Organize Your Office… 5 Minutes at a Time

posted by Andrea | 02/2/2013
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5 minutes

It’s a common misconception that any amount of organization must take lots and lots of time and energy.

However, that’s simply not true. 

Not only can you GET organized in 5 to 10-minute increments, you can also STAY organized by spending 5 -10 minutes at different points throughout the day, quickly cleaning and organizing your home, your office, and your life!

Don’t believe me?

Head on over to the Turnstone blog to read a bunch of simple things you can do (right now) to get and stay more organized in 5-minute increments!

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  1. Debby


    Great tips. My office is well on it’s way to being organized but needs a little more work. That is actually how I found your site a few weeks ago, when I googled organizing office files. Thanks for such great tips! I am going to start the 5 min organizing sessions and getting the beautiful workspace into shape. Love your site.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Debby! I know you’ll love your more-organized office space!


  2. Lauracyw


    My husband’s home office is a disaster. Unfortunately it becomes a slash storage room most of the time. It will definitely be our biggest project yet. This is definitely helps a little. Thanks!