit and berry punch varieties and also lemonades. If the directions call for 3 cans of water, we do 2 waters and 1 soda. You can add extra soda so it’s not so precise. People go ga-ga over our beverages, but you are right, it’s SO simple!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Melissa! In my opinion — any type of juice with a little pop/soda added is just SO refreshing! I’ve never thought about adding one can of soda along with the 2 cans of water though. I suppose it’s a little less sugary that way, but still with some kick. Thanks for the great idea!