10 Reasons I Think It’s Important to Pull Everything Out

posted by Andrea | 05/8/2018

When it comes to organizing projects — either big or small — there is one thing I (almost) always do every single time…

I pull everything out.

I say “almost always” simply because I know there have been small projects where I don’t fully pull every item out before starting to put things back again — but the vast majority of the time, I will pull every single item out of a space before I start putting things back in again.

Whether it’s my closet, a kitchen cabinet, the bathroom vanity, my purse, or the entire garage, I find the results are SO much better when I pull everything out.



1. It forces me to see just how much stuff I actually have… which ultimately makes it easier for me to purge more.

2. It allows me to thoroughly clean, dust, vacuum, and/or wipe down the space before putting things back — which makes the finished space look so much nicer.

3. It gives me a fresh perspective when I see the space completely empty — often times, this means I come up with a new and better organizing system than I had before.

4. It motivates me to move quickly since I want to get everything put back into a home.

5. It forces me to look at AND touch every single item — which means I can more-easily find and purge anything with stains, holes, non-working parts, missing pieces, things that don’t fit or flatter, etc.

6. It allows me to more easily group like items together — which greatly improves the functionality of the overall space.

7. It’s more obvious when I have doubles and triples of things, or when I’m missing something and need to purchase it.

8. It forces me to see where my weaknesses are — either buying too much of something or failing to purchase necessary items for school and home.

9. It assures that I fully complete a project versus just moving things around.

10. It seems to stay organized longer — I don’t know why, but whenever I “cheat” my system and leave several items in a space, I notice that it gets messier and more cluttered earlier (which ends up making more work in the long run).


Based on those 10 reasons, I personally feel the extra time it takes to pull everything out of a space is worth it — even for someone who highly values efficiency and productivity!

Please Note: I advise this for “Organizing Projects”

If you are simply weeding out a few outgrown items, unloved toys, or unused kitchen gadgets, there is no need to pull everything out of a space. Just remove the items you want to remove and keep on going. I do this ALLLLLLL the time!

However, if you really want to better organize a space to increase storage, improve functionality, or just clean it up, pulling everything out is definitely the way to go for the best long-term results.

There are so many benefits to emptying a space and starting fresh — and boy does it feel great once the project is complete.

What is your next organizing project??



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  1. Luba @ Healthy with Luba



    Thanks for the extra motivation not to be lazy when I organize. I need to pull everything out of my closet. Spring cleaning can be a good excuse, right?


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — not necessarily “lazy” but I do think I always do a better and more thorough job if I pull everything out!


  2. Jenny


    I agree, but lots of times I can’t finish and stuff ends up piled and laying around for days until I can finish. I guess I need to get better at estimating how much I can get done before I start, but I will take suggestions on this! I just got all my clipped reicpes somewhat organized after they sat on the coffee table for 2 months.


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, I understand — I think the trick is to only “bite off as much as you can chew”. So maybe you just start with 1 shelf or 1 small drawer at a time — not the entire kitchen or closet.)
    Also, once I start a project, that project is one of my very top priorities, so I try to wrk quickly until it’s finished.


  3. JJ


    That makes sense! Great tip!!!


  4. Ruth


    It’s so satisfying to see those pics! lol
    I do the same thing. There’s something so exhilarating to see all your stuff together and know there isn’t anything lurking in some corner somewhere!

    My kids are all home from school and our TV room is a disaster since it’s used a dumping ground right now, but I prefer it that way as I work through cleaning, sorting, discarding and packing their dorm stuff.

    Ugh! so much junk!


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, very satisfying to enjoy the more organized space in real life too!
    haha, happy purging and organizing!