Our Newest Method of Transportation With Kids!

posted by Andrea | 06/29/2015

our new burley!

Thanks to the fact that our little 1-acre, 125-year-old farmhouse is SMACK in the middle of a small town, the kiddos and I can walk almost any place we want or need to go on a given day.

And thanks to the fact that walking is one of the only forms of exercise I actually enjoy, the fact that my kids LOVE being outside, and the fact that they (usually) love going on adventures around town, we go for walks almost every single day when the weather allows.

As I’ve mentioned before, our double stroller was one of the BEST purchases we made after Simon was born. I can’t even count how many hundreds of times we’ve used this stroller over the last 15 months!

The only “problem” is that Dave has always been big into running and biking, and ever since Simon came along, Dave has been eying the fabulous Burley D’Lite Double Bike Trailer + Double Jogger + Double Stroller.

Seriously, can you blame him? It’s gorgeous! 


I agreed that a Burley would be an amazing addition to our outdoor adventures, especially since it’s ONE single unit that performs THREE very different functions (bike trailer, jogging stroller, and a regular two-wheeled double stroller) — which means we’d save loads of space in our garage by only needing to store one item and a few small accessories!

burley d'lite

We searched Craigslist FOREVER and finally found a great deal on a used Burley about a year ago. It came with the jogging wheel and the bike trailer arm. However, it was just a little bit too old to be able to buy additional accessories to go with it — and I really wanted the double stroller wheels so we could use this as a regular two-wheeled double stroller in addition to the jogger and the bike trailer.

We ended up re-selling that unit a couple months later to someone who just wanted the jogger and bike trailer, and decided to keep looking for the “perfect used Burley” for us.

The only issue was that the Burley trailers are so amazing that no one ever sells them (except us apparently!)

We even know people who have Burley trailers and older kids, but they still weren’t willing to sell it to us because they used it for younger nieces and nephews… or they were going to pass it along to another family member. The Burley units are such high-quality that they can be passed down again and again!

As you can imagine, I was absolutely ECSTATIC when the folks from Burley contacted me earlier this year to do a review of their brand new D’Lite bike trailer, jogger, and double stroller kits. I could hardly even wait to tell Dave when he called me after school that day. It was like Christmas all over again — and I immediately started envisioning all the super cool adventures we could take with our new “toy”!!

And then it arrived and it was even better than we all imagined! 

The kids were SO excited to hop inside and go for a spin… and I think Dave was even more excited to hook up the bike and take them for a ride!

Of course, I’m not doing any biking or jogging these days (much to Nora’s dismay) but until I broke my toe last week, I was using the two-wheel stroller attachments to get around town on a daily basis.

For now though, I’m trying to be content to simply sit at home and rest my foot while the rest of the crew is out jogging and biking 🙁

I could probably write a 5000 word essay on everything Dave and I love about the Burley D’Lite… but to keep it simple (and less than 5000 words) I’ve decided to share the top 3 reason we’re loving our Burley.

1. It’s space-saving.

As I already mentioned above, we only need one item with a few small accessories to take the place of so many other pieces of kid’s gear — and you know how much I hate extra “stuff” sitting around the house and garage!

It’s also really easy to fold down for storage (although we pretty much never store it as we use it daily). It literally takes seconds to fold it down — and you can even pop off the wheels with just a push of a button to take up even less space! For the record, Dave timed me, and it was about 35 seconds to fold the entire thing down and take the wheels off (for a large and pregnant lady!)

For now, we are still keeping our other double, just because we’ll soon have 3 kids to push around and the Burley isn’t recommended for infants until they have a little more neck stability. However, once we’re done with the baby stage, the Burley is all we’ll need for our outdoor adventures with kids as Nora will most likely be able to ride her own bike by then!

Yay for simple and compact in a world of huge, bulky baby items!

2. It’s SO user-friendly.

The Burley D’Lite is extremely easy to set up and “put together”. It basically just involves popping the wheels on and then attaching the accessories. And if you’ve ever had a stroller that was difficult to push or maneuver, you will totally appreciate how light-weight and easy the Burley is to push. It’s basically a “zero-turn stroller” and can EASILY be pushed and maneuvered with one hand.

As far as changing the attachments — that’s as simple as removing a couple of pins, pulling the one attachement off, sliding the new one on, and you’re on your way again.

One feature we think is really cool is that Dave can put the double stroller wheels in the large storage basket when he’s on a bike ride… and then when he arrives at his destination, he can quickly and easily remove the bike hitch and hook up the stroller wheels to walk around. I still wonder why no one thought of this idea sooner!

Oh, and we got an extra bike hitch so we can have one on each of our bikes — making it almost effortless to switch back and forth based on whoever is taking them for a ride (don’t worry, I’m not doing any biking in my current state!)

2013_standard-forged-hitch_studio_455px 2014_sfh_single_studio_edit

3. It’s designed extremely well.

The inside of the D’Light is so comfy for the kids — with lots of (removable and washable) padding, adjustable straps, a recline feature, and even adjustable wheel suspension depending on how heavy your “load” is! There is an adjustable sunshade for sun protection, a rain/wind guard for cold rainy days (hello walking in March!), and little compartments inside for the kids’ snacks and drinks (I can’t tell you how much Nora loves these!)

