The New Hoover Product Line!

posted by Andrea | 03/10/2011

look at this amazing line-up of Hoover vacuums — um, I’ll take one of each

Did you know that I LOVE to clean?

It’s true — not only do I love the end result of a clean house, I also really enjoy the cleaning process. And one of my most-loved cleaning activities is vacuuming. I can even overlook a bit of clutter in a freshly vacuumed room because my eyes gravitate to those delicious vacuum lines on the carpet!

I know I’m sick!

So can you just imagine my delight when Hoover contacted me to help them promote some of their new cleaning products? I certainly didn’t have to think long before I responded with an enthusiastic YES!

yup, they have carpet cleaners

Not only did I get a super fun trip to Chicago, a chance to visit the famous International Home and Housewears Show, an opportunity to meet some of my favorite bloggers “in real life”, and exposure to a great PR company; I also got to try a bunch of brand new Hoover products. {I’ll be trying more products throughout the year as well.}

Can life get any better!

Hoover’s new line of steam cleaners — can’t wait to try these!

The only downside to this trip is that my feet are SO sore. I wore comfortable shoes, but honestly, I think I did more walking in 2 days that I normally do in 2 weeks… it was worth it though!

Hoover & Dirt Devil:

Did you know that Hoover and Dirt Devil are like brother and sister?

It’s true, I got to see all kinds of new Dirt Devil products too.

And I was NOT disappointed!

I drooled over this wall of Dirt Devil hand vacs

So apparently, I’m the only person left who still calls these “dustbusters”! I was quickly corrected by the Hoover reps and told they were actually “hand vacuums”. I guess that sounds a little nicer…but I’ll probably keep calling them dust-butster!

Any other dust-buster fanatics out there?

I go through at least one hand vac every two years — but I’m sure it’s because I purchase inferior brands! I’m due for another one {hint hint Hoover!} I quickly tested out a few Dirt Devil and Hoover hand vacs while I was at the show, and I can not wait to tell you about their newest hand vac. So many amazing new features, I’m already addicted!

this is their new, heavy-duty pressure washer AND wet/dry vac

I don’t think this pressure washer is in stores yet, but I’ll be ready to buy mine when it comes out. We are in the market for a reasonably priced pressure washer for all our exterior siding, windows, woodwook, sidewalks, etc… and I think this just might be the one.

Oh, it feels good to find THE ONE!

the new Shred Devil — can’t wait to give these a try!

This post hardly scratches the surface of all the amazing products I saw in Chicago… but don’t worry, I’ll be back with more specific product reviews, and a few giveaways!

Stay tuned 🙂

Hotel Room Tour:

I just have to give you a quick tour of my hotel room…it was gorgeous!

We stayed at the Affinia Hotel in downtown Chicago — right off the Magnificent Mile. They had super comfortable beds, a choice of 6 different pillows, really cute toiletries {you know I’m a sucker for toiletries}, HGTV, and lots of snacks 🙂

I tried to take a video of my hotel room and of the Hoover booth, but apparently I’m not the best videographer because I started to get motion sick while editing.

So even though I’m super excited about my new Flip cam, I think I’ll just stick with snap shots for now!

Thanks again to the folks at Hoover and the amazing, super organized, totally on-top-of-it people at Current.

I had a blast!

I was given a free trip, flip cam, and Hoover products for review. However, I was in no way obligated to write this post. As always, my unwavering love of cleaning and my overly biased opinions for quality cleaning products are all mine!

Read my full disclosure policy here.


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  1. Olivia @ Crossing Bridges


    I still call them dust-busters too! You’ve reminded me that I’m in need of a new one–my parents gave me one in college, but I think college living killed it. Now I’m drooling over “hand-vacs” and big beautiful new vacuums!


  2. Sue


    I never really liked the dust busters.. I did like my small hand held dirt devil. cause it had a moving brush.. it seemed to really get my stairs cleaned.. Mom took mine when hers died and I had the canster vac that came with my Oreck. I have not used it in a while though cause it is a pita to get the bags for it.. I would love my dirt devil back.. !!
    Sue in NJ


    Andrea Reply:

    You should definitely reclaim your Dirt Devil…or just buy a new one! I can’t wait to show you the new one Hoover is coming out with this spring!


  3. Janelle


    I am in need of a new “dust buster” – that is what I call it too! I want one that is good and will do a great job, so I hope that you are able to suggest a great one! I have heard that the dirt devils are the best…but which one do you choose when they have so many to choose from? I am one of those people that get overwhelmed when there are too many choices, so any help from you would be great! 🙂


    Andrea Reply:

    Janelle, glad to hear you are another “dust buster” lover!!

    I will most definitely try to figure out what products are “the best” for different situations {hard floors, carpet, tile, etc} There are a lot of products to pick from…but they all function a bit differently so I suppose there’s a market for all of them!


  4. Kristia@Family Balance Sheet


    I still call them dust-busters too. We got one as a wedding gift and I never knew how much it would come in handy, especially now that I have kids. When we remodeled our kitchen, my husband added an outlet under our sink for me to store ours and keep it charged up. It was the best thing we ever did. I use it many times a day.


    Andrea Reply:

    Wow…how nice to have the dust buster hidden away in your kitchen cabinet! I don’t always like mine sitting out in the open, but I use it every day so it’s right off our kitchen!


  5. The Gaertegang


    I have a Hoover carpet cleaner….I’ve had it for MANY years and it has seen a TON of use of those years. My mom, my sister, and I have all shared the cleaner and used it on at home and in our cars. It’s a great investment!

    Love the swanky hotel!!! HGTV, snacks, and super CUTE sounds sooooo dreamy!


    Andrea Reply:

    Good to know! I would love to get a carpet cleaner but I’m not sure how much we would need it after we install all our hard flooring, however I love your idea for using it in the car.

    And yes, the hotel WAS nice!!