How I Organize My Ideas

posted by Andrea | 03/9/2011


I often have so many ideas floating around in my head — ideas for house projects, ideas for my business and website, ideas for dinner, ideas for gifts I could buy, things I should do, errands I have to run, etc. etc.

However, the more ideas I have, the more overwhelmed I start to feel. And the more overwhelmed I feel, the likelier it is that I will forget my ideas.

It was overwhelming!

So I Organized My Ideas.

Read all about my SIMPLE method for organizing my ideas over at

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  1. sarahworldcook


    Great idea- I have this problem so much. I’ll get ideas, especially when I am out or lying in bed at night- only to forget it later and feel that nagging feeling that I’m missing something.


  2. Cassie


    I have this same problem with all my ideas being crammed into my head, so tonight, I am looking forward to reading how you organize your idea’s, so that way I can organize mine!! 🙂 Have a great day!