Plus, there is an option to only carry one child — in which they can sit in the middle. This is a really cool feature that isn’t available in most other double strollers/trailers, and it makes it much easier to balance when you’re running or biking with only one child (Dave does this frequently when he takes Nora while Simon is sleeping.)



As for the adults, the awesome Handlebar Console holds all the goodies you could ever want to bring along with you, the HUGE storage compartment in the back is literally large enough to hold 3 bags of groceries (which we do frequently), and the adjustable handle makes it super easy to push for both Dave and for me, even though he’s a good 8″ taller than me.



In my opinion, Burley has thought of almost every single little detail to make getting out and about with young children simple, organized, easy, and fun! 

That’s a pretty tall order if you ask me! 

Everywhere I go, people ask about our Burley. They want to know what it is, where I got it, if we love it, how the attachments work, etc. etc. I’ve been stopped more times than I can count by people who want to look it over and ask questions.

A couple people have even asked if they could push it around for a minute — but I politely declined as I think Nora would have probably had a nervous breakdown right there in the store!

Want to see the Burley in Action?

This short video does a really good job of quickly showcasing the many different features of the Burley D’Lite.

We have most definitely gotten our use out of this fabulous piece of kid’s gear already — and I look forward to many, many more years of use.

At this point, I’d say the only downfall of the Burley is that they currently don’t make a 3-seater!!

Do you (or did you) have a Burley? If so, what are/were your favorite features?

our new burley!

This was a sponsored post on behalf of Burley. All opinions are 100% my own… yes, we really REALLY do love it this much! Please see my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you have.


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  1. Amie


    You are right…you never get rid of a Burley! Ours is 16 years old (our kids are 17, 15, 10) and we use it for our picnic basket on long bike trips – all 5 of us can ride – the food gets to sit in the Burley now! And we are moving to Los Angeles this week from Minnesota – I intend to walk to the grocery store and use the Burley for my groceries! I’m so glad we got the stroller attachment too – the dog and my shopping purchases will be in the Burley as I intend to walk or bike everywhere in our new area!


    Andrea Reply:

    wow — that’s great to hear you’ve loved your Burley for so long and are still getting use out of it! Congrats on the big move — hope everything goes smoothly!


  2. Kathleen


    Is your double stroller the contours elite? How do you like it? Is it really heavy and how does it maneuver?


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, that’s the one we have, and yes, we love it! It is somewhat heavy to fold up and cart around, but we usually just keep it in the garage. In my opinion, it’s not difficult to maneuver at all — but I’ve also never tried any other double strollers so I don’t have a lot to compare it to.


  3. wilma


    as a long time stroller runner 🙂 (we use the chariot brand, which used to be canadian and has been bought by thule), i just thought i’d mention that dave’s arms might be too low for running (though, of course, maybe he was just posing and the handle bars are adjusted to your height). when standing and holding the bars, dave’s elbows should be bent to about 90 degrees. this will help him have the most natural gait possible whilst running and pushing the stroller at the same time. anyway, glad you love your new stroller! we have a single and a double, (and the double also can be used as a single, and we love ours, too!)


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, the bar was set for me and he was just standing behind it for the pictures for this post… because I didn’t want to be in all the pictures 🙂 He usually puts the bar higher for himself.


  4. Patti


    Love burley. My grandson got one for a baby shower gift ( he is now 20) and we finally sold it last year. The only thing that needed replacing were the inner tubes for the tires!


    Andrea Reply:

    wow –that’s amazing! glad to know they last that long!!


  5. Kelly Masters


    Hi Andrea,

    Totally unrelated to your blog post today 😉 but…I started using some products from Prarielandherbs and have loved, loved them! I went on-line earlier to reorder and apparently they have closed? Or have they changed their name? Oh if they closed I will shed a tear 🙁

    Congrats on the upcoming arrival of #3! I’ve been enjoying your blog for years!



    Selena Reply:

    I just ordered more face cream 2 weeks ago- I hope they didn’t close!


    Andrea Reply:

    glad to hear that!


    Andrea Reply:

    oh no, I don’t think they closed up shop but you’re right, their website is down right now. I have another friend who is from that area and she knows the owners of that shop personally. I emailed her and she said she will investigate it for me 🙂 I’ll try to remember to let you know what I find out (if I find anything out!)


  6. Mary


    So theysent it to you for free? and all you have to do is review it? how wonderful !



    Andrea Reply:

    Yup, that’s usually how it works with bloggers. They are paying us for advertising the products to our readers and sharing our personal opinions. It usually works out to be very beneficial for everyone involved 🙂


  7. Kellie


    Andrea this is awesome! Quick question: is it tall enough for you? In the pictures where Dave has his hands on the handlebars, it looks somewhat low. My husband is over 6 foot and I am tall at 5’9″.


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, did you see the part where I mentioned the adjustable handle bar? You can literally move the handlebar to almost any height you’d like. Dave is almost 6’4″ and it’s plenty tall enough for him.