Simple ‘No-Wrap’ Gift Wrap

posted by Andrea | 12/14/2010

I love Christmas, I love buying {and receiving} gifts, I love wrapping gifts, and I especially love opening gifts!!

Who’s with  me?

There have been years where I spend the better part of an evening wrapping all our gifts in brown parchment paper tied with raffia, wired ribbon, fun tags, and festive embellishments. The gifts look stunning under our trees and I thoroughly enjoy the process — I really do!

And then there are years like this year…when I have “moving” on the brain and could frankly care less how “cute” my gifts look!

Hey, I’m just being honest here!

So this year, I opted for a few less traditional, clutter-free wrapping ideas. They actually turned out better than I thought they would, AND they used up a bunch of my extra paper products!

This is just a plain white lunch bag with a few buttons, ribbon, and craft paper.

These fun brown paper bags come in packs of 10 at most craft stores.

Simply add your favorite ribbon, a piece of festive paper, and a gift tag.

And these small treat bags come in packs of 30 at most craft stores.

…seriously, I just stapled the tops and slapped on a tag!

But this one might be my favorite…

Just an only watch box that I glued some ribbon too!

NONE of my presents are wrapped in traditional wrapping this year…I figured it takes less time, less energy, and less clutter to put my gifts in bags and boxes I already have lying around the house. Plus, I’m nearly certain the recipients care more about the contents than the container!!

Want a few more clutter-free gift wrapping ideas? Head on over here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where I found my cute gifts tags — you can print them for FREE right here!

Christmas is only 11 days away…are your gifts wrapped yet?

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  1. Ruth M


    We ALWAYS use Christmas bags and printed boxes (the same ones year after year). The boxes are so easy to stack, and only the one on top gets a bow (and it’s usually not even attached)!

    Thus far, this has only been for our immediate family. This year, however, my sister-in-law and I agreed that ALL the packages we send between KY and TX will be done this way too. What a timesaver…and those same boxes may make the KY-TX trip back and forth in coming years. LOL!

    p.s.- our youngest is a teenager


  2. Nan


    Merry Chrisrmas and Happy New Year 2011.

    Best Wishes and Happiness.

    follow you from blog hop.



  3. Pam


    Just stopping by from WFMW…what a great idea! I haven’t even started wrapping this year–but I know of a few gifts that will be in embellished lunch sacks now. Thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Pam,
    I hope your gift wrapping goes well…and that you get creative with your lunch bags!


  4. mom2fur


    I actually think that looks very bright and elegant!
    So…have I wrapped my gifts yet? No…I haven’t even finished shopping. Not my fault…getting lists from my family is like pulling teeth, LOL!


  5. Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride


    I love this idea! We are having a white elephant party, and this will solve my wrapping problems tonight. 🙂


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  7. Pam


    How cute! I especially love the white treat bags with the tag. Simple!

    I’m dreading the wrapping, but this might work for a few of my smaller gifts.


    Andrea Reply:

    Pam — these ideas would be GREAT for smaller gifts! I hope you can use some of them this year